Remove .lnk virus From Usb – Fix in just 3 Easy Steps

Are you looking to remove .lnk virus from usb ? Do you want to get rid of this irritating virus that makes your pen drive unusable ? Have your tried your best to remove .lnk virus from USB but unfortunately it kept coming back even after deleting the infected file on USB ? Are you confused about how to remove lnk virus manually ?

What is .lnk Virus ?

Remove .lnk virus From UsbBasically LNK is just another type of  file extension for a shortcut file used by non other than the famous Microsoft Windows to simply point to an executable file. LNK in other words stands for LinK. Shortcut files helps users directly open the executable files without actually navigating to the nested location where the executable file is located. .lnk virus could affect anyone and is usually found on external storage like pen drives. Once infected all individual files get replaced by shortcut  icon and the real files are hidden and inaccessible. But you do not need to panic as none of your files are destroyed or deleted . The .lnk virus just makes it unusable. LNK virus has been known to infect users on Windows 10, windows 8 , Windows 7 and even windows XP.

How to Remove .lnk virus From USB

While there are several methods floating on the internet with tips to remove .lnk virus, unfortunately many of them would cleverly try to push you into buying a third party .lnk virus remover, here are scrapelink, we will use free applications to help you remove .lnk virus from your USB drive. You do not need to buy any kind of third party software.

  • Download and Install CCleaner ( Official Website )
  • Download and Install MalwareBytes ( Official Website Link )
  • Reboot PC in Safe mode
  • Run a Full scan with MalwareBytes and remove all Infection inclour uSBuding the ones on your USB
  • Do a Quick Registry Fix with the help of CCleaner
  • That is it.

So you just learnt how to remove .lnk virus from USB in this article. We do hope this articles helped our readers understand how to clean .lnk virus without any complicated method.


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