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Last updated on February 29th, 2016 at 11:19 pm

free online plagiarism checkerPlagiarism is a growing menace these days and if not dealt with it  can ruin your reputation, your career or even your website. With the growing demand of online article writers, editors and virtual assistants , it gets even tougher control Plagiarism. You are not even sure if the content, assignment papers, ebook, article,  journals and research papers are indeed original. If you don’t want to be in a experience what Marie, a senior CNN editor had to go through because of the plague called Plagiarism, you must check for plagiarism using tools like online plagiarism checker. You can read more about the unexpected incident on WashingtonPost.

Plagiarism in a layman’s language  is an act of stealing textual/visual content from someone else and claiming it to be yours without giving due credit to the original author/publisher. While the rules and regulations to control Plagiarism is still not clear and directive, it is considered immoral and unethical which could at times constitute to copyright infringement as well. With easy access to internet where you can swim in the vast knowledge available right in front of you, it has also increased the occurrence of  Plagiarism. Unfortunately Copy & Paste is still one of the  favourite keyboard function to many web users.

Looking for Online Plagiarism Checker ?

Plagiarism  is a significant problem that actually kills uniqueness but nowdays Technology is evolving every day to tackle this issue. Thanks to free online plagiarism checker that is now available to general users to check for duplicate content before publishing it. Such online plagiarism checker also empowers authors to keep an eye offenders who try to steal their work and take appropriate actions in timely manner.

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Ok we all know that there are many free online plagiarism checker online tools available on the internet, but many are unaware that most of them them use an obsolete engine to check for duplicate content across the internet. A good plagiarism checker should also have smart algorithm to exclude common sentences and phrases so let me introduce to you the world’s best Free Online Plagiarism Checker of all time :

#1 Plagiarism Online Checker

This the first choice for many universities in North America and Europe to maintain a very high standards of each and every assignments and publications carried out by their students.  This Online Plagiarism Checker will crosscheck your text against over 8 billion web pages and highlight texts which have already been published in the past. And their built-in -database is growing at a very rapid pace. It allows allows you to improve your writing skills by helping you with your Grammar too. The best part is that this free Online Plagiarism Checker can put some of the top paid Plagiarism Checker to shame. This Plagiarism checker has everything you want , it is reliable and  easy to use. Their support system is also very helpful. So go ahead and sign up for a free account and start your plagiarism check right away.

#2 CopyLeaks

CopyLeaks is a great service to check for any duplicate content, all you need to do is enter your webiste url or just upload your document and it will scan the web for duplicate content. Copyleaks provides a very comprehensive and easy to understand report of their scan. CopyLeaks works with any language so if your work is in language other than English, this a good choice for you. Just like Plagiarism Online Checker, this online duplicate article checker is also free.

#3 CopyScape

Have you ever seen a badge that says “Protected by Copyscape” ? Maybe not. Copyscape is a very promising and popular online Plagiarism checker. Its duplicate checker engine is very smart and fast and will show you copies of duplicate content on the web if found. They offer both free and premuim account. Free account allows you put your web url and their Plagiarism engine with start scanning in no time. If your work is not online you may have to upload in somewhere so you can use Copyscape for scanning . Their premium account does allow you to directly upload your document for duplicate scanning. Nonetheless, their free services has helped several authors and students to ensure that their copy is unique and original.

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  1. I have used copyscape for last several years. I am looking for an copyscape alternative so I am going to try grammarly now

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