Remove windows 10 update notification – GWX.exe Uninstall

Last updated on October 14th, 2016 at 11:41 am

Are you looking to remove Windows 10 update notification ? Do you want to learn what is GWX.exe ? Are you annoyed of that irritating notification icon that keeps reminding you to update to windows 10 ? Do you want to block Windows 10 upgrade notification and stick to your current OS of either Windows 7 or Windows 8 ?  Well you do not have to worry , we have some super easy solution for you which we will share in this Article.  Keep reading and you might learn some surprising facts about Windows 10.

What is  GWX.exe ?

Original GWX.exe is not a virus and is a component of Microsoft’s Windows 10 update program. It is an part of Microsoft’s aggressive advertising program to push windows 10 into computers running on windows 7 and Windows 8. It is usually located in c:\Windows\System32\GWX\GWX.exe and can vary depending in your installation .

Why one should avoid this automatic Windows 10 update ?

Ok we have to agree that Windows 10 has some amazing features, but to be honest for majority of PC users Windows 7 does the job just fine and the risk of upgrading to all new operating system just does seems to be worthwhile.

However, Microsoft has gone way beyond its usual means to almost force users to upgrade to Windows 10.  Microsoft’s GWX.exe is pretty much responsible for that tricky notification that can confuse even the tech savvy user and deceive them into upgrading to Windows 10.

The latest windows 10 update has changed its default behaviour where clicking the X button would cancel the automatic update to windows 10. What this means is if you are like most of us who are habitual to click on the button to dismiss the app, you are most likely to get trapped in this disguised notification and unknowingly get your OS upgraded to Windows 10. And don’t be surprised when your modem , printer and apps stop working with your latest windows 10. With no other option left, you have to waste your day finding ways to downgrade and roll back to your previous OS.

Remove windows 10 update notification method 

In this section we will tell you some really easy steps to remove windows 10 update notification. Learn how to quickly remove gwx.exe without  wasting any more time.

Remove windows 10 update notification instruction

  1. Download Steve Gibson’s never 10 application from here
  2. Click Disable Win10 Upgrade.
  3. You are done.

Remove windows 10 update notification

Never10 is safe . Using this little handy utility, even inexperienced PC users will be able to easily remove windows 10 update notification. Another fact that is worth mentioning is that no additional software is installed and one can even re-enable windows 10 update if  they want to in future.

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