plugged in not charging Laptop – Quick and Easy Fix

Are you bothered with “plugged in not charging”  on your laptop.  Did you try to solve the battery plugged in not charging  issue on your own, but were unable to do so even after repeated attempt. Are you worried if your battery has gone dead because you keep getting that annoying plugged in not charging on windows 10  OS ? Has your technician recommended change to resolve plugged in not charging dell laptop problem ? Are you disappointed and scared that your plugged in not charging hp  laptop might actually be a motherboard problem ?  Are you nervous about opening your disassembling your laptop to get rid of  lenovo plugged in not charging issue ?

Battery is just like the wheels of a vehicle. If the wheel is not functioning properly , the very basic function of a vehicle which is to move from one place to another is now at risk. Similarly when a laptop’s battery is malfunctioning your freedom of mobility is at risk .

plugged in not chargingIn this article we will discuss in detail about how to fix plugged in not charging issues for your laptop. Our method is safe and tested and even if your laptop is under warranty,  you can still try this method to resolve your battery issues without the fear of your warranty getting void.  This unique trick has been tested on dell, hp, Samsung, Asus, Lenevo, sony, acer, compaq, apple and many other branded laptops. Another awesome feature about this method is that this solution is OS independent, which in other words mean that this solution will work on windows XP, windows vista, windows 7 and even on windows 10 or IOS.

Instructions to fix plugged in not charging

  1.  Unplug your Ac adapter from the Laptop if it is plugged in
  2. Then you must remove the battery . Please be careful not to pull it out without unlocking its slot.
  3. Now Press the power on button on your laptop for 160 seconds. You can take the help of a stop watch or just use the old method on counting in your own
  4. Plug in the ac adpater and power-on the laptop and let it run for 2-3 minutes
  5. Shut down the PC, disconnect the ac adapter.
  6. Attach the battery which you removed in step 2.
  7. Switch on the laptop without the AC adapter.

Now if you connect the AC adapter, you will be happy to figure that your problem is already resolved.   Do not try to skip any of the steps  as each of them important. Also do not try to mess with the sequence of the steps mentioned above.

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