How to Fix System Tray Taskbar Icon missing – Recover Lost Icon

Last updated on October 14th, 2016 at 12:00 pm

Are you wondering how to Fix System Tray Taskbar Icon missing issue ? Have you lost your notification icon and want to restore them back ? Are your notification taskbar icon grey out ?  Do you see your taskbar as transparent on ghosted and nothing happens when you click on them  ? Are you having hard time trying to learn how to recover lost taskbar icons for sound, network , power or one of your favourite application ?

If your question is similar to the ones I have mentioned above , then I have a good news for you guys. In this article we have answers to all your questions regarding lost or missing system tray icon. In this tutorial we will provide quick and super  easy  method  to Fix System Tray Taskbar Icon missing and get back all your notification icons.

Many people have asked me why this error occurs  and what can be done to ensure that notification icons do not disappear . The honest answer to this common question is that no real known cause has been identified so far, however people have reported that this could happen on if your registry is messed up or one of your newly installed program has screwed your  notification icons . Some users have also reported dead cmos battery being the hidden culprit behind this , although we do not have enough technical data to back this claim.

Step by Step Fix System Tray Taskbar Icon missing

  1. Ensure all drivers are updated. You can easily do that through windows device manager
  2. Connect to Internet
  3. Download  and CCleaner from here. It’s completely free and safe.
  4. Run CCleaner as administrator
  5. Check Tray Notification Cache as shown in the image below . Run Cleaner
  6. That’s about it. Simple and works on majority of SO including windows 7, windows 8 and widnows 10.

Taskbar Icon missing


There are manual methods to tweak the registry to fix issues where your notification icon disappear but not everyone is skilled enough or comfortable to play around with the registry , this is why we have come up with this super easy solution. Let us know if it helped you guys fix system tray Taskbar Icon missing.



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