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wordpress theme for artists

Last updated on March 1st, 2016 at 01:24 am

wordpress theme for artistsLooking for a WordPress Theme for Artists ? We have extensively researched several WordPress theme for artists to figure out which WordPress theme is best for artists .

Do you know who is Nick Roach and why we firmly believe that he is undoubtedly the best WordPress theme designer who makes amazing WordPress Theme for Artists

Artists looking for a WordPress theme has special needs, and web designers who develop such WordPress theme make sure all of the essential requirements are already built into such WordPress theme. Apart from a nice beautiful theme it is also important to do a thorough research if the WordPress theme developer provides ample support  with regular updates.  Artists often overlook this very important factor while choosing the right theme for their WordPress site.  WordPress is a great platform to build your website. WordPress is updated very regularly and security updates are also rolled out periodically, so if your theme is also not updated to be compatible with the latest version , you will be inviting trouble and lots of hassle. As a customer you pay your heard earned for quality theme and peace of mind, this is why it is important to check a few things before deciding which WordPress theme you should buy.

How should I avoid  buying a poor WordPress theme for artists ?

  • Always buy  your WordPress theme from big reputed designers. Not every great designers make beautiful WordPress, choose the one who is expert in building WordPress themes
  • Check if the theme you are purchasing has a large customer base. Designers will be prompt with updates if they have a large customer base for that specific theme.
  • Write down an email to the theme developer and see if they respond to your email. This is a good way to see if the developer is still supporting the theme.  An ideal turnaround time should be 24 hours or less on a business day .
  • Check out whether the theme developer has created more than just one theme. This is a good way to know if the designer is well proficient in wordpress theme coding.
  • Make sure you take a look at the Theme Change Log. The change  log gives an overview of how many times and on what date the theme was updated. A professional designer should always maintain a Change Log.
  • Lastly  have a look at the designer’s own website where he is actually selling the WordPress template, if the WordPress theme developer can’t even make a beautiful site for his own  site, we can’t expect him to develop one for others . This is a simple logic often overlooked by buyers.

Based on the above important and essential factors we have come to a conclusion that the Famous WordPress Developer Nick Roach is definitely the best wordpress designer to make awesome WordPress themes for artists.

You can find Nick Roach’s latest wordpress theme for artists here

Hostgator Coupon Code 2015 – Flat 50% Discount

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Hostgator company slogan is “We eat up the competition” and they have literally done that. There is no other hosting company that comes even close to Hostgator. Hostgator have smartly priced their hosting services extremely cheap . Usually when a company becomes popular, they tend to raise their fees, but Hostgator has always stuck to nominal and affordable hosting prices. It’s amazing to see that they have never compromised with their quality. Host gator do not oversell their servers, unlike other players in the hosting arena.

Well honestly if you came here searching for Hostgator Coupon Code, you probably know that HostGator is the best hosting company. Hostgator has received several  hosting awards year after year and their customer service is next to none. Truly world class top notch customer service.

So what’s the trick to get Hostgator Coupon Code  50% Discount?

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Step 2 – Choose any Plan depending on your needs. For most of us, Baby Plan works best. However you are free  to select any hosting plan.

Step 3 –  Remove all Unwanted Addon services like BackUp and Sitelock. It’s not needed.  Save even more money.

Step 4 – If you have gone to hostgator through the special link provided in Step, the discount should be  applied automatically, so please check that first. However in some cases the discount in applied automatically, in that case you have to use one of the following coupon code DC6EBGNCAM50OFF  or XHKD94QS4FD994 or TAX2014




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GSA Search Engine Ranker Proxies

gsa search engine ranker proxies

Last updated on March 1st, 2016 at 01:44 am

gsa search engine ranker proxiesGSA Search Engine Ranker Proxies or GSA Proxies is something all GSA users are often confused about. In this post we will try our best to clarify most of the common queries related to GSA Proxies.  If you do not use GSA Search Engine Ranker, you are really missing one of the most powerful link building tool out there in the market today .


I am often asked by my readers and other fellow webmasters, whether to use proxies while using USA GSA search Engine ranker or not and my response to ALL of them is Yes, Yes and YES. You should always use proxies whenever you are mass building links no matter what link building tool you use. Using perfect compatible proxy with GSA search Engine ranker will  give you amazing results.

Our Best Pick : Use HMA PRO for your all your GSA Search Engine Proxy Needs. Gain access to over 6,000 diversified high speed proxies. Act Now to get 40% Discount

When choosing the right kind of proxy for your GSA campaigns, its is important to check a few things before deciding on your proxy service providers. For mass link building  automation, you should be aware that you do not need dedicated proxy, shared proxies can very well do the job for you. It is also important to check if your chosen proxy affects the speed and performance. Ideally a good proxy service should improve your overall speed and reliability.

It is equally very important to confirm with your proxy service provider if they have a wide range of proxy from several different geographical location . Ensure that your Proxy service provider supplies you with thousands of proxies spread across  hundreds of different C-Class IP Address.

Top 3 Free Public DNS Servers

Last updated on February 2nd, 2016 at 11:40 am

Looking for Free Public ? Stop using compromised and unsecured DNS server provided by your ISP.  A perfect DNS can do wonders to your whole experience of browsing. After testing several Free Public DNS Servers , we have shortlisted the Top 3 Free Public DNS Servers that  could manage to pass our strict benchmark test.

We took several factors into consideration while deciding on the Best Free Public DNS Servers available for general users wordwide. From Latency , Low Time to Live, Load-balancing , shared caching,  DoS and amplification attacks protection we have thoroughly  tested it all.

Update : Try HMA PRO for Hassle FRee, Blazing Super Fast and completely  Secure Browsing Experience. Get Rid of all kinds of crazy ISP limitations.

And the Top 3 Free Public DNS Servers are  ?

Google Public DNSGoogle Public DNS

Google developed their own free public dns in late 2009. Since their inception, their free public dns server has been widely accepted. Billions of users around the world use google public dns to improve their overall internet experience. If you want to use google public  dns, you can use their DNS Ip address and During our test, we found google public dns perfomance extremely superior. It’s a no frill free public dns.

Open DNS

Open DNS

Founded in 2006  by David Ulevitch, its was one of the most popular Free Public DNS Servers prior to Google launching their own free public DNS. Open DNS has some great feature like phishing protection, site filteration and parental control. They also have a couple of paid plan, which I guess we dont need to talk about on this  post. Use the following  DNS server to Use OPENDNS  and

Norton Free DNSNorton Free DNS

If you are dissatisfied by the services of Google and Open DNS, you can try Norton Public DNS and compare yourself . Norton is one of the leading company dealing with internet security and malware since decades. However you have to register to avail their free DNS services. Registration is free and easy . Norton Free DNS IP addresses are as follow : and


Go free your network of frustrating, intermittent Internet outages and make your Internet noticeably faster.

Top Rated Social Bookmarking Sites List

top 10 social bookmarking

Last updated on February 29th, 2016 at 06:39 pm

top 10 social bookmarkingTraffic from social bookmarking can services can really give your website a real boost in terms of quality visitors to your site. In most cases the visitors coming to your websites through these social bookmarking sites are highly targeted and niche relevant.

Although,the boost in traffic is not long lasting, but if you give a reason for these visitor to come back to your site, they would surely love to revisit your site in future as well. One of the major factor is providing quality and unique content and information to the visitors of your site.

Over the years , we have witnessed some amazing social bookmarking sites. I have compiled the best and top rated social bookmarking sites list, which I believe would be of great help as well as a good resource for any web-master and just about anyone who is interested in putting his story or article in front of a massive audience.


If your story or article goes viral, you can get tens of thousands of targeted traffic to your money site in no time. Avoid spamming or bookmarking low value articles or pages. If you want to automate your social bookmaking campaigns, you can use GSA SER to take care of your bookmarking needs.

Ultimate Demon Discount Coupon – Festive Offer

ultimate demon discount

Last updated on March 1st, 2016 at 02:17 am

ultimate demon discountLooking for Ultimate Demon Discount Coupon Code ? Here at Scrapelink, we thrive the provide the most effective and cost saving Ultimate Demon Coupon Code.

Ultimate Demon is an amazingly excellent piece of Automated Link Building software program that allows you to create tens of thousands of all natural backlinks to your site to your website or weblog from so many different platforms as well as various resources.
Any person who has ever tried to rank a website – whether it’s a sales page, an affiliate site or even just a personal blog – will know that the amount of effort required in a link building campaign can be enormous.


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MainWP Discount Coupon Code – Lowest Price Guaranteed

Last updated on February 23rd, 2016 at 10:43 am

Looking for the highest value MainWP discount coupon code ? Here at Scrapelink we thrive to provide our readers the most effective MainWP discount coupon.We are delighted to give our readers an opportunity to SAVE BIG money on your MAINWP purchase. MainWP is undoubtedly the most sophisticated and feature packed WordPress Management Software available.  Backed by a team of highly professional developers, you are going to experience a whole new of Managing wordpress sites.

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Why MAINWP is superior than any other WordPress Management ?
MainWP Discount Coupon Code

Easy Management
One Click Upgrades
Super Easy Site Cloning
Reliable Backups
Customize Your MainWP
Discovery Protection

MainWP takes away the trouble of managing your themes and also plugins. Having single dashboard means you are able to review which of your WordPress websites have templates and plugins that need updating from just one central location.

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Do you have to several WordPress blogs websites to memorize? Stop thinking about writing each URL accessing each one of your WordPress sites is now a breeze with our user-friendly one-click easy access. Browse through to your own sites sub-menu and click on the admin hyperlink to open, and you’re immediately logged in and ready to manage. Stop bothering about losing your WP admin passwords!

Mega Scrapebox Trackback List

scrapebox trackback list

Last updated on March 1st, 2016 at 01:03 am

scrapebox trackback listLooking for Scrapebox Trackback List 2013-2014 ?  Well while many experts will say that using scrapebox trackback is a great way to build links. Many Seo Experts will also claim that  Scrapebox Trackback Poster is a great tool to blast thousands of link pointing to your TIER 2 or TIER 3 backlinks. Webmasters usually prefer Scrapebox trackback over blog commenting because its ways more faster and the success rate is much more than commenting on wordpress based sites. However the bitter truth is that Scrapebox Trackback List is of no use . It will only harm your website eventually. Such low quality link can hardly do any good to your website ranking . I would rather suggest you to spend time , effort and money on building high quality backlink. Google is now all about Quality.

WordPress over the years have tightened their security as far blog commenting or even trackback is concerned. I am sure you do not want your site to be flagged by Akismet, an inbuilt anti-spam technology used by automatic. Website owners and bloggers are now very much aware of spam techniques and even attend seminars and webinars where they discovered about Scrapebox Trackback  and ways to get rid of it. Many wordpress bloggers have now started to completely  disable trackback with just a few clicks. In 2016 you should use method that worked back in 2011-2012, seo is evolving and so should your techniques. Always keep yourself updated with the latest technology.

We do not encourage any spamming activity whatsoever. I am myself a blogger and would hate to see my site filled with trackbacks.

Learn how to build your seo list in 2 easy steps 

I would encourage other webmasters to find relevant sites that is of interest to you  and write useful comment without making it look like an pure advertisement effort. Add value and information and I am sure this world of webmasters will love you even more.

Captcha Sniper Discount Coupon Code

Last updated on February 2nd, 2016 at 11:45 am

Update: We have stopped our partnership with  Captcha sniper team because of several issues with the software. We only recommend product which has the best ROI and meets our strict  internal benchmark. Unfortunately captcha sniper does not belong here anymore.

Try the most advanced and sophisticated Captcha Breaker ( Special and Exclusive discount for scrapelink readers ) 

Looking for Captcha sniper discount coupon code ? Here at Scrapelink we provide the maximum discount for Captcha sniper. Our exclusive captcha sniper discount comes directly the developers of state of the Art Seo automation Product named as Captcha Sniper.Stop wasting your valuable time and money on captcha solving services that are slow and costly. Solves unlimited captcha at a high speed with captcha sniper.

Captcha Sniper works flawlessly with almost most of the popular Internet marketing software. Here are some of the IM softwares I have tested them and it works pretty well.

Auto Website Submitter ,serobot, WormPoster, scrapeboard, xrumer, Sick Submitter, uBot, Power Directory Submitter, Rank Builder,backlink Brigade, Ultimate Demon, Autopligg, article marketing robot, senukex, sliq tools, iMacros, No Hands SEO, Scrapebox, Zenno Poster.
Captcha Sniper also works with literally any IM software with uses DeathBycaptcha services by simulating it.
Captcha Sniper Discount Coupon code Captcha Sniper solves more than 410 types of captcha and platform combination. Captcha Sniper is a one-time payment and will work round the clock year after year solving captchas automatically for you. Captcha Sniper Support is outstanding, I once had an issue on my VPS and the captcha sniper support team ported into my VPS and personally fixed it within 4 hours of my raising the support ticket. It’s great to see a good product backed by amazing after sales support.

Top 3 Free Online Article Rewriter

Last updated on December 8th, 2016 at 07:30 am

Typically I would usually recommended my readers to use a desktop application for the purpose of article spinning, but there are times when you might want to just use a free web based article spinner to quickly spin an article to a satisfactory level.

Over the years quite a few web based online article rewriter has been released. Many of them could not sustain the server cost as it requires quite a robust server to process the synonym database, but fortunately there are some which are still available for the general users. I have used and tested over 15 free online article rewriter and I am going to list the top 3 free online rewriter which does the job pretty neat.

#1 WordAZ Spinner
WordAZ is the most comprehensive tool in the market and that is why marketers and writers simply love it. WordAZ is the only web based Article spinner with global cloud based synonyms database, which is updated real time. Cool for something that is free! It also has the ability to remove irrelevant synonyms, this is something most other developers have forgotten to add to their article spinners. It is also the only free online article rewriter which has multilingual thesaurus which I haven’t seen in any other article rewriter so far. And did I mention that its incredibly fast and easy to use. Try their absolutely free 3 days version and rewrite as many articles as you want to.

#2 SpinBot Article Rewriter
SpinBot is a Web based automatic article spinner. The best part is its fully automatic and does not require and manual synonym replacement. It also has the ability to ignore words and also you can avoid spinning words which are capitalised. Spinbot recently added a captcha verification to avoid misuse of this wonderful fully automatic online article rewriter. It claims to produce human readable content and I think it does not fall short of its claim. Using Spinbot you can instantly spin a chunk of textual content up to 6000 characters in length, which is about twice as long as an average website or blog article

#3 EzArticleLink Article Spinner
This is definitely one of my favourite, has a very solid synonyms database. Does not require any registration, which I absolutely love. This Online Article Rewriter is very easy to use. Highly recommended. Here is what others have to say about it. “It was the best article spinner and distribution service I had found” The Spin Editor also has a Manual Spin mode. If you prefer the conventional way of spinning, or you want to do nested spinning, you can toggle to the Manual Spin mode in the Spin Editor.Simply select the best alternatives and Right-Click on the mouse to move on to the next spinnable text. That’s all

Article spinning has attracted a lot of debate over the years. Some people swear it works great for them to syndicate their article across the web readers, while others did not have much effect. Let’s not get into this never-ending debate, you are essentially here because you are looking for free online article rewriter.

Free online Article rewriter can come handy when you do not have access to your favourite desktop article rewriter software. I have personally used them while travelling . Free online article rewriter has come as a life saver when you have no access to your personal PC and you just had to spin an article which are human readable and adds valuable information to the readers.

If you have experienced or have heard of better online article rewriter than the ones we have listed here on our list of best Free Online Article Rewriter, do not hesitate to let us know using the comment option below and we would be glad to have a look at it and if found its worth a mention , we will update our article accordingly.