Maximum HostGator Discount Coupon Code

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Looking for working HostGator Discount Coupon Code 2014  ? Well this is the right place to get all the updated and working Hostgator coupon code. We thrive to claim that any hostgator coupon code posted here on scrapelink is thoroughly tested for validity and acccuracy. Our goal is to let our user pick the best hosting without costing a fortune. It’s only smart to use exclusive and secret ( usually known to  hosting gurus and corporates ) and save huge money on your hosting expenses.

In most cases the Hostgator Baby Plan works best for most of us. I have been a happy customer of hostgator since 2007 and never felt like looking for an alternative really. Hostgator support is second to none. It’s simply unmatched.

Well honestly if you came here searching for Hostgator Coupon Code, you probably know that HostGator is the best hosting company. Hostgator has received several  hosting awards year after year and their customer service is next to none. Truly world class top notch customer service

Hostgator Coupon

So what’s the trick to get Hostgator Coupon Code  50% Discount?

Follow the simple Instruction to get upto 50% off.

Step 1- Goto

Step 2 – Choose any Plan depending on your needs. For most of us, Baby Plan works best. However you are free  to select any hosting plan.

Step 3 –  Remove all Unwanted Addon services like BackUp and Sitelock. It’s not needed.  Save even more money.

Step 4 – If you have gone to hostgator through the special link provided in Step, the discount should be  applied automatically, so please check that first. However in some cases the discount in applied automatically, in that case you have to use one of the following coupon code DC6EBGNCAM50OFF  or XHKD94QS4FD994 or TAX2014




Hsotgator Coupon Code


Scrapebox Proxies

Last updated on February 2nd, 2016 at 11:50 am

Scrapebox Proxies, well yeah you heard it right. And trust me I know we have all heard and talked about this so many times. Every now and then, out of the blue I have been asked what the best proxy for Scrapebox is.

A great tool like scrapebox can be completely useless if you do not have perfect “scrapebox proxies” to take care of all your scraping needs. Imagine an Audi V8 car running on adulterated fuel, it sure will run like a bullock cart or maybe just stopping running.

Compatible Scrapebox Proxies

Being a keen Scrapebox user for a little over 3 years, I have come to a conclusion that not every proxy ( paid and free ) is compatible with scrapebox. Honestly I have tested almost all of the private and shared proxies available on the internet. Only a couple of them have actually produced satisfactory results.

Scrapebox has always been a life-saver tool for me. It automates loads of my daily tasks with ease and perfection, combined with good scrapebox proxy, it becomes even more powerful.

What scrapebox proxies should someone use?

scrapebox proxies Well it depends on your needs. If you are looking for scrapebox proxies for scraping search engines, HM Pro works best. Back in August, I have posted on this blog, why I love HM Pro.  The reason I have always recommended HM Pro is the massive amount of proxies they give you (Over 1,000 Proxies). Even better HM Pro proxies are globally diversified and not just US based like many other proxy providers.  HMA Pro does not have bandwidth limit, so you can use this to scrape unlimited sites.

Scrapebox Pro users have advised using separate proxies for posting. Although it’s not mandatory, but in my personal experience it does work better. Keeping separate proxy for scraping and posting has always yield better results. The Scrapebox posting I would blindly vouch for BP Private Proxies. I have been using them a little over 2 years and it has never let me down. Did I mention that there support is surprisingly very efficient and prompt.

So to recap – Use the recommended Scrapebox Proxy (Option 1 and Option 2) and would see a world of difference in performance and success rate.

Massive Scrapebox footprint list

scrapebox footprint list

Last updated on January 30th, 2018 at 04:41 pm

scrapebox footprint listGood Scrapebox footprint  list are extremely important for any scrapebox user. Without perfect footprint, you will get irrelevant results. I have been asked several times in webinars as to how do I manage to get such strong solid targeted list. This made me think, it’s better to write down a basic guide on scrapebox footprint, so newbie and even scrapebox pro users can benefit from this. Oh yes! Now I do believe that I can direct all the guys who ask me to help them with scrapebox footprints tips to this guide. I believe this guide is a wonderful resource for all your scrapebox footprint list needs.

Scrapebox is no less than a “Swiss army knife” in IM Software Arena. If you are serious about making money online and or becoming a full time internet marketer, you must own scrapebox.

While scrapebox has hundreds of useful feature, it came into existence primarily for scraping links from search engines. As an internet market and a proud owner, I can confidently say that scrapebox has been a life saver for me. On a recent local seo summit, Andy asked me if it would be wise for him to buy scrapebox, I did not think twice before advising him to go for it. It’s a No Brainer “must have” tool for anyone involved in internet marketing.

Poor footprints can yield results in very awful scrap list, which would eventually mean inaccurate data for you. It is equally important that you SHOULD use scrapebox proxy in conjunction with good scrapebox footprints.
Once you have scraped your desired amount of urls using our scrapebox footprint list, it is advisable to run them through Alive checker addon. This helps your weed out all the dead sites.

While it’s important to feed scrapebox with accurate footprints, it’s equally important to add massive amount of keywords. I have seen many scrapebox users ignoring this. You should NOT , without a massive keyword list, you will not be able to bypass the google limit of 1000 search list per query. The more keywords you have, the higher the chance for you to get maximum urls for any given footprint. Don’t worry I am going to throw in a very nice scrapebox keyword list bundled with this pack.

Happy scraping.

Free Wiki Backlinks – Wiki Bomber List

free wiki list

Last updated on February 29th, 2016 at 11:53 pm

free wiki listWiki bomber list is priceless. We have compiled wiki bomber list specifically for users who use WikiRobot. ALways try to build quality link over quantity. No matter what others say, never spam or build mass links if you want to rank well in search engine results consistently.

No matter what automated Wiki software you use, this Wiki Site list package will help you increase your SERP rankings on all major search Engines.
Wikis has always been tagged very authoritative and informative in the eyes of Google and other search Engines.Due to this fact, getting backlinks on such wiki sites are of great value.
Apart from its high value, its only wise to have a very varied and diversified backlinks portfolio. This not only ensures that you maintain a stable ranking, it also keeps your site safe from any penalisation

Some of the major wiki based platforms are mediawiki, wakaWiki and Tikiwiki. There are some not so popular wiki based platform , however I am not going to discuss about them on this post. If you go through my other post, you might be able guess more on this.

Build your own WiKiList in minutes

Update : Stop don’t build links on the same sites which thousand others are also using .

Instead Try GSA Search Engine Ranker.
This SEO Link Building tool will automatically find wiki sites for you and build thousands of wiki links for you.
Download your free 5 day copy. Test Drive GSA and see why it is recommended by us.

This Wiki Bomber List contains thousands of wiki based sites. Wiki sites heavily rely of community based content. Most Wiki sites maintain a very high quality of information, so if you can add some value to such websites and in return get a nice backlink to your site, its a win-win for both.

Remember wiki sites are predominantly used for references and citation,so refrain from adding “commercial intent” content. Rather be as informative with references, this will give better results on wiki based sites. Majority of wiki based now do require registration before you can add or edit any content on their wiki sites. If you are using clyde’s wiki bomber or Wiki Dominator, you won’t have to worry much as both of these automated seo tools can handle registration and content posting quite effectively.

Free Scrapebox Auto approve List

free auto approve list

Last updated on March 1st, 2016 at 12:41 am

free auto approve listA high PR list is certainly useful for all webs-masters who want to rank well in search Engine. There are quite a few list available on the web. Most are either dead list or paid ones. We all like free stuff , who doesn’t ehh ?
I decided to release a fresh regularly updated scrapebox AA list for you guys so you do not have to spend countless hours to scrap and filter the working blog commenting sites which are auto approved. Let us do all the hard work for you!

With all the Google Panda and Hummingbird updates it’s important that we build quality backlinks. Scrapebox Auto approve List will not give you quality links. To build online reputation and authority you must create quality links. Free Scrapebox Auto approve List is shared among thousands of link builder who try to spam the hell out of those urls. Your best bet is to find relevant and nice specific websites and post comments that add value to the post. Try to be as informative and ontopic. Lets make this blog community a informative place rather than a pool of advertisement.

Build your own Free Scrapebox Auto approve List

Update : Stop don’t build links on the same sites which thousand others are also using .

Instead Try GSA Search Engine ranker.

This Seo Link building tool will automatically find targets/sites for you and build links, including AA sites. Download your Free copy for 5 days. Test Drive and see why GSA is far superior than the rest.

Scrapebox owner are always looking for good scrapebox AA list with success rate. This list does the job. It’s time tested and works extremely well. Just ensure you configure your blog commenting tool perfectly.

It’s a well known fact that there are numerous blog websites available on the internet which deal with the similar niche like your blog/website? If you place site remarks on those sites with backlinks to your website, you will definitely acquire a large amount of visitors to your blog/website as a result making it acknowledged in front of masses of unique website visitors across the internet. Blog commenting is an excellent method through which you make website visitors as well as place it nicely on the the major search engines. This Scrapebox Auto Approve List works with all major blog commenting tool.

Blog commenting can be a tedious task if you do not have a quality auto approve list. Our Scrapebox auto approve list saves you a lot of your valuable time . We understand that time is money!