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Last updated on April 16th, 2016 at 11:08 am

Are you in need of a Nofollow WordPress Plugin that could help you make external links become nofollow. Do you want to add nofollow attribute to those affiliate links on your blog post or pages ? Do you want to automatically  change link attribute of all the external links to nofollow. Are you looking to preserve your PageRank juice and not let it bleed because of all those external links on your blog post ?

If your answer is YES to any of the questions mentioned above, you can continue to read further as we are going to discuss indepth about the best Nofollow WordPress Plugin. Rachel a good friend of mine runs a recipe blog  and I am her go-to guy when it comes to wordpress. Rachel was in need of a quick and easy solution to add nofollow links on some of her wordpress blogs. This query of her is what resulted in creating this article so that people like rachel can be benefited by this.

Nofollow WordPress PluginIf you have searched the web for Nofollow WordPress Plugin, you must have realised that there are several such websites that claims to provide you with similar wp plugin however you must understand that one bad plugin can be disastrous for your website. Don’t worry we have done all the hard work for you and tested 9 Nofollow WordPress Plugin and picked the best 3 Nofollow WordPress Plugin that can help you change the link attribute easily.

When Google sees the rel attribute on links, those links won’t get any kind of credit on Google SERP. Manually adding nofollow links to individual links is easy but when it comes to repeated or bulk task wordpress plugin comes to our rescue.

Nofollow WordPress Plugin List

# Ultimate Nofollow – This is a great plugin that contains several awesome tools in one package to significantly gives you a greater control of the link attribute rel tag on every link on your wordpress blog, on both an individual and category level. This nofollow wordpress plugin is specially developed to give its user a fine-grained control over hyperlink for SEO purposes.

# Title and Nofollow For Links – This WP plugin brings back the good old  Title field which was removed post wordpress 4.2 version in the link insert popup dialog box and also adds the much needed  rel nofollow option . This Nofollow WordPress Plugin  is a merged version of two different plugins, Restore Link Title Field & WPRes – nofollow link, so we must not forget to appreciate their contribution.

# Nofollow for external link – This is a great plugin choice for you if you want to add nofollow to all your  external hyperlinks on your blog pages or post . It also  adds target_blank to all your external links.  This WP plugin gives you the ability to exclude domains from automatic nofollow rules.

We have done our best to provide you with the best Nofollow WordPress Plugin to improve your websites on page seo and also follow google’s recent guidelines.  If you know of a plugin that deserves a place in our plugin list, do comment and let us know.

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