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free auto approve listA high PR list is certainly useful for all webs-masters who want to rank well in search Engine. There are quite a few list available on the web. Most are either dead list or paid ones. We all like free stuff , who doesn’t ehh ?
I decided to release a fresh regularly updated scrapebox AA list for you guys so you do not have to spend countless hours to scrap and filter the working blog commenting sites which are auto approved. Let us do all the hard work for you!

With all the Google Panda and Hummingbird updates it’s important that we build quality backlinks. Scrapebox Auto approve List will not give you quality links. To build online reputation and authority you must create quality links. Free Scrapebox Auto approve List is shared among thousands of link builder who try to spam the hell out of those urls. Your best bet is to find relevant and nice specific websites and post comments that add value to the post. Try to be as informative and ontopic. Lets make this blog community a informative place rather than a pool of advertisement.

Build your own Free Scrapebox Auto approve List

Update : Stop don’t build links on the same sites which thousand others are also using .

Instead Try GSA Search Engine ranker.

This Seo Link building tool will automatically find targets/sites for you and build links, including AA sites. Download your Free copy for 5 days. Test Drive and see why GSA is far superior than the rest.

Scrapebox owner are always looking for good scrapebox AA list with success rate. This list does the job. It’s time tested and works extremely well. Just ensure you configure your blog commenting tool perfectly.

It’s a well known fact that there are numerous blog websites available on the internet which deal with the similar niche like your blog/website? If you place site remarks on those sites with backlinks to your website, you will definitely acquire a large amount of visitors to your blog/website as a result making it acknowledged in front of masses of unique website visitors across the internet. Blog commenting is an excellent method through which you make website visitors as well as place it nicely on the the major search engines. This Scrapebox Auto Approve List works with all major blog commenting tool.

Blog commenting can be a tedious task if you do not have a quality auto approve list. Our Scrapebox auto approve list saves you a lot of your valuable time . We understand that time is money!


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      Are you using any proxy? Number of threads ? Please provide further details so we can help you .

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        I have 5 private proxy from
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        Scrapbox settings:
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        • Pritesh Das

          Check if your private proxies has been listed on SBL and also try to reduce your connection to 30. Let me know your results.

          • piter

            You mean that if I added correctly the proxy in the select engines & proxies?
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