Top 3 WordPress Webinar Plugin – 2018 Edition Reviews

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WordPress Webinar Plugin ? Is that what you are searching for ? Boost your business with best wordpress webinar Plugin. Find out which one suits your business best.

Web business software like video conferencing tools and webinar applications enable companies like  yours to create a brand value, work in collaboration with your team, exchange ideas online, work together remotely, save valuable time and work in a more efficient manner.

These amazing webinar  business tools are also environmentally-friendly as they save you a hell lot of your valuable time and therefore reduce the need to travel. A well executed webinar will help you generate marketing leads , leave a lasting impression on your clients, help your business move forward. One of the important feature of a WordPress Webinar is actually its interactive elements — its about the ability to exchange and discuss valuable information. Infact it is quite contrast with Webcast, in which the data transmission is one way and consequently does not allow intercommunication between the presenter and the viewers.

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We have extensively tested around 8 popular wordpress webinar plugin before we could manage to compile this list. Our benchmarks are set very high to be able to give our readers only the very best.

#3 – WordPress Webinar  Plugin – This by far the most stable and bug free plugin and pretty close to what WP Webinar Plugin  can deliver. Casey Zeman, the founder and lead developer of WordPress Webinar Plugin is a great guy . After sales supports managed by his team is doing a spendid job and honestly a bit surprised with their response time in replying to our query emails. It was impressive to say the least.

This wordpress Easy Webinar has everything you would want in a WordPress Webinar Plugin. We can’t think of any drawback so far. Well you can easily track your viewers interests, attendance, questions and more. Switch from automated to real time, quick send grid integration and detailed email notification. There are thousands of positive easy webinar reviews which gives enough confidence to go ahead and install this WP webinar plugin. Wordpess Webinar Plugin is backed by world’s most reliable streaming service available. This WP webinar plugin lets you harness the power of  Youtube Live and Google Hangouts.  This WordPress Webinar has no limitation on the number of  attendees so you have to worry about the numbers. The list is simply endless. Its pretty comprehensive I would say. So perhaps you must give this a try.

#2 – Wp Webinar – When you think of WordPress Webinar Plugin, the first thing that comes to my mind is Wp Webinar. Armand Morin has created a gateway of success for many business owners and entrepreneurs by creating this  WordPress Webinar Plugin.  This amazing Plugin is created by some of the best brains in internet marketing industry. One thing we like about this is the fact that it works with almost all auto-responders. All your favorite Email responders  works out of the box by default.

Their after sales support has been average and not as fast as the other ones we have listed above. We tested this around 9 popular wordpress theme and did not find any kind of code conflict. It has a useful little feature that allows you to follow-up with the attendees that reminds the participants to attend the webinar. WP Webinar also has some pre-built themes for you to get started as well.

With Wp Webinar you can easily customize the video player. the thank you page and many other aspects of Webinar. Whether you want to create a one time webinar or recurring ones, you have complete control over the this. Wp Webinarhas automatic follow-up system that lets you send reminders to the list of attendees. That is another way to ensure maximum exposure to your online webinar event.  Give this solid and highly reliable WordPress Webinar Plugin a try , it will certainly live up to your expectations.

#1  – Webinar Ignition It will be injustice to all, if we do not rank this as number one. Webinar Ignition and WordPress Webinar Plugin can be term as synonymous. It is definitely very promising and robust WP Plugin.  It has the ability use both live as well as automated webinar. Webinar Ignition comes with some highly customizable templates. Based on out test it really converts quite well.

Wordpress Webinar PluginWebinar Ignition comes  social integration and replay features, email reminders, quick and easy monetization. We  love the question-answer management system. Just like wordpress easy webinar plugin, this also comes with unlimited attendees. You also have the ability to add the registered attendees to your favorite newsletter. If you are an experienced webmaster, you surely know how to use that kind of list.

Webinar Ignition uses the google hangout technology to stream the live webinars. Its a nice way to engage with your audience and sell your products at a higher price point than usual. The built-in webinar themes are super cool and makes life easier. Blending your Webinar Page with your site aesthetic becomes very easy. If you look at Webinar Ignition reviews, majority of them are positive and gives you a sense of solidity. Webinar Ignition is developed the leading wordpress developer Mark Thomspson. Mark is a world famous for producing the best software to enhance  and empower your business. Another great thing that Webinar Ignition is a  one-time payment, so go ahead choose the package that fits your need. 

Which is the Best WordPress Webinar Plugin ?

We enjoyed testing and reviewing all the  wordpress webinar plugin available in the market. Our team believes they love WebinarIgniton for some or other reason mentioned above so we would definitely recommenced that you all readers as well.

Having said that if you happen to know any such wordpress webinar plugin, that you believe should be included in this list of best wordpress webinar plugin, do let us know.

How to Reduce WordPress Website Downtime

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wordpress website downtime

So you are wondering how to how to Reduce WordPress Website Downtime? without much fuss ?

If you are the owner of an internet site, regardless of what kind of website it may be, it is critical that your website is always live as well as accessible for your visitors whenever they need it, no matter what time of day it may be. In the event that a prospective client attempts to browse your website, only to later notice that it isn’t accessible, it results in a severe issue. Irrespective of whether web page downtime arises because of software program faults, errors, malicious attacks, or simply equipment malfunctions, you have to ensure that you are informed about the web site downtime the second it occurs. The wordpress platform has started to become a growing favourite among the various web-site platforms. Listed below are three solutions to minimize your website downtime for your wordpress based websites.

#1 – Take advantage of a Website Monitoring System

The most effective solutions to keep a tab on your website’s uptime is to use the services of a web-site monitoring service provider. This will allow you to sleep at night peacefully, because utilizing such a service on your website will allow you to monitor your website uptime 24 X 7 round the year. It will notify you the moment your site is down on your mobile phone as well as email. There are many popular thrid party service provider to choose from which provide website monitoring services, make sure you choose the one that suits your needs and budget. Some of the reliable website monitoring service providers are Altera, pingdom and siteuptime.

UPDATE : We have partnered with SiteUptime ( The leader in Website Monitoring Services Since 2004) to allow our readers to try their state of the technology absolutely free.  >>> Click Here start monitoring your website now

#2 – Let WordPress Managed Hosting Provider Handle your website

When considering selecting the web hosting service provider for your website, it is better to be more choosy. Simply because a website guarantees a 99.9 % uptime promise doesn’t necessarily mean it really can deliver on that commitment. Do your due diligence thereby making sure the web hosting service provider you decide to go with has got an excellent reputation for uptime. Don’t opt for the lowest priced solution available on the market and also stay away from “unlimited” offers which could allow the web traffic from some other websites on a shared hosting server to impact your own site’s uptime. In the event that your web hosting provider isn’t performing up to standard, your website monitoring service will let notify you of the same and you can accordingly make alternative arrangements. You should ideally pick a web hosting service provider that is specialized in WordPress Managed hosting, it makes things a lot easier. I highly this recommend WPHost for all your wordpress hosting needs. They are the best. 

#3 –  Keep your Site secure and Protected

Irrespective of what you hear from others, your website’s security plays a vital role in your site’s uptime. The time and effort you put into to make sure that your website is secure and protected from hackers is going to pay off by minimizing downtime caused by malicious attacks. lessen access points and you’ll minimize the probability that somebody will take down your website simply because they can. Few basic and simple changes, like making sure that your administrator username isn’t the default”admin” and implementing a strong randomized password, using wordpress firewall plugins etc.

How to write a Professional Email that Gets a Response

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Professional Email Writing

So you are wondering what is so great about writing an professional email ? Doesn’t most of us  know how to write an email ??Well in short I can say that an email is just an email, and a professional email is leagues apart. You can’t compare apples with oranges.

A well crafted  professional email makes it super easy for the email recipient to understand the email content and act on its message if they wish to do so, leaving all the confusion and guess work at bay. Even though emails are often regarded as pretty less formal than the printed business-letters, in the cutting edge business world you cannot take the risk to let your language appear to be informal  and casual. Your email should give a clear indication that you MEAN Business.

Still interested to polish your email writing skills ? I guess so, well then continue with this article to unearth simple yet highly effective secrets and etiquette that will enhance the level of professionalism to your emails.


UPDATE: Skip all the tips below and hire your favorite professional email content writer from around the world. Surprisingly they only charge $5. CLICK HERE to choose from a wide range globally acclaimed  email writers.

Professional Email writing Tip #1 : Construct a meaningful subject line.

Once you have the purpose of writing the email, the most important thing is to write a good  subject that will entice the recipient to read the content of the email. According to RIMS research Institute, 78% of emails are deleted by the recipient even before opening them. You certainly do not want your business email to be treated that way.  If your subject line is vague, you will miss the opportunity to persuade your recipient. Please keep in mind that your email is not the only message in the recipient’s inbox, so its even more essential to have a clear and crispy subject your message is not the only one in your recipient’s mailbox. A clear subject line will help a otherwise busy professional to decide that your email is worthwhile.

Professional Email writing Tip #2 : Begin with a personalized greeting

Don’t sound like a robot with greeting phrases like “Hey Admin”,  “Hello Webmaster”,” ,”Hi blog owner”. Instead use personalized greeting like “Hello Kim”, Hi John Mathew”. The idea is to make the recipient feel that the email is not a generic email meant for the masses. We should try our best to give recipient an impression that the email was just meant for him/her.

Professional Email writing Tip #3 : Do not Rush

It’s a bad practice to jump into the objective of your communication early. Its termed indecent in the professional email rule book . Give a nice and elegant about yourself or your company. Do not overdo or blow your own trumpet. Give them an idea of who you are or what your company is about.

Professional Email writing Tip #4 : Make your intentions clear

Once you are done with a nice little snippet intro, its time to throw in the purpose of your communication. Let our email recipient know what the email is all about. Do not let them keep guessing. I have seen many such emails who try to keep the real purpose of the email very shady until to read through the entire email, its frustrating atleast for me. I am sure you are just like me and your recipient may also feel the same. The tone of the email content matters., so always  write in a positive tone.

Professional Email writing Tip #5 : Use Single Agenda

Professional emails are not like business meetings where you can address multiple agendas. Keep your email limited to just one topic.  The less you include in your professional email, the better response you will get. Nobody has time to read your  “stories”.

Professional Email writing Tip #6 : Follow the rule of Empathy

When you write an professional email, make sure you choose appropriate words keeping in mind the recipients point of view. Professional Email writers often make this mistake and ignore this vital aspect. With experience you will enhance your capacity to discover the entire world through the vision of another person.

Professional Email writing Tip #7 : Use Universal Standard  Format

As I mentioned earlier, try to keep your professional email short. And the most easiest way to do so is to use a standard universal format. The most popular professional email format is as follows, although you can tweak it a bit as per your requirement.

  • Personalized greeting
  • a brief introduction
  • the purpose of your email
  • a call to action
  • polite closing message
  • your courteous signature

Professional Email writing Tip #8:  Proofread

Last but not the least, one aspect of creating a sort and meaningful email if careful proofreading. Read your email aloud to yourself, checking for spelling and grammar mistakes. You may want to ask yourself these three simple questions before hitting the “send button” :

  • Is my request crystal clear?
  • Could there be any doubts  or misunderstandings ?
  • How would this feel if I were the recipient?

If you follow these excellent tips of professional email writing, I am confident that your writing skills are going to improve. Don’t be surprised when your boss compliments you for your email.










Top 2 Backlink Checker Tool you MUST Own

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Ever since I was introduced to blogging and search Engine optimization, one thing I have always popped in our discussion was “backlinks”. The perspective of backlink has changed over the years. Back during the old days, it was all about creating as many backlinks we could rank on search engines. Then later on it was all about do-follow backlinks, everyone was running after do-follow backlinks. Post Penguin-panda update, its now more about quality and diversified backlinks, rather than volume. Once your site gets popular and has substantial value for the readers, others will automatically linkback to your website. So we know that Backlinks are an important factor, which one cannot devalue when discussing
about search engine ranking.

In this tutorial, we will be talking about the best of the bests backlink checker tools and software. I have handpicked the top 2 Backlink checker after thorough and extensive hands on trial and research and comparing each of their pros and  cons. Backlinks checkers are important if you are serious about your ranking, it helps me a lot to keep a track of my backlinking portofolio . With a decent  backlink checker tool, you can check out your links pointing to your sites and other nifty details  about the type of link, domain, quality, link attributes and so on.


So you still not convinced why you need a backlink checker tool ?

Well when a site or page links to your wbesite or webpage from his/her website, its termed as backlink. It is STILL one of the very important parameter for ranking well on search engines . Although in recent days google has added more criteria for ranking. Backlinks are usually categorized in two types : Nofollow and dofollow backlinks. It is very important to monitor your backink portfolio on how many backlinks you have, number of referring domains and other vital information pertaining to your backlinks. Depending on the results you see from a backlink checker, you can according plan your strategy to build new backlinks.

Ok so here are the Top 2 backlink checker tools to help you monitor and analyze all the incoming links to your website.

#1 – SEMRUSH : This is one my all time favorite which I have been using since last 3 years. Its a great addition to my arsenal of seo tools , which I use Alston everyday. Its a complete robust seo tool which is very actively updated by a team of great professionals. It’s not a free tool, but if you are serious about your website ranking, this is a must have tool in my personal opinion. They have a very massive database and their web crawlers work on steroids to bring you the most accurate and updated data. Check Out the Sample screenshot and get a feel of how the reports and analysis looks like in SEMRUSH.




#2 – Ahref –  At times even for people who are quite familiar with the terminology want the collected data to be displayed in an easy-to-understand  kind of manner. This is where Ahref scores very well, its so easy to use and understand what the results of the data that is displayed for the backlink checker that even an novice can straight away fall in love with this. Ahref also has a free option to check your backlinks with a certain restriction ofcourse.

Ahref’s detailed backlink page shows very accurate metrics about the links, including but not limited ot social  signals, external backlinks, the freshness of the link and a whole lot more.Looking through the report, one can get more insights about backlinks and domains, best perfoming pages, anchor text ratio and a hell lot more data.



I contunue to use both these amazing backlink checker tool on and off on a regular basis. It really helps me keep a track if my backlink portfolio. There is a lot more usage of the two tools, which i will review independently on some other article. As now if you haven’t you must try these two backlink checker tool and see what suits you best.

Gravity Forms Review and Discount coupon code

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Gravity Forms review

Forms are certainly one of the intricacies of developing as well as operating a site which really can be cumbersome, boring and in quite a few scenarios somewhat complex. The folks at Gravity Forms have knocked out a mindblowing wordpress plugin that actually works just like a champ and also enables the entire form building & management procedure a piece of cake. My sole disappointment was that I did not  purchase this  amazing wordpress plugin far sooner. If you happen to be web developer or perhaps own or manage multiple websites invest in the full  premium license, it can certainly help you save your valuable time and also help keep your frustrations at bay.

WP Gravity Forms for the wordpress based blogs} is an extensive and popular contact form wordpress plugin which includes simple yet powerful drag and drop user interface, sophisticated notification management and routing,  smart lead capture options, advanced conditional logic fields as well as the capability to generate user content from external forms.

Some of the exceptional features of gravity forms you can’t resist !

  • Direct Integration with Email Providers like mailchimp , aweber and others
  • New Post creation directly from Gravity Form
  • User creation from external form
  • Easy to use Multi-Step form
  • Ability to allow users to upload files on forms
  • Direct integration with Payment gateway like Paypal and stripe
  • Option to display form entries
  • Easily change the visual design of forms with just a few clicks
  • Third party integrations with tons of apps
  • In-built Available field type is 34. The maximum one can get.


Check out some of the video of Gravity to understand why this a must for every wordpress site owner who is serious about their website and their website.



101 Verified methods to get free backlinks instantly

easy link building method

Last updated on February 29th, 2016 at 05:50 pm

easy link building methodHello readers, I hope you guys had a wonderful festive season. I did. Well its time to get back to work, so lets start with something I am ALWAYS asked. And the most common question is how do I get free backlinks to rank my sites. So here are the first slot of targets and techniques which I use to build quality backlinks for my sites. Just follow the technique and you can rank your sites really high even on tough keywords without the need of any other resources. While this list of Instant Backlink is a goldmine for any webmaster, but never forget to follow the webmaster’s guidelines recommened by google. Focus on quality of links instead of mass link building.

Let me present to you the list of 101 technique to build free backlinks. 

  1. You can write articles and submit them to article directories
  2. Submit your website to business directory
  3. Submit your Listing on Mikomedi Sites
  4. Build Social media profiles
  5. Submit Listing on JobberBase Platform Sites
  6. Create Web 2 sites and keep them active
  7. Do Product reviews within your niche
  8. Do not shy away to do “Guest Posting” on blogs
  9. Post on Relevant theme based discussion forums
  10. Get backlinks from Classified websites
  11. Distribute Press Release to gain some quality backlinks
  12. Create Ebooks and distribute to get backlinks
  13. Submit to OS Class Classified sites
  14. Create WordPress theme and distribute to gain backlink
  15. Use Question Answer Type Sites to Answer queries and build links
  16. Use Customer Support based Platforms to build links
  17. Use Micro blogging sites to push some links
  18. Create free Wp Plugins and distribute for backlinks
  19. Write blog posts n sites which allow free blog creation
  20. Submit your site to MyPHPAnnuaire Directory
  21. Create Videos and Submit to popular video sites
  22. Participate in BBPress based discussion forums
  23. Use Photo Sharing sites to gain traffic  and links
  24. Create Wikis on MediaWiki based sites
  25. Build Joomla Templates and Distribute for backlinks
  26. Submit your Site to PhpLD Directory
  27. Use Blog Comment on sites that use Discus Plugin
  28. Use Opt-in-Form to generate passive subscribers
  29. Start a contest to let others build links for you
  30. Submit your feed to Rss Aggregators
  31. Participate in MyBB self hosted forums and post messages
  32. Create Vbulletin template and use the footer for backlinks
  33. Use Drupal based sites to create fresh blogs
  34. Create Wikis  on MacOs Platforms
  35. Do social bookmarking on Pligg Sites
  36. Create Profiles on SEO Board based Forums
  37. Submit Videos to Clipshare based sites
  38. Use comment option Pixelpost sites to build links
  39. Create Apps in android , iOs platform to get backlinks
  40. Submit your site to Invitation Web Directory
  41. Answer queries on Question2Answer Platform
  42. Create Blogs on sites running on BuddyPress
  43. Submit your news on Press Release Script
  44. Publish Articles on ArticleMS Sites
  45. Create blogs on sites running on Ucenter
  46. Publish Articles on PhpMotion Websites
  47. Submit comment on Drupal based sites
  48. Create Backlinks on moodle platform
  49. Submit your site to WP Classifieds
  50. Publish your listing to Open-Realty
  51. Write Articles on Article Friendly Based Sites
  52. Participate in XenForo forums and post messages
  53. Submit your articles to Article Dashboard Platform sites
  54. Post to Alto CMS Sites
  55. Submit your content to Wp based Article Directory
  56. Publish Blog Post to LiveStreet CMS
  57. Participate in SMF based Forums and Post messages about your site
  58. Create MyBB Templates and Distribute
  59. Post Comment on php fusion sites
  60. Submit comment on Nucleus Cms
  61. Comment on BlogEngine Based websites
  62. Post Articles on Article Beach Sites
  63. Create blogs on Vbulletin Sites
  64. Submit your site on eSyndiCat Directory
  65. Create blog posts on Moodle Platform
  66. Create Pdf format article and submit to doc sharing sites
  67. Write comments on sites using KeywordLuv
  68. Participate in FluxBB Based Forums
  69. Write on DedeEIMS Guestook
  70. Submit to Freeglobes Directory
  71. Create blog posts on ExpressionEngine Sites
  72. Leave a message on BellaBook
  73. Particpate in phpBB Forums
  74. Leave a comment on DatsoGallery sites
  75. Post videos on sites running on ClipBucket
  76. Create blogs on Jcow bases sites
  77. Submit your site on top social bookmarking sites
  78. Publish videoes on PHPMelody sites
  79. Use DokuWiki Platform to create wiki
  80. Submit Videos on vShare Sites
  81. Create Blogs on Dolphin Based Sites
  82. Publish contents on PeoplePods
  83. Bookmark your site on PHPDug  sites
  84. Submit Videos on MediaMaxScript Sites
  85. Create Blogs on GeekLog Based Sites
  86. Write Articles on sites using vldPersonals
  87. Publish Articles on DZOIC Handshakes Sites
  88. Use MoinMoin Platform to create wiki
  89. Submit Videos on CumulusClips Sites
  90. Create Blogs on SocialEngine Based Sites
  91. Particpate in PunBB discussion Forums
  92. Create SMF template and distribute
  93. Use TikiWiki  Platform to create wiki
  94. Create Blogs on Oxwall Based Sites
  95. Write articles on Ground CTRL sites
  96. Bookmark on Viral Socializer Script sites
  97. Publish content on SocialGo Platform
  98. Use WikkaWiki Platform to create wiki
  99. Submit Videos on ShareMixer Sites
  100. Create Blogs on PHPFox Based Sites
  101. Create  Free Drupal Templates and distribute


I know building backlink on so many different platform and targets is a tedious task and will require enough time and effort.  Want to Automate around 90% of these method and techniques to create amazing backlinks ? Just try GSA SER and you wont be disappointed.  Invest the time you save by using GSA SER in creating some quality content for your site or blog.

If you have any questions regarding any of the method, please do not hesitate to post your queries as a comment here. I will try to answer/respond at the earliest possible.


HideMyAss – More than half the price this christmas

Last updated on October 17th, 2016 at 10:37 am



Hidemyass vpn download – It’s Festive time

It’s that time of the year when we like to take a holiday just to unwind, relax and break the routine lifestyle. which become somewhat monotonous.  Finally gearing up to spending some quality time with friends and family. Work loads and peer tensions are kept at bay for the next couple of weeks.

Yes just like you , we also love this time of the year. Wines, Christmas carols, exotic  snowmen and endless shopping. So how can we lag behind in this festive season, we are so excited to announce that HMA has shocked all of us with this their christmas offer. This is something nobody had every witnessed anything like this before. None of the geeks could have speculated about such a jaw-dropping deal offered by HidemyAss team.

 >>> GRAB HideMyAss VPN Pro this Christmas for a whopping 57% discount  <<<

It’s like “Now or Never offer”. You miss it and you will gonna regret for the rest of you life ! This exclusive over will be available till January 5th 2015 23:59:59 PST

So this christmas gift yourself  peace of mind and safer browsing experience and do all your online shopping with any worries. With HidemyAss all your online activities including web shopping and online banking is fully encrypted. Your identity is protected.

Gone are the days when internet was only used on a desktop computers. In today’s world several amazing and essential gadgets have evolved which has become part of our life. Be it be your iphone, or android smartphone or even a tablet. The good news is that Hidemyass VPN  is compatibale with all the latest gadgets.

You may run into a stupid situation though, if you perhaps  happen to be in a country which blocks a popular social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter or Whatsapp.

No matter which part of the world you plan to spend this Christmas holiday, you can access your favorite tv shows and movies . You can read a detailed and easy instruction on how to use HMA to access any video or movie without any restriction here.  Now all you have to do is relax with an icy cold cocktail, (umbrella optional)  and enjoy your vacation!





Private Proxies Vs VPN


Last updated on October 17th, 2016 at 10:37 am

VPN VS ProXYThe basic idea of using proxy is to hide your identity and be anonymous on the internet. However there are several other benefits  and usage of using proxy or vpn. Many use such proxies to bypass geo-location restrictions. Some folks also use it to access banned or blocked content from school or workplace .   Now there are several types of proxies like Free Public Proxies, Private paid proxies , VPN , Tor and so on. There are several free options are available both for VPS and as well web proxies but if it is about safeguarding your identity and confidential data’s, it would be absolutely foolish to depend on a free stuff.Today we will do a head-on clash between the two most popular and widely used types of proxies – Private Proxies Vs VPN




FeaturesHMA VPNPrivate Proxies
Speed and relaiblityyes-iconno-icon
Cost Effectiveyes-iconno-icon
Wide range of C-Class Ip Addressyes-iconno-icon
Diversified demographical IP locationsyes-iconno-icon
All browser compatibilityyes-iconyes-icon
All application Supportyes-iconno-icon
All Major OS support( android, IOs, unix, windows etc)yes-iconno-icon
Encrypted Data Transferyes-iconno-icon
Unlimited Bandwidthyes-iconno-icon
High Speed Video Streamingyes-iconno-icon

I hope this comprehensive and detailed comparison between Private Proxies Vs VPN will help you take the right decision on choosing your Proxy provider depending on your needs and requirement. If you feel that HideMyAss VPN is the best option for you then make sure you check out our earlier article on how to get HideMyAss Discount

GSA SER Video Tutorials and guides for All

Last updated on February 2nd, 2016 at 11:23 am

gsa ser video tutorials

Yes that’s correct, here is the much awaited GSA SER Video Tutorials you guys have been waiting for. You would be surprised to know that everyday I receive queries regarding GSA Search Engine ranker even though i have already written a comprehensive article on GSA Search Engine ranker on this very blog a month ago or so.

Finally I figured out that GSA SER is used globally by people all around the world and is not limited to any specific demographics. I realized that English may not be the first language for many GSA SER users and that is where the problem arises. Looking for a way out to help such users, I finally came to a conclusion that GSA SER Video Tutorials and guides might probably help them master the art of running successful campaign using gsa search engine ranker. A special thanks to bill angelos for creating this wonderful videos for us.


GSA SER Intro and Basic Video Tutorial

GSA SER Tech Overview

GSA SER How to Set Up a Project

GSA SER Know how to optimize a Project

GSA SER – Cleaning and verifying your Links


Courtesy : dailymotion(dot)com

Gsa Search Engine Ranker Tutorial

Gsa Search Engine Ranker Tutorial

Last updated on March 1st, 2016 at 02:56 am

GSA Search Engine Ranker Tutorial

The most comprehensive tutorial for the noobs as well as advanced players. 

Gsa Search Engine Ranker TutorialHello friends, I am sure you all have been waiting for this. I am often asked several questions related to GSA Search Engine ranker , right from the basics to advanced topics. there were times when it became really cumbersome and time consuming to respond to each emails or private messages. So the only way out to help GSA SER users without affecting my core business, was to create a nice , easy to read  yet very comprehensive Gsa search engine ranker tutorial for the benefit of GSA Search Engine Ranker users. I want  YOU to capitalize on the power and potential of GSA SER. I want you all to succeed in your IM journey.  SO here i present you with the unofficial Gsa search engine ranker tutorial

Can I run GSA Search Engine Ranker on 2 PC with just one licence ?
No you cannot. You can only run one instance of GSA Search Engine Ranker at once. Please support the developer ad buy additional licences if you want to run GSA Search Engine Ranker on multiple pic
I forgot my licence serial details. What now ?
Please check your registered email that was used to purchase GSA Search Engine Ranker. If unfortunately you do not have access to that email account, you can shoot a mail to info(at)
How do I print out the log?
You can right click on the message window and save to file.
Should I feel second "Description" box underneath the same box
Ideally Yes. But if you are lazy person like me, you can just copy the same text from the first description box.
Where to buy good emails for GSA?
Emails are very important for GSA to run smoothly and build links for you. It is an important factor which is often ignored. You can use Fiverr or any other reputed seller for bulk email accounts
What content generator do you use with GSA ?
I have used most of the content generators which are directly supported by GSA Search Engine Ranker. I like most of them, since each of the software have something unique for us. Having said that, I use Kontent Machine extensively. It's one of my favourite tool that i use almost everyday.
How can I Import Competitor's Baclinks ?
Create a text file ( Using notepad or any other text editor ) and put all your competitors backlink url there. One url in each new line.
Once you have the file ready, right click on the project --> Import target URLs --> Select the text file.
How to improve Article Directory success rate?
Article Marketing is a great way to build quality contextual backlinks. However there are certain things you should keep in mind with Article marketing. With Article link building you should always remember that poor quality article will result in lesser approval. Also on many such Article sites, submitted articles are manually approved by site editors or admins before they go live, so it may take some time before GSA can verify those links. It has also been noticed that using a personal domain email instead of free email yields better success rate.
Does GSA have any GSA tutorial in PDF ?
Yes sure. You download them from the following links
GSA User Manual
GSA Scripting Guide
GSA Macro Tutorial
GSA Search Engine Ranker not building any links ?
Most of us have great results with GSA Search Engine Ranker, so you need to find out the real cause, why you aren't getting satisfactory results from GSA Search Engine ranker. The most common reason why you can have dismal results are dead or blocked proxy, outdated or non-working list, bad email address and or lack of keywords to find new targets, It could even be a combination of all them.
How can I Disable Public Proxies ?

You can delete them and also uncheck all proxy providers in case you use search/test.
How can I disable Statistic and Whois Engine ?
Just disable the Fast Indexer Engine
How many links per day is Safe for Money Site ?
There is no Golden rule for this. There is a lot of factor that goes into this which includes but not limited to Domain age, site authority, Social presence, backlink profile history, type of backlinks you are trying to build and so on. You can find some good information on the same subject on the links below :

What are the recommended Engines for Tier 1 links ?
Again there is no golden rule and you should never follow the exact link portfolio of anyone. Having said that here is what I generally use for Tier 1 Link profile on GSA.
Web 2.0
Social Bookmark
Social Network
I want to build links only on English sites. Is it possible ?
Sure you can. Just use the project filter option for Country and language.
How can i Import my own verified list ?
Well there are several ways to accomplish this but i will show some easy way to do it.
You can copy and paste your verified folder to the default GSA SER verified folder or you can even change the location of your verified folder.
How do I remove the default target urls ?
Well you will have to uncheck web2 engine and also uncheck all search Engines under project option
I have found a bug. Is there a place to report it ?
Yes , just report your bugs here
Best practice to import target sites ?
Right click >> Import Target URLs >> Run project and verify them (verified urls will be saved in verified folder). This is the best option according to me. I don't want to waste time only to identify the engine. And moreover just because the platform is identified and compatible with Gsa ser, it doesn't assure you that GSA can successfully post to that target url. So eventually you will have to run them to see if GSa search Engine ranker can actually successfully post to that site.
I have several projects, How can I organise them ?
Your best bet would be to create Groups. To create a new group you need to right click on a project > modify project > move to group > new.
How can I add more bad words to GSA ?
You can edit the bad_words.dat file which is located in your GSA Installation folder or APPDATA folder. If you are having a tough time finding the file, you can just a search on your computer for the same.
How can I create link reports for my clients ?
YES. GSA Search Engine Ranker allows user to create link reports for themself as well as their clients. To create a nice and detailed report you need to Right Click On the Project --> Show Urls --> Verified --> Export > Select options based on your requirement.

I will create another part for GSA Search Engine ranker tutorial in coming days. If you do not find the answer to your queries related to GSA Search Engine Ranker, please do not hesitate to shoot me an email , and I will make sure your queries are answered as soon as possible.