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long tail pro discountOver the several years working for amazon as well as an optimistic  freelancer, I have tried literally very keyword research tool that has come to the world and even those which were never made for public use. I feel market samurai and Long Tail Pro are the ones I used extensively.  If I had to pick only one of the these two award winning keyword research tool, it will ALWAYS be Long Tail Pro.

With the recent launch of Long Tail Pro v3 , its now undoubtedly the most advanced yet surprisingly the most user friendly keyword research tool available in the market. The ease at which you can start using long tail pro always amazes me. It’s definitely one of those No-Frill keyword research tool that does the Job pretty well.

Long Tail Pro Discount Code – Exclusive Limited Edition

 Now finding profitable keywords is just a click away.

So what makes Long Tail Pro Platinum makes the best keyword research software ?

  1. Rock Solid Support. ( Yes this the first thing I look for when I buy any software. I don’t waste my time running after them to solve issues related to their software )
  2. Super Easy to use and I mean it. Many software are so complex to use. Fortunately you can start using Long tail Pro right away.
  3.  Bullshit Free refund policy. An easy refund Policy clearly proves how confident the developer is about his/her product .  Long tail gives a industry standard 30 days full refund option. ( Although I’m pretty sure that you wont need to, because you will soon be in love with this amazing keyword research software )
  4. Absolutely Free lifetime upgrades. You now don’t have to worry about paying more money fro future updates or feature addons. You are fully covered
  5. Ability to auto generate as many as 800 keywords for every seed keyword. Neat huh!
  6. Not just Google , with Long Tail Pro you can also analyze title competition  on Bing too.
  7. Comprehensive analysis of top 10 Google Competitor. Spy on them , learn about their metrics
  8. Easily check and track rankings on all three major search engine ( Google, Yahoo and Bing )
  9. Long Tail Pro allows you to automatically find keyword rich available domains.
  10. With Long Tail Pro you can easily save your favorite keywords for quick access
  11. Import your massive keyword list with just one click using the Long Tail Pro Keyword Import feature
  12. Automatically calculate Keyword Competitiveness
  13. With Long Tail Pro you can search for Multiple Keywords at once
  14. Long Tail Pro give you the ability to use the Pre-Filter feature ro remove non-profitable keywords.

Not Yet Convinced enough to buy the Best Keyword Research Tool Yet ?

Our Long Tail Pro Discount Code  is updated quite frequently and we are in constant touch with the long tail pro team to provide us the most exclusive deals.  If you find a better Long Tail Pro Discount  Coupon Code, do not hestitate to share with us . You can either email us the latest coupon code  or even use the comment option to share .


  1. Rohan

    Perfect timing. Saved a few dollar on long tail pro ..thanks buddy

    • Pritesh Das

      Glad we could help you save some of your heard earned money.

  2. Julian

    Thanks Pritesh for you Long Tail Pro Discount link it saved my bucks.


    • Pritesh Das

      You are welcome Julian

  3. William Perry

    I love Long tail pro discount , it is so easy to use . And hey always love your discounts, keep them coming.

    • Pritesh Das

      Hi William,
      How have you been? Did you go to the affiliate summit in NYC ?
      Well the beauty of Long tail pro is that anyone can use it without the need of much of training .

  4. Amy Brown

    Hi Pritesh this is Amy, I follow you blog , always wanted to know how do manage to find some amazing deals for us ?

    • Pritesh Das

      Hi Amy,
      You look as beautiful as your name ehh 🙂
      We try find the best long tail pro discount for you guys bu working out a deal that makes all three of us happy. The product owner, the affiliate and most importantly the customer.

  5. Laura Evans

    Is this better then Market Samurai ?

    • Pritesh Das

      Sounds like a typical Long tail pro vs Market samurai question, but I don’t want to sound biased. Market samurai is a great program, however haven’t been updated as frequently as it used to be. If you want to do real deep analysis , market samurai would be my choice. If you want a keyword research tool that is easy to use and really helps you find profitable long tail keywords for you without much of effort , then the only software that meets your requirement is long tail pro.

  6. Kathy Allen

    Looks like Long tail pro Platinum is going to be the game changer in keyword research software industry.

    P.S I absolutely loved your podcast pritesh.

    • Pritesh Das

      Happy to know that you enjoyed our podcast on Long Tail Pro review

  7. Jerry Hill

    After using multiple keyword research tools for a couple of months and failing miserably to rank my website in Google SERP I am going to start afresh, just because you have recommended Long tail pro .

    • Pritesh Das

      Jerry that means a lot to me. I can tell you that if want to discover profitable keywords with ease, long tail pro wont disappoint you. It just works.

  8. Judith Clark

    Pritesh I’m using LongTailPRO since this year and having awesome results and Version 3 has just blown it out. Amazingly fast. I am going to buy another copy of Long Tail pro for my VA so thank you very much for your generous long tail pro discount coupon

    • Pritesh Das

      Judith good to hear that Long tail pro is helping you make some decent money. Make sure you avail the long tail pro coupon code to save your hard earned money.

  9. Barbara Foster

    Pritesh using Long Tail PRO Platinum since this a month and having awesome results. Hope new features are added soon.

  10. Todd Patterson

    I create micro niche sites and monetize it with Amazon. LTP is a fantastic tool to get some profitable keywords as I can already see some sales coming on.
    My trial period is over now so its now time to buy the platinum version.

    Thank you for much for the long tail pro discount code

    • Pritesh Das

      Todd I myself do niche sites with along with amazon as the major source of income for those sites. Long tail pro has made the whole process a lot easier .

  11. Matt Cutts

    I just dropped in here to say that I am impressed by your blog. I may not follow it as regularly as I would want to , but it definitely feel refreshing to see something original.

    • Pritesh Das

      Matt cutts really psst! But thanks for the encouraging words.

  12. Rajan

    Hi Pritesh,

    I heard about Long Tail Pro on Youtube and now in more depth here at your blog, I am currently downloading LTP and will give it a shot. The layout of Long Tail Pro Platinum looks neat though

    • Pritesh Das

      Hi rajan,
      I agree with the recent release of Version 3 for Long Tail Pro, the UI has improved a lot. Let me know what you feel about LTP as a keyword research tool.

  13. Donald Taylor

    Just got the Long Tail Pro Platinum in action. Let’s do this , bro!

    • Pritesh Das

      Donald , you got the best deal for Long Tail Pro Platinum. Time to get back to work for you and make profits 🙂

  14. Bill Slawski

    Fantastic deal on long tail pro. I am going to reshare your long tail pro discount on my blog too. Hope that would help you a bit if not much.

    • Pritesh Das

      Hi Bill good to see you here. And i think that is generous of you to mention about this article to your blog readers.

  15. Brady

    One thing i would like to share with you that your blog touches every corner of SEO ..and now this long tail pro,

    Highly recommended

    • Pritesh Das

      We try to cover topics that could benifit anyone who owns a website or a blog.

  16. Andy N

    I have booked my coffee..hey thanks for your discount link

  17. Janees R

    Thanks Pritesh for your discount link..just purchased.

  18. corry

    Fantastic tool for keywords, one of best tool i have, i wish price will come down so that everyone can get benefit, any way i must thank you scrapelink.com

  19. Craig

    thanks for your discount ….

  20. George Weiss

    I’m using SERPstat after I switched from LTP. There’s no way I’m buying a keyword research tool without access to its API.

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