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What is PDF ?

Pdf stands for Portable Document Format is genuinely popular across various platform

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a popular cross-platform file format for exchanging documents. A PDF created on Windows XP using  Microsoft Word can be read on  device irrespective of the operating system and software that was used to create it.  PDF format was first developed by Adobe Systems almost 22 years ago and was a propriety format until they decided to make it a open format in 2008. Pdf file format was originally developed as a text document, but with several updates to this file format over the years, you are now able to add graphics,forms, fonts etc

Why Online PDF Editor ?

online pdf editorIt is an obvious fact that there are many awesome PDF editor available to help you edit/add/remove content from PDF files so why would someone want an Online PDF Editor ? Well there could be various valid reason why someone would prefer online PDF editor but the first thing that comes to my mind is that not everyone has permission to install software on the PC, specially at workplace. My good friend Ananya works at a Pharmacy store and she wanted to make some changes to a medical bill which was in PDF format and since she was not a administrative user the only solution she could think of is search for an online PDF editor to get the job done.

I am pretty sure that millions of people like Ananya ( Ofcourse with a different reason to use online pdf editor) and this article was primarily written to help people like her to get quick and easy solution for online PDF editor. With online pdf editor , you do not have to go through the tedious task for downloading and installing a PDF editor software and then spend some time trying to learn how to use that software before you can actually start editing a PDF file.

Lets meet the Top 3 Free Online PDF Editor

# DocHub – Dochub is as powerful online pdf editor. To use this free online editor  you have to register for a free account. Registration is even faster and easier with Google and dropbox account. Dochub gives you the power of Desktop Editor right in your Browser. Whether you want to add some text or  remove signature or even merge pdf, DocHub is engineered to handle most of your pdf needs. Dochub also supports other popular test formats and not just PDF.  View Website

 # PDFEscape – This one is another great online pdf editor that is free to use. Whether you want to edit some odf files quickly or want to fill a pdf form, pdfescape will not disappoint you.  Registration is option and you can create, upload, edit or share PDF files with PdfEscape. This Free Version of PDFEscape has a limit of 10 MB file size and also the pdf document should have no more than 100 pages. I believe these limits will not affect most of us. This online PDf editor wasnt built with an intention to replace a full-fledged Desktop PDF editor, rather is was created to simply modify other’s pdf dcument quickly and easily.   View Website

# Online2Pdf – While this is technically not an online PDF edtitor but this nice litttle website can help you get your job done. What w e liked about their service is the ability to convert pdf into various other popular formats like MS word, txt etc which you can easily edit and once you are done with the edit you can rebuild the PDF. Online 2Pdf does not require any registration. Online2Pdf has some awesome features like automatic Pdf unlock, page rotate, merge files, split pages into separate pdf file and so on. You should try this, if everything else fails . Visit Website

Want A PDF Editor that is Feature Packed and extremely super easy to use ? Download and try this now.


Do you know any cool free online PDF editor  that you think we have missed out in this article? Why not tell us using our comment system. You can even email me if you want to.

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