Educational apps for kids – Best of iOS and Android

In this Digital Age, having kids in your family raises a lot of concern. Parents are often found confused on whether to allow their kids to have access to digital devices like mobile phones and iPad. Having said that, no matter how you look at it, technology definitely has some great advantages in improving your kid’s intelligence.

The matter of fact is that, sometimes, with the help of technology, one can create a fictional world or scenario. Subtraction or multiplication might still seem boring to kids even if they’re written in colorful pens. But if upon each correct subtraction, you reach the next level in a game or is awarded with more fuel in your car game, then it is more likely to be fun for the kids, while educating and improving their skill.

Parents are worried about kids getting glued to touchscreen or virtual internet. There is a lot to visualize and learn in this real world, make real friends and experience nature and so on. Parents should ideally balance in out and give kids access to latest technology as well as outdoor activity to enrich their learning experience.

Education apps for kids is very popular among parents because it lets their child learn new things in fun mode. Using educational apps will allow the kids to engage in interactive mode and also have a better motor skills as well as hand eye co-ordination.

Advantages of Educational apps for Kids

  • Enhances classroom performance – Educational apps allow improve your academic skills by polishing your subject specific queries
  • Portability- Can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Your kids can still learn even while you are holidaying.
  • Mobile apps for kids incorporate a wide range of attractive, interactive activities. The children are glued to small activities such as crossword puzzles, spot the difference activity, world-building
  • Leisure Hours Utilization
  • Availability 24/7 – Unlike classroom, educational apps are available 24 X 7 , so you do not have to worry about schedules.
  • Eco-Friendly – No more paper usage and no more garbage. Everything is just through your device.
  • Track Your Children’s Progress – Educational apps for kids often have a built-in-report which allows you track your child’s progress.
  • Better Reading Comprehension – Educational apps enhances your kid’s reading ability and improve their vocabulary
  • Dynamic & Systematic – Educational apps for kids are built after years of research and in collaboration/guidance of popular school and educational experts. These educational apps for kids are designed to deliver education in a very systematic manner.
  • More cost-effective than textbooks – Educational apps for kids are usually free or are very nominally priced. It is often just a one-time payment and is meagre as compared to regular books or ebooks.

educational apps for kidsBelow you will find some of the best educational apps for kids which can improve your kid’s overall intelligence.



Top 3 Educational apps for kids – Android Device

  1. ABC Kids
  2. Kids Doodle
  3. PBS KIDS Video

 Top 3 Educational apps for kids – iOS Device

  1. Brainscape
  2. Math Motion
  3. Quizlet

Webinar Email Invitation Best Practices – 12 Killer Tips

Last updated on January 30th, 2018 at 04:52 pm

Webinars are everywhere. Be it be a corporate house or a small business entity. Learn about Webinar Email Invitation best practices.

Since this tool (webinar) is giving great ROI and positive results, there is a sudden influx of business house trying to advertise their upcoming webinar very aggressively. This means your webinar invitation needs to stand out and impress your prospective attendees.

Have you received a real handwritten post card invitation anytime soon? I did, and was overwhelmed with joy. It was just a regular invitation to the birthday party of Mrs Johnson but what really impressed me was a touch of personalization, the effort that have put into this. All of that made me feel that I was actually wanted in that event. I will be missed if I do not make it to Mr’s Johnson’s birthday party.

webinar email invitationYour Webinar Email Invitation should make the customer/reader feel the same way. Their business is essential for our company’s growth and no such event will be fun without their participation.

If we go by the numbers, email invitations is responsible more than 60% webinar registration globally. Webinar registration through social media routes turns out to be somewhere around 23%. The statistics available on public domain clearly indicates that Webinar Email Invitation marketing is still the most effective and successful way to get tons of webinar registrations which eventually turns into webinar attendees.

It is a well-known fact that email inbox of most professionals are busy and cluttered these days with businesses/banks/schools sending updates notifications. You do not want your invitation lost in between those mails. So, how exactly should we create and campaign our email invitation to get those extra registrations for your upcoming webinar? Is this article we will share with your our exact methods which we use to get thousands of webinar attendees.


Tips for Best Practices for Webinar Email Invitation Marketing

  1. Build your subscriber list – Without a good verified subscriber list, you simply cannot start your email marketing campaign. Try to avoid buying/borrowing subscriber list, it usually has a very poor success rate and is often a waste of time.
  2. Just awesome Subject – A great subject line compels the reader to open your email. A boring or a rather regular subject line will probably make your email get ignored or even deleted.
  3. Back your Headline – Many people make a mistake of creating controversial and alarming email subject, however the main content is usually so irrelevant to the subject. I suggest not to make such a mistake. You do not want to piss off your loyal subscribers and force them to unsubscribe.
  4. Make it personal – Most email marketing tools allow you to use short codes to add names and other info like location and email to the email content. It definitely adds a touch of personalization, so make sure you use it wisely.
  5. Hit the Inbox – Anti-Spam technology and algorithms are getting stricter these days, and you definitely do not want your Webinar Email Invitation to get drowned in the junk folder of your recipient. Use double-opt in list, avoid spam-triggering words and make sure your html tags are not broken.
  6. Well defined Call to action – Do not try to trick your readers with call to action button. Make it clear and crisp. A good way to request your readers to use something like “Book your Slot Now” or “Click to Register”. Use your own creativity and common sense.
  7. Use bullet points – Bullet points are very popular and works in your favor because it gives a clear glance on what is covered in your webinar and what to expect if they register for your webinar.
  8. Make it mobile-friendly – This is self-explanatory. Nowadays people use several devices to access their emails. Once you created your email, make sure it looks nice and is compatible with major devices like android phones, iPad, iPhone etc.
  9. Keep Testing – This should never be ignored as once you hit the “Send” button, thousands of emails are sent within minutes. Test your invitation on various email clients, Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird etc… And make sure it looks exactly the way you want it to be. If not adjust alignment, placement content length accordingly.
  10. Give attendees something special – we all love something special, don’t we ? It’s not a bad idea to give away something for first few webinar registration. Your branded T-shirt, caps, etc just about anything depending on your niche to get that extra buzz and push it needs to kickstart the webinar registration flow. Also be aware that around 25-30% registrants actually attend the webinar so this giveaway could possibly give them another reason to attend it in a timely manner.
  11. Right timing – The time at which your email hits your recipients inbox is extremely important. You do not want your email to be sent at midnight while they are probably sleeping or even in the morning while they are busy to finish their errand and reach work on time. The best timing that has worked for us is the afternoon time between 3-4PM.
  12. Send two final reminder emails – Yes this works for us. Many webinar webhost either don’t send any reminder or send a bunch of them. If you send too many reminder, you will probably piss off your prospective webinar attendee. Sending no reminder email to your webinar registrant means you will miss out on many users who actually wanted to join the webinar. So send one a week before the actual event and request them to lock their calendar for the event and then another one just a day before the event date. This will make a huge difference and increase the number of attendees dramatically.

Not getting expected results with your webinar ? Maybe it’s time to switch to another webinar software. If you are wordpress user, we do recommend to read our article on best wordpress webinar plugin.


How to edit footer in wordpress in simple steps

Last updated on January 30th, 2018 at 04:54 pm

Want to learn how to edit footer in WordPress ? Perhaps you don’t like the way it look ? Or is not happy with its color and placement. While these reasons could be good enough, but most users want to get rid of link credits or annoying advertisement that is hard coded into the footer. Whatever maybe your reason to edit footer in WordPress, we will help you learn how to edit footer in WordPress easily even if this is the first time you are using WordPress.

WordPress is a powerful content management system, which can be further enhanced with the help of themes and plugin. WordPress themes are ready to use templates that can quickly change the entire look of your website within seconds upon activation. There are several themes available on the market, you can choose from a wide range of free themes or can even pick a premium paid WordPress theme.

Steps to edit footer in WordPress

  • Open WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • Hover over Appearance menu on the left, which should open a new section
  • Click on “Editor” which should open a new page within admin panel
  • Search for footer.php on the right side of your screen from the list of files
  • Click to open the footer.php file and locate the section which you want to edit or remove.
  • NOTE : before editing anything with the file content, please copy and paste the entire code of footer.php into a plain text file and save it incase something goes wrong. (Usually you will be fine, but always better to be safe )
  • You can delete the sections which usually starts with a <div> or you can simply alter the text or hyperlink or copyright message based on your requirement.

How to edit footer in wordpressI hope this article will help you change and edit your footer to your liking. If you are aware of a better method or is unable to edit your footer for some reason, please use the comment section on this article to let us know and I will do my best to help you.

Best video editing app for android – 2018

Check out best video editing app for android to create outstanding video for friends, business & family. Create videos with amazing video effects, awesome titles, audio tracks, and mind blowing animations.

Do you have a loads of travel videos which you captured on your favorite DSLR or mobile phone and want to share it with your friends on whatsapp and facebook ? Have you recorded some memorable wedding moment which you want to share with your family ? Did you managed to make video of a special event like birthday or graduation which you want to cherish with your loves ones ? In this article, we will share the best video editing app for android that will help you make spectacular video even if you are not a professional video editor. Most people know that I am a layman when it comes to video editing but with these best video editing app for android , I am now able to make some stunning videos with ease.

But why only Best video editing app for android  ?

It’s a well known fact that people love to watch videos. Our brains are designed to catch visual a lot faster than sound. In this article , we are focusing only on android video editing because these days mobile and tablets are getting very  popular and has become the most preferred device from sharing video with friends and family and even business. More and more people are ditching their desktop PC and moving forwards towards a more convenient and portable tablets and larger screen mobile phones.

We studied and extensively researched and even installed all the major and even the new players in video editing app to find out which are the best video editing app for android device. Our parameters were pretty much straight forward. We gave weight-age to ease-of use, light on resources, built-in effects and features and also price.user feedback and timely updates were also taken into considerations while picking the very best video editor app for android. So now let’s meet the winners.

Best video editing app for android


The most elegant and easy-to-use video editor app of all time. Available on Google Play has received wide recognition and applaud from world leaders in video editing and remixing. With FilmoraGo you don’t have to worry about annoying watermarks or any other dirty advertising tricks that force you to buy a premium or paid version of the app. Filmorago is a feature rich video editing tool for your android device which helps you creating stunning and even funny videos to relive your memories anytime and anywhere. Built in sharing module lets you share video directly on social network through the app. FilmoraGo has no time limit, so your videos can be as long as you want. Now you can lip sync with various audios and do all kind of crazy stuffs with this video editor and it takes no more than few minutes to learn how to use this app to create videos that leaves an lasting impression.


This superb android app is the one of most downloaded app on the Google Play Store in its category. Thanks to the developer at QuVideo Inc. The fun to use android app allows you to alter, manipulate and edit videos to your liking with great level of control. Be it be trimming your clip or adding a music, blurring the background or dubbing, this app can do it all for you with just a few clicks.  Vivavideo lets you to merge and combine clips with ease and also allows you to pick some amazing transition effects. This particular app has become so popular that some of the mobile manufacturers are bundling this with their new mobile . VivaVideo is one of the most preferred video editor for social networking site users like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatspapp. VivaVideo is fun to use and brings out the creativity within you.

We are very hopeful that this article will be helpful to thousands of android users who are looking for a reliable and super easy video editor to create stunning videos .

Directory Submission Websites List – Tested and Working

Are you looking for Directory Submission Websites or high pagerank directory submission list? Are you in search of a working directory submission list for seo purpose ? Are you looking for a verified list to use with your automatic directory submission tool to improve online visibility and seo ranking ?

Directory Submission WebsitesIf your answer is yes to any of the similar queries, you at the right place. In this article, we will share with you a complete , verified and working Directory Submission Websites List  for you to use anyway you want. However we do recommend not to use any  automatic directory submission tool and rather use the more conventional manual method rather than mass submission to these free  directory submission list.




Deep Link Directory List
Directory Odo
Royallinkup Free Website Link Directory
Dmoz Pakistan
Fenix Free Web Directory
Alabama Index
Computers Directory of North America
Idaho Internet Directory
Royalty Free Directory
Evolving Critic Business Web Directory
Web Directory One
Top Business Directory
PakRanks Web Directory
Directory Business Site
Jeitacave Web Directory
Internet Web Directory
Free Directory
Link Directory Listings
Directory Listings Now
Web Directory Sites
Robo Links Web Directory

What is directory submission ?

Directory submission is a process of you submitting your website details to online website directories. Usually the editors/ website owner of such online directories review the website before approving your submission. Most website do not allow deep link submission and some directories also ask for a nominal fees if you want to have a featured listing. Online directory submission for your business or website is a proven method to increase your popularity and search engine ranking. Directory submission is a slow and gradual process and takes time to show its positive effect on your seo ranking. There are many automated online web directory submission tool that allow you to submit your business website to several thousand blogs at once, however one must understand that quality of link you get are not much of use, since the software owners rarely update their Directory Submission Websites and the user is forced to use outdated , old and defunct web directories.

If you are someone who wants to use niche based list like directory submission sites canada, usa directory submission sites  or directory submission list uk , please subscribe to our feed since we would be posting those specific country based directory submission websites list very soon.


Hidemyass trial free – Truth Revealed

Hi friends, if you are looking for hidemyass trial free then you are at the right place. After an extensive and thorough research we decided to put this article for our readers  about Hidemyass trial free truth.

hidemyass trial freeFree trials are great, and we all want to test drive products before we put our money on it. HideMyass is a world class tested and proven which does not rely on test-drive or free-demo concept. A few years ago, HideMyAss used to give its user a HideMyass trial free version for 7 days, however due to abuse and change in policy, they decided to  get away with HideMyass trial free account.

Hidemyass free trial download was very popular while it was available for general public, and gradually this VPN proxy software gained immense popularity and became the first choice for anyone who wants a safe and secure VPN software that does exactly what it claims.

HideMyAss free trial version account worked both on mac as well as windows OS so more and more people wanted to try the free hidemyass trial version. However the real truth is , there is NO free hidemyass pro vpn trial available for download.

Be careful, if anyone is trying to trap you by claiming that they would provide you with  hidemyass trial version. There is simply no such version. A word of caution for our readers, never ever download anything outside the official site of hidemyass. If you download anything from unknown sites, you may risk yourself of getting infected with virus and malware, that could potentially harm your computer.



You can get as much as 43% discount on regular price, if you choose your plan wisely. This is the biggest hidemyass discount available for anyone.

If you are new to VPN and proxy, here are some of the basic information shared below. Consider this as a knowledge-base .

What is the Core use of VPN (Virtual Private Network)

# Hide yourself for what you do on internet.
( These days so many companies or organisations are ready to pay for browsing log history to make a data base which are filter by interests and personal information of a end user )

# Keep yourself safe from those who deliberately eyes on you.
( Its necessary to be aware of internet theft from anarchy while you do make any financial transaction, shopping, online money transfer or booking your tour package)

# Help to keep you safe while using Wi-Fi, even in public.
( Its really great that Free Wi-Fi internet access is available in public whether you are in hotel or airport or trains or beaches, but Are they secured ? )

# Privacy, which is your basic right.
(Privacy is a basic fundamental right for everyone, until you are not doing anything which is illegal)

VPN create a shield for safe transaction.  Top VPN, those who are holding major share of VPN service industries are no more free stuffs. Behind the scene they invest in huge sum to build world class infrastructure. Free VPNs are not secure, they won’t guarantee you for your privacy will maintain, in other words they are not safe.

Why do experts use Hidemyass ?

More than a decade Hidemyass has provided VPN services with world class standards. They have their servers installed in more than 280 locations which are situated in over 190 countries around the world. So you can use diversified Ips. Privax Ltd. is the parent company of HIDEMYASS. As per experts hidemyass is one the top existing software for which Hidemyass team do hard work 24/7, to make Hidemyass VPN unbeatable in the industry.  Hidemyass gives you 30 days money back policy. So you don’t need to search for hidemyass trial account. Lets assume you are going for hidemyass trial and after some days you are not willing to continue with hidemyass trial version then you can apply for money back before 30 days.

Hidemyass provides VPN service for all your gadgets like computers, laptops, tabs, smart phones. So go for hidemyass for safe shopping and enjoy this festive season.

plugged in not charging Laptop – Quick and Easy Fix

Are you bothered with “plugged in not charging”  on your laptop.  Did you try to solve the battery plugged in not charging  issue on your own, but were unable to do so even after repeated attempt. Are you worried if your battery has gone dead because you keep getting that annoying plugged in not charging on windows 10  OS ? Has your technician recommended change to resolve plugged in not charging dell laptop problem ? Are you disappointed and scared that your plugged in not charging hp  laptop might actually be a motherboard problem ?  Are you nervous about opening your disassembling your laptop to get rid of  lenovo plugged in not charging issue ?

Battery is just like the wheels of a vehicle. If the wheel is not functioning properly , the very basic function of a vehicle which is to move from one place to another is now at risk. Similarly when a laptop’s battery is malfunctioning your freedom of mobility is at risk .

plugged in not chargingIn this article we will discuss in detail about how to fix plugged in not charging issues for your laptop. Our method is safe and tested and even if your laptop is under warranty,  you can still try this method to resolve your battery issues without the fear of your warranty getting void.  This unique trick has been tested on dell, hp, Samsung, Asus, Lenevo, sony, acer, compaq, apple and many other branded laptops. Another awesome feature about this method is that this solution is OS independent, which in other words mean that this solution will work on windows XP, windows vista, windows 7 and even on windows 10 or IOS.

Instructions to fix plugged in not charging

  1.  Unplug your Ac adapter from the Laptop if it is plugged in
  2. Then you must remove the battery . Please be careful not to pull it out without unlocking its slot.
  3. Now Press the power on button on your laptop for 160 seconds. You can take the help of a stop watch or just use the old method on counting in your own
  4. Plug in the ac adpater and power-on the laptop and let it run for 2-3 minutes
  5. Shut down the PC, disconnect the ac adapter.
  6. Attach the battery which you removed in step 2.
  7. Switch on the laptop without the AC adapter.

Now if you connect the AC adapter, you will be happy to figure that your problem is already resolved.   Do not try to skip any of the steps  as each of them important. Also do not try to mess with the sequence of the steps mentioned above.

If you like this article or have been benefited with this, please do not hesitate to share this among your friends and peers so that they can also get the right kind of information and help them get back their laptop in working condition.




Easy Webinar Review | EasyWebinar Vs GotoMeeting

If you are searching for a detailed Easy Webinar review, read until end because in this exclusive article we will talk about Easy webinar in length and also reveal with our readers, what we feel about this webinar software and whether you can rely on easy webinar for your business.

easy webinar reviewEasy webinar is not just another webinar tool. It is a comprehensive next generation lead generation tool developed by Casey Zeman. Anything coming from the desk of Casey Zeman and his team must be tried at least once before writing it off.

Easy Webinar is a world class software that lets you to create automated webinar and live events. While there are many webinar software which allows you to do live webinars, Easy Webinar will help you do a lot more and that too with just a few easy clicks.

GotoWebinar was the industry leader as far as online webinar is concerned back in late 2004-2010 era. It taught the world, how online webinars can be used for your business. GotoWebinar started early as an video conference tool and later evolved into a online webinar tool that also have an mobile app which lets you join meetings in real time on the go. Over the years many key players jumped into this bandwagon to build a powerful feature rich online webinar software to break the monopoly of GotoMeeting. And all this competition has resulted in some really amazing webinar tools developed for public.


EasyWebinar Vs GotoMeeting

When choosing the product for your business, it is very important to list down your requirement and your usage. You must decide why you want to use a certain tool and if it is going to help your business grow or increase your efficiency. I have seen many webmasters and business owners buy tools just because some so called experts has mentioned how much money he made using some magical tool. Guys, always remember, what works for others may not work for you and never forget that your requirement and business goals maybe different from others. One way to find if a product’s effectiveness is to read online reviews.  If you are here, then you are probably interested in Easywebinar review or want to read an online comparison on easywebinar vs gotomeeting.

In our internal analysis, we reviewed both the products extensively and our team came to a conclusion that EasyWebinar should be the first choice of majority of users.

Why we recommend EasyWebinar ?

  • Super Easy to use
  • Robust and solid product which does not require frequent updates.
  • Rapid response after sales support, who are not only friendly but also intelligent enough to solve your issues promptly.
  • Native integration with email responders and email marketing tools
  • Self hosted with full control over your business and online events
  • No limit on the number of webinar participants. Enjoy and make use of unlimited event registration support
  • Pre-recorded streaming at live events allows you do all the hard-work well before the real event and just let it stream as if you are sitting right there.
  • Fully responsive webinar registration and event page so that users can access it from any of their favorite device.
  • Built in Social integration that also allows users incentives and special pass for social actions
  • Built in chat and also supports popular third party instant live chat like Facebook, livefyre, twitter etc.
  • Highly Affordable and worth every penny. Backed up by solid 30 days money back refund policy.

I hope this article on Easy Webinar Review has put you in the right direction to choose between Easy Webinar and GotoMeeting. While you may find many Easy webinar Review on the web, but unfortunately most such articles are either inspired from other have other hidden agendas. Our Easy Webinar Review is backed in real analysis and teamwork of our internal team.

If you like this article on easywebinar review you may want to read about the best wordpress webinar plugin of 2018.

5 Not So Easy Tips for Rapid Success with Webinar

In this modern era, the web is actually flooded with several webinars, and has become one as the first choice as content marketing method to help you reach out to your prospective clients and leads. The success of a webinar event mostly depends on how exactly do you plan and prepare before the real presentation takes place, although marketing also plays a vital role. It is important to identify the key ingredients required for creating maximum impact through a webinar.
Webinars are advanced technological product which in other words is an interactive tool that gives you the ability and opportunity to capture audience and prospective clients. If you have quality content to deliver to your audience , future prospects, share holders, members, and/or colleagues – a webinar is the right way to go about it. Webinars give you the freedom to connect to a global audience. One has to be careful not to turn your webinars into one way sales pitch, without offering any valuable information for their audience. Make your webinar, engaging , informative and entertaining and you are bound to make massive sales.
live webinarAn effective webinar requires a lot of time, effort and money and therefore should be created in way that it’s content is meaningful and valuable to your audience. Your web participants should be to regard you as an expert in your niche and look at you as in inspiration. Now since you know the importance of high quality webinar, now lets share with you some of the most proven and highly effective tips for creating and broadcasting an powerful webinar that will not only create massive audience but also convert majority of them into loyal customers:

Take Advantage of Impactful visuals –Visual content has been used in the past to grab attention both in B2B and B2C sphere. Visual content is easier to process and communicate with your audience. Viewers are lot comfortable recalling something if its an eye catching visual, be it be an image, colored headlines or even an small video. Keep your titles and introduction section in line with your main content. The importance of visual can be easily be ascertained with the growing popularity of social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest.
Keep your audience busy – I don’t think I need to enlighten you with the advantages of engaging your audience. Webinar is all about interactive session with your audience. Ask your webinar viewers questions, push though a simple yet fun poll to keep things interesting. If your webinar software supports live chat feature then you must never forget to interact with your viewers through live chat and answer whatever query is put forward to you by your audience.
Do your HomeWork – Its a well known fact that repeated practice before the real event can polish your presentation and help you avoid unwanted errors and silly mistakes. You don’t want to look stupid , while stammering or pausing or missing out on vital information. test drive yourself, do rehearsals, record your demo webinar and be your own critic. Watch yourself, and see where you can improve to make your webinar a flawless presentation.
Keep it simple and short – You don’t wan’t your webinar to turn into university lecture. A typical webinar audience are usually in that bracket who have a busy schedule, so keeping your webinar short and simple is always more successful. Break your lengthy content into smaller episodes and keep your audience grasping for me. Try not to make it more technical and complex, most viewers do not want to go that deep. Use charts and bars to help your users understand your content easily and quickly.
Get your logistics right – If you want to look professional you must have all the needed weapons in your arsenal . A webinar presentation without a glitch is always more successful and gives better ROI. Use the best available webinar software depending upon your requirement and budget. If you are using WordPress for your main site, we can proudly recommend you to use webinar ignition as your first choice.Use the best possible headphone and mic. .Have real fast internet connection and never forget to have a backup connection, so in case one ISP fails, it should automatically switch to another without and real-time hiccups on your live webinar. You don’t need to invest a fortune, just scale up once your viewership grows.

If you follow these steps diligently, then I am sure that you will do fairly well with your webinar and grow your audience with confidence. Remember , knowledge is widely available , and you just need to grasp it whenever and whenever you have access to it.

World’s Best WordPress Webinar Plugin – WebinarIgnition

best wordpress webinar pluginIf you ever wish to run a webinar on your self hosted WordPress site, you will need a feature rich WordPress webinar plugin. Webinars are a great way to provide an interactive medium to communicate with your users, your students, prospective clients and share experience, as well as grow your business.

Webinars have been are very popular over the years. A modern webinar allows multiple participants to watch and interact in a HD live video stream. The host and participants of the webinar  can all ask questions , share opinion, live chat, and conference simultaneously which is almost as powerful a real life conference .

Webinars is a proven method of building brand name with an global audience and selling a service or product  online. Webinars are super easy to manage, affordable, highly efficient and also saves all of us time and money (You don’t have to travel to attend a webinar) .

The well-constructed webinar will make your product stand out ,generate leads that has a very high conversation rate, create a lasting impression. When we talk about webinars, one must not forget that the core of webinar is the ability to create meaningful dialogues between all participants and share valuable product information which they are interested in.

If the content of your webinar is good enough, then these webinars can fetch you much more business than those conventional email marketing and hosted videos on YouTube technique.  Webinar are known to give that much needed extra boost of professionalism to your brand and business.

Engagement with Webinar Participants  in a constrictive manner can always be fruitful , apart from building a trust, you will also be able to get genuine feedback, queries which will only help you make your product better and moreover understand the market demand.

But the real problem is to find the best WordPress webinar plugin that is easy to use and caters to your requirement. Affordability is something that needs to be considered when trying to figure out which is the best wordpress webinar plugin.


Is WebinarIgnition really the Best WordPress webinar plugin ?

Well this question has been asked several times on various platform. And in this section of the article, we will tell you why we firmly believe that WebinarIgnition is still the best WordPress Webinar plugin.

Here are some Outstanding WebinarIgnition features that make is the most powerful wordpress webinar plugin.

  • Easy to install wordpress webinar plugin. Works with all major wordpress theme
  • Does not break out your existing layout and design integration is equally easy
  • 1 click registration for attendee. Several built-in security to ensure only genuine participants join your webinar
  • Setting up Social integration is a breeze and works like magic.
  • Wonderful import-export feature lets you quickly use campaigns and list from other webinarignition install.
  •  Supports integration of 3rd party forms like leadpages. Making your landing page awesome is much easier now.
  • Block your time schedule using your favourite calendar . WebinarIgnition supports Google, Ical and even outlook calendar.
  • A dedicated control panel for you to manage your attendees, hosts, schedules, payments , questionnaires.
  • Advanced Email notification system, which you can use with any smtp service.
  • SMS Messaging addon is also available for those who want to notify their user on their mobile.
  • Easily access chat record in future to review your event and improve accordingly
  • Integration with third party live chat like LiveFyre. Pre-population of attendee’s name and email is automatic which gives a touch of professionalism..
  • Build attractive widgets to place registration block anywhere on the webpage.
  • Rapid action after sales support system to help you whenever you need them. They are knowledgeable too.
  • Indepth tutorial and online videos to learn how to easily use webinarignition
  • Highly Affordable and is a one-time payment. No need to worry about monthly recurring bills.

If you have reached this far, we are confident that atleast you will try this amazing piece of software and I can assure you that you wont be disappointed. If you want to dig further in to this topic, then you can also read our review on wordpress webinar plugin.