Private Proxies Vs VPN

Last updated on October 17th, 2016 at 10:37 am

VPN VS ProXYThe basic idea of using proxy is to hide your identity and be anonymous on the internet. However there are several other benefits  and usage of using proxy or vpn. Many use such proxies to bypass geo-location restrictions. Some folks also use it to access banned or blocked content from school or workplace .   Now there are several types of proxies like Free Public Proxies, Private paid proxies , VPN , Tor and so on. There are several free options are available both for VPS and as well web proxies but if it is about safeguarding your identity and confidential data’s, it would be absolutely foolish to depend on a free stuff.Today we will do a head-on clash between the two most popular and widely used types of proxies – Private Proxies Vs VPN




FeaturesHMA VPNPrivate Proxies
Speed and relaiblityyes-iconno-icon
Cost Effectiveyes-iconno-icon
Wide range of C-Class Ip Addressyes-iconno-icon
Diversified demographical IP locationsyes-iconno-icon
All browser compatibilityyes-iconyes-icon
All application Supportyes-iconno-icon
All Major OS support( android, IOs, unix, windows etc)yes-iconno-icon
Encrypted Data Transferyes-iconno-icon
Unlimited Bandwidthyes-iconno-icon
High Speed Video Streamingyes-iconno-icon

I hope this comprehensive and detailed comparison between Private Proxies Vs VPN will help you take the right decision on choosing your Proxy provider depending on your needs and requirement. If you feel that HideMyAss VPN is the best option for you then make sure you check out our earlier article on how to get HideMyAss Discount

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