SnapChat Trophies List and Unlock Guide

Are you looking for the complete SnapChat Trophies List ? Did  you ever wondered what these SnapChat trophies  List means ? Have you been secretly looking for a way to unlock all SnapChat Trophies List ? Are you looking for all Snapchat Trophies that your friends show off to you ?

If your answer is YES to any of the listed question, let me tell you that you are at the right place. In this article we will discuss everything about  SnapChat Trophies List in details. SnapChat released 7 new trophies this December taking the total to 24 SnapChat trophies and eventually making Snapchat even more fun.  In this blog post we will also share tips and trick  to learn how to unlock SnapChat Trophies with our easy to understand guide.

This new SnapChat feature allows every user to win specific SnapChat Trophies for every milestone they reach on Snapchat. Milestone can be as simple as sending a video snap.

SnapChat Trophies List Snapchat Trophies List  is the number of Snapchat Trophies  you manage to gather in your Trophies  List. This is completely a new and most probably one of the most interesting feature that was recently added to Snapchat app. Snapchat Trophies are actually several different types of emoji representing specific achievements in the Snapchat app. There is a total of 24 different trophies and when you acheive more than 1 such emoji trophy, you start building your own Trophies List. Your aim should be to gather as many Snapchat Trophies as you can.

If you follow the list of our detailed instruction how to unlock these SnapChat Trophies, you will be able to complete your Trophies List easily. It may take some time to achieve all of those Trophies in your tray, but if you are patient and know the tricks, it wont be too long before you can flaunt all those awesome emojis in your SnapChat Trophies Tray. Unfortunately Snapchat developers so haven’t released any kind official tuotorial or tips on how each of these Snapchat Trophy can be earned. So we did our own research to reveal the secret behind these SnapChat Trophies.

SnapChat Trophies List and Unlock Full Guide

  1. Flashlight – Just Send ten snaps using your front facing flash
  2. 3 Stars – 1000 Snapchat score gets you this Trophy.
  3. Rewind – Sent front facing to rear facing video snap
  4. Good Old Camera – Just Send 50 video snaps and grab this.
  5. Email – Simply verify your email address in Settings.
  6. Lollipop – If you have used five different colors drawing on a snap then you are awarded with this trophy.
  7. Telephone – Just Verify your mobile number in Settings.
  8. Monkey – If you send a video with no sound, you could get this one.
  9. Happy devil- Easily get this by taking screenshot of one snap.
  10. Red & Yellow Star – Reach fifty thousand score to recieve this Trophy
  11. Sad devil – Just screenshot ten snaps.
  12. Shooting Star – Score of ten thousand or more get you this snapchat trophy
  13. Red mask – You have to screenshot fifty snaps
  14. Microscope – Sending ten snaps that have zoomed in to max will give you this trophy
  15. Radio – For this trophy simply submit a snap to your local story.
  16. Egg in Frying Pan – If you send a snap anytime between 4 A.M and 5 A.M, you get this trophy
  17. Clapper board- You have tp submit ten snaps to your Live story.
  18. Panda Bear – This is easy to get , simply send fifty snaps using black & white filter
  19. Fax machine – The easiest way to get this tropy is to scan five snapcodes.
  20. Magnifying Glass – Simply send ten snaps zoomed all the way to the max
  21. Refresh icon- Just flip your camera ten times in a video snap
  22. Half Moon – Send fifty snaps in night mode to achuieve this one
  23. Devil Face – Sent one thousand snaps using the front facing camera.
  24. ABCD Text – You got to send fifty snaps with enlarged text

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