Mouse Keeps Freezing – Fix it in Just 2 Minutes Flat

Last updated on October 12th, 2016 at 08:33 pm

Mouse Keeps Freezing – Fixes and Solutions

So your mouse acts so unpredictable and keeps freezing, disappearing and may even make noise. Well this is a very common problem that tends to affect quite a large number of computer users. While there is not definitive reason why this happens as there are more than a couple of reason which adversely effects the functioning of mouse.

Having said that, you do not need to panic as there are some easy and effective methods that could help you fix mouse keeps freezing problem and make sure your mouse behave as intended. Mouse pointers are an integral part of computing these days and it improve ones productivity to a great length.

A common scenario is that you are chatting with your friend or  watching an youtube video and suddenly you realize your mouse got stuck  somehow and acts weird when you try to move around the screen. Lets be honest , most of us has been through this and first thing we generally do is try to move the mouse faster and quicker or even bang it a few times in a hope that it starts working again. Some of us even resort to abruptly rebooting down our PC as an act of frustration. In some rare cases such daring acts do solve issue of mouse keeps freezing. But I think it is safe to assume that your if you are here and reading this, your problem with mouse keeps freezing and getting disappeared as well is not yet solved. So lets get into the task and resolve your mouse stopped working without wasting any further of your valuable time.

Mouse Keeps Freezing

Mouse Keeps Freezing Tips

  1. Check for loose wires and ensure it is tightly plugged in if you use a wired mouse
  2. If you any windows update pending , please install windows update
  3. If yo use windows 10 and have Realtek Audio, then Open task manager, and simply go to the startup tab section and just disable the Realtek HD audio manager.
  4. If your mouse is freezing on your laptop, always use touch-pad/pointer driver from the official company website
  5. It may sound stupid , but you may want to change the mouse pad if it has worn out .
  6. Go do device Manager and make sure that there is no exclamation mark under Mice and Other Pointing Device.
  7. If you do periodically check your PC for malware, it is good time to scan your PC with any of your favorite Antivirus.
  8. If you have a spare mouse try replacing your mouse to see if your mouse has lived its age. You can even borrow one from your friends or neighbor for a moment.
  9. Check for registry faults, if you do now how to do that manually. try using a free third party software that does it all for you. CCleaner is an awesome piece of software that does a great job in keeping your PC fine tuned.
  10. If your mouse freezes only occasionally ,it could be possible that your system is using most of the  resources available. You can disable unwanted start-up programs free up some memory.

I hope this article helped you resolve your mouse freezing, disappearing, getting stuck issues. But if you are having a bad day and and still cant get to make your mouse work, feel free to use our comment system to elaborate your issue and we would be glad to assist you.

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  1. You’ve shared solutions to several possible problems. I just hope my mouse doesn’t develop this problem but if it does… I’ve learned what to do from your article.

    Thanks for sharing.

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