MailChimp Alternatives – Choose the Right One Now

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MailChimp Alternatives

Whether you have a  personal blog or run a full blown business website , it is of utmost importance that you  actually have a super easy-to-use email marketing software to be able to grow your subscriber list  exponentially .



MailChimp AlternativesLets be honest here , Email marketing is an important part of any online marketing strategy. Research clearly indicates that over 80% of  business entity use some or other form of email marketing technology to send newsletter to their customers or subscribers. As a matter of fact, over 90% of companies who use email marketing methods to reach out to their subscribers usually on an average see a consistent  business growth of 20%  or more. These statistics are are very encouraging for any online marketer and business pundits. If you are not using Email marketing software to automatically push your newsletters to your subscribers and prospective buyers then I think you are actually losing out  quite a decent share of your business.

If are here because you aren’t happy with mailchimp email marketing software for whatever reason, i can assure you that you have reached the right place to gather all the important information about mailchimp. Further in this article we will talk about the best mailchimp alternatives to help you grown your business.

Before we discuss about the mailchimp alternatives, we would like to let our readers know a few things about mailchimp. Mailchimp was founded in 2001 in the state of Georgia, United states  by Ben Chestnut. Mailchimp is capable of sending more than 10 billion emails on behalf of its users and we personally feel that there is a lot to be desired as a customer. I am often asked several question  about mailchimp so I am going to put FAQ here to help mailchimp users who have not yet made the switch to  an better mailchimp alternatives.


Is there a mailchimp google analytics guide ?

Well the process is very simple, , you can simply add Google Analytics tracking to your MailChimp campaigns to be able to see all those vital datas in your Mailchimp campaign reports.

How do I disable mailchimp double opt in ?

We highly recommend that you go for double op-in to build a reputable subscriber list. Also many countries make it legally mandatory for double opt in. Its about quantity over quality . Having said that, we still know that it depends on your niche and targets audience  , so at times single opt-in works like wonder for them. If you still want to use single opt in form, you can use Google Forms and connect it with your Mailchimp . You can also use wordpress plugin if your website is on WordPress CMS.

What is the ideal mailchimp image size ?

Embedding graphics into your newsletter and commercial emails is the primary reason why marketers use the HTML email rather than plain text.  Image requirements directly depends upon the template you have choose for your campaigns.  The max image width should be considerably lesser than 600px.

Can I remove the mailchimp unsubscribe link ?

Unfortunately no .  If you want to continue to use Mailchimp services you have to comply with the  CAN-SPAM act which require you to leave  an unsubscribe link in all your campaigns.

How can I use mailchimp a/b testing ?

Mailchimp A/B Testing Campaigns gives its user the ability to test different variations of a single campaign to examine and do your own research to see  and inspect how minor changes can have a huge impact on your email marketing results.

How good is mailchimp support ?

They have a self service knowledge-base which has answers to most common issues. You can also email them or use their online support system. The biggest drawback of mailchimp is that they do have phone number which you can call and talk directly for support or emergency. This is one of the most common reason why many internet marketers are looking for a better mailchimp alternative.

Which is the BEST mailchimp alternatives ?

We picked 8 email marketing software and put them under rigorous internal test so that we would be able to find the best mailchimp alternatives for our readers. Our internal benchmark included parameters like delivery rate, pricing, support, user friendliness, email template quality and so on. Lets meet the top 3 mailchimp alternatives.

DRIPIT – This is our personal favourite. DRIPIT is a Lightweight Marketing Automation That Doesn’t Suck . It rocks on many level and can put many big industry players to shame. DripIt allows its user to easily craft every interaction with your subscribers, leads, demo users , trial users, website visitors and customers like an artisan. Driptit will not force or dupe you into annual contracts. There is no steep learning curve , infact you can start growing your list or delivering emails within minutes. DripIt is laoded with some heavyweight email automation features at a lightweight pricepoint. They also have an official wordpress plugin which works so smooth and flawlessly. Gives you great control over you content and subscriber list.Try DripIt for free, I am sure you are going to thank me for that.

Aweber – AWeber has over 12 Lakh customer base across the globe, including small scale business owners, entrepreneurs, bloggers and internet marketers. Aweber was founded  in 1998 and since its inception has been a major player. Aweber is not the just an simple auto-responder, it is a complete email marketing solution.  It has  a plethora of features but you have to spend time understanding all those features and how to implement and execute them. Aweber delivery rate is better than mailchimp under similar circumstances, and we also liked the new interface. Its not clumsy and easy to navigate. Click here to try Aweber for 1 month absolutely free.

GETRESPONSE – Getresponse is an professional Email marketing program which offers most of the essential and premium features that most internet marketer and agencies expects. Founded in early 90’s , Getresponse has grown from a one man start-up to a 350 employee company. Getresponse is very affordable unlike other services and their platform is easy to use . Importing your own subscriber list takes a few seconds. With over 500+ Gorgeous looking email templates, Getresponse is a great mailchimp alternatives. Getresponse is known to have world class support system backed by highly knowledgeable staff. The support response are courteous and extremely fast in answering your queries and resolving your issues. With a 30 days free account, there is nothing to lose. Test drive it now.

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  1. I dont like mailchimp at all. Too many restrictions and i need to find the best alternative before my subscription expires.

    1. You are not the only one who wants to switch from mailchimp. And we do have better alternatives to mailchimp fortunately.

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