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Last updated on January 30th, 2018 at 04:41 pm

scrapebox footprint listGood Scrapebox footprint  list are extremely important for any scrapebox user. Without perfect footprint, you will get irrelevant results. I have been asked several times in webinars as to how do I manage to get such strong solid targeted list. This made me think, it’s better to write down a basic guide on scrapebox footprint, so newbie and even scrapebox pro users can benefit from this. Oh yes! Now I do believe that I can direct all the guys who ask me to help them with scrapebox footprints tips to this guide. I believe this guide is a wonderful resource for all your scrapebox footprint list needs.

Scrapebox is no less than a “Swiss army knife” in IM Software Arena. If you are serious about making money online and or becoming a full time internet marketer, you must own scrapebox.

While scrapebox has hundreds of useful feature, it came into existence primarily for scraping links from search engines. As an internet market and a proud owner, I can confidently say that scrapebox has been a life saver for me. On a recent local seo summit, Andy asked me if it would be wise for him to buy scrapebox, I did not think twice before advising him to go for it. It’s a No Brainer “must have” tool for anyone involved in internet marketing.

Poor footprints can yield results in very awful scrap list, which would eventually mean inaccurate data for you. It is equally important that you SHOULD use scrapebox proxy in conjunction with good scrapebox footprints.
Once you have scraped your desired amount of urls using our scrapebox footprint list, it is advisable to run them through Alive checker addon. This helps your weed out all the dead sites.

While it’s important to feed scrapebox with accurate footprints, it’s equally important to add massive amount of keywords. I have seen many scrapebox users ignoring this. You should NOT , without a massive keyword list, you will not be able to bypass the google limit of 1000 search list per query. The more keywords you have, the higher the chance for you to get maximum urls for any given footprint. Don’t worry I am going to throw in a very nice scrapebox keyword list bundled with this pack.

Happy scraping.

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  1. the next time, instead of create a pdf file, create a .txt with the footprints…. now your .pdf and nothing it’s the same…


  2. i used this list its still giving good results thanks for the list i am using it in scrape box to boost 600 social book marks

  3. Can we select an entire list of footprints to scrape just like having large list of keywords so that we don’t need to monitor when one footprint is scraped than switch to another footprint?

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