Online Webinar Pro Tips – How to be a Better Webinar Host

It is quite obvious that hosting a online webinar is quite different than presenting a successful webinar. A presenter of a webinar works on delivering the content in the most attractive way possible, where as a webinar host is responsible for providing the best environment and technology for the presenter as well as the audience. In this particular article, we’ll focus at what you can do as a webinar host.

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Also be aware that if you are managing your own webinar, then you are probably have to take care of both the roles.

But it’s still useful to separate these roles in your mind, so you can engage your audience at both levels. Even then it is always advisable to keep these two aspects separate to build a successful webinar.

Pre-Event Preparation

Help your audience prepare for your event. Make them believe how important it is for them.

Make sure you send your registered participants a friendly reminder emails along with the date and time. You can also send them link to lock their schedule in google calendar. Some webinar software allows you to automatically send these reminder emails at your desired frequency and interval.

If you webinar is kind of a questionnaire, do allow your participants to send you questions in advance so that you are well prepared to answer them with as much information as possible. Allow them to send you questions through various sources like Facebook, Google form and live chat as well. Just make is super easy for them. These questions are actually a source of great original content for your online webinar.

Webinar Intro

Initial impression plays a vital role at many places and online webinar is one of them. The start of your event plays a very crucial role in building up the enthusiasm and curiosity as to what waiting for them. You should start confidently and give them a glimpse of what’s waiting for them in this package of yours.

Remember to login a few minutes before the schedule time and test the platform with your panelists and presenter. Check for audio clarity and video buffering and fix anything if needed before the start of the actual event.

Before the webinar ticks off, request your participants to introduce themselves and you can in return greet some of them if the audience is not too large.

During the Webinar

As a webinar host, it is pretty much your responsibility to keep the webinar audience involved and engaged. Check politely with your audience if they are able to hear the presenter clearly or not. Give them surprises in form of bonus or extras.  Make them aware of rules and when and how a follow up question can be asked and or answered.

Wrapping Up

It is very important to finish your webinar elegantly. Do not end your webinar hastily as it looks very unprofessional. Be polite yet very energetic and thank the presenter and audience for their valuable time and inputs. In case you are providing a recording of the webinar, inform them about how to access and watch the recording at their convenience.  You could also announce about your upcoming webinar.

Post-Webinar Action

This part is often ignored, but you shouldn’t.

Once you are done uploading your webinar recording, send email to all the registered attendee with the link and instruction. Experts believe that post webinar survey really gives you some very valuable data for analysis so you can find out what exactly needs to be improved if any.

Another cool way to keep yourself connected with your prospective client is to send an email to people who missed out and could not attend the webinar so that they can at least watch the recording and also inform them about new offers if any.

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