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Last updated on October 14th, 2016 at 11:44 am

squid proxy alternative

Welcome reader,  are you here to find the best squid proxy alternative ? Are you one of those existing customer of private proxy services who is not satisfied and is looking for a decent squid proxy alternative which does not cost a fortune.Are you confused with multiple squid proxy alternative and unsure which one should you choose ?

If you a have a similar query like the ones mentioned above, we are glad to tell you that you have come to the right place. In this great article, we will discuss specifically about the best squid proxy available in the market these days.
We will also talk about why quite a large number of squid proxy users are switching to other premium private proxies providers.

Back in the early days of its inception a couple of years back, Squid Proxy was a great resource for your proxy needs. With time many things change , some in good way while for the rest it is the other way. If you have a quick look on the online space, you will find many negative feedback and rants from Squid Proxies users. While we are not in a position to verify the authenticity of any of those complaints or feedback, we however do get a general perception that something is just not right with Squid Proxy.
Let us look into some of the most common issues with Squid Proxies

  1. Extremely slow proxy. Internet activity and downloads affects badly.
  2. Poor after sales support. Issues takes days to get resolved, which can be frustrating at times
  3. Does not provide you with a wide range of proxies.
  4. Private proxies provided to you are not globally diversified.
  5. Proxy IP’s allotted to you more often than not , heavily abused and are labelled as spam
  6. While you pay for Premium private proxy, the performance is no better than shared private proxy.
  7. Allegation of overselling
  8. Limitation on changing allotted IP each month
  9. Limited device compatibility. Users are having a hard time to use these premium proxy on Ipad and Android devices
  10. Price of Squid Private proxies are on the higher side as compared to other competitors.

We understand that there could be several other reason which made squid proxies users to look for other alternatives but we have tried our best to list the most common ones that internet marketer have faced over the years.

Now, that we are laid down the possible issues with squid proxies, let us share with our readers  why HMA is one of the best ever squid proxy alternative one could get.

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Why HMA is the leader among the proxy service provider ?

  1. Unlimited Bandwidth
  2. Unmatched customer support
  3. Very Affordable
  4. High Performance premium proxies
  5. Compatible with all your favorites devices including iPhone, Tablets , PC etc
  6. OS independent works flawlessly on Windows, Linux, Android etc
  7. Highly Secure servers , so all your data transmission are 100% safe.
  8. Over 11,5000 IP address to choose from.
  9. Strategically picked server location spread across 220 countries.
  10. HMA also allows you to connect two devices simultaneously.


There is indeed a long list of  amazing features that makes HMA undoubtedly  the largest and most preferred proxy provider in the world, but I think you as a reader should try it yourself to experience the magic of HMA.  Click here to try HMA at no cost , no risk.

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