How to Spy on text messages without getting caught

Last updated on February 24th, 2016 at 02:49 am

So how can I spy on text messages ?

spy-on-text-messagesUse of text messages has increased alarmingly over the years, due to various lifestyle changes , people now prefer to communicate using text messages rather than talking on phone. The reason for such change could be busy lifestyle and multi-tasking or a matter of personal privacy. When you text message someone, you don’t have to worry about being overheard by your parents or spouse. Youngster now prefer to chat all day on social networking sites with their friends and peers.  I have seen a lot many people spending countless hours on Facebook , WhatsApp etc and while this a great way to be in touch with your friends , it could potentially open a gateway for others to stalk. Very recently I was on a dating site and most, I repeat most of  them wanted to date someone  who is into texting and it really shocked me to know that how text messages have gradually become an integral part of our life.

Why would someone want to Spy on text messages ?

While I do not advocate the whole spying thing, but there could be several reason why one would want to spy on text messages of someone else’s phone. Some of the most common reasons I have come across in my life so far are cheating spouse, cheating girlfriend, cheating boyfriend, martial trust issues, jealous friends, business rivalry etc. I am sure there are lot many other genuine reasons where there is a need to know what is someone is doing behind you. As a responsible parent I would want to know who my kid is talking with, if I notice her spending enough time on phone.  Having said that I will not be debating about the moral or legal aspect of spying on text message of someone in this article.   We can have a separate article on that some other day.


Really possible to Spy on Text Message on someone phone ?

Spying on someone’s text message has become lot easier these days with these revolutionary mobile spy software that allow you to secretly read text messages of anyone you want. So yes it is definitely possible to track messages, forward them to your phone or even email them  to you without getting caught.

Many such amazing apps are designed to serve an innocent purpose like keeping a tab on your kids and safegaurd them from potential predators, protect your girlfriend from stalkers and even monitor ailing parents who might need your help any-time urgently.

With that in mind here is our Top Picks that legally allow you to Spy on Text messages of your family and loved ones :


FlexiSpy – FlexiSpy is one of the most popular name when it comes to surveillance software that can easily spy on text messages. Flexipsy is capable of easily intercepting text messages and deliver it to you without getting noticed. FlexiSpy Software is compatible with all major OS including Latest Andoid and iOS.  FlexiSpy comes with a premium price tag and we believe it is worth every penny. Technology is evolving everyday and and Flexispy is on top of all the latest technology developments and comes with frequent and timely updates and upgrades to make sure you get a trouble-free experience to Spy on Text Messages. Flexispy claims to be undetectable , so to ensure that you can monitor your loved ones without the fear of creating any further damage to your relationship. If you are concerned and worried about loved ones , you cannot compromise with quality and go for the best one available even if it means spending a few dollars. FlexiSpy is known to have great after-sales-support , and this is what sets them apart from others. Be it be asking for help in regards to setting it up on the device, or complex technical questions, they are available to help you 7 days a week. You can get in touch with them through various method including email, dedicated support phone number and even through website contact form. FlexiSpy’s spy on text messages app offers an unconditional money back policy because they believe that their product is bound to impress you. In the event you are unsatisfied ,you can always request for a refund. This allows users to try that product without the fear of losing money.  So if you want to try this on any of your Blackberry, Android phones/tablet or popular Iphones /Ipad give Flexispy a try because this is by far the best available stealth method to spy on text messages.


HighSter Mobile – This is  Yet another reliable app to monitor or spy on text messages on someone’s phone developed by ILF Mobile Apps Corp, New York. Highster Mobile is an extremely powerful monitoring software to confidentially spy on text messages of your loved ones or even your employees.  Installing Highster Mobile App is easy and takes only a few seconds. Once the app is installed on your target’s device, you can easily monitor and spy on each and every text messages without ever getting caught. Just like Flexipsy you can also monitor voice calls, internet history and other stuffs as well .  Highster Mobile is compatible with Iphone, Ipads and Android devices . It does not have support of blackberry devices yet. ILF Mobile Apps Corp sells the same software through various different website and also with different name like Auto-Record. This could be one of their business /marketing policy and it best to leave it for them decide how they want to market their product as long it fulfils what it claims.  You will need physical access to the target’s device with Internet connection either through cellular data or wifi to complete the installation process. Once done, you can control the settings and extract text messages remotely . Highster Mobile comes with a 10 day refund policy , so if you are unsatisfied you can request a refund by emailing them for the same.

Mspy - Remotely Spy Text Messages

mSpy  – This is one of the most popular and highly talked about spy software available on the one internet. With some raving positive review , mspy deserves a place in our list of top software to spy on text messages.  Mspy is the widest range of compatibility since it supports android, iOS, windows, MAC, and you can access all the info in any Browser. mSpy is unrivalled all-in-one solution for all your SMS tracking needs. With you Mspy you can do a lot many things and not just monitor SMS text messages. Once installed on the device, you can easily get all the details remotely without the need to have access to the phone. MSpy is available worldwide and also supports multiple payment options for hassle free buying experience. With mSpy you can monitor WhatsApp, instagram, snapchat, and various other popular social media communications.  mSpy is a very comprehensive tool to monitor and keep a tab on the mobile or pc activity of your loved ones . MSpy very nice demo of their dashboard which you can look at to get an idea of what kind of information this text monitoring software can provide you with . Have a look at it here

I am often asked if it is legal to spy on text message of someone, one thing I tell them is use your own discretion. I have no legal expertise , but make sure never use any of these spy software to invade anyone’s privacy. Different jurisdictions have different laws and it also depends on who, how and when you want to spy on text messages. If you are a developer of any such application that enables to spy on text messages and you believe that it is worth to have a place in our top list of  monitoring software, please do not hesitate to inform us of the same.

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