TextDeliver Review – A Revolutionary Alternative to Email Marketing

TextDeliver Review
When was the last time you clicked a link found in those commercial emails ? How often do you get excited to open an email from your favourite online shopping site which almost always promises of deep discount ? Do you get excited when you see a newsletter mail pop up on your mailbox ?

Well the truth is that we and that includes you as well , very rarely get excited with these kind of emails , forget about clicking links found on such emails. It will be unfair to say email marketing is dead, but it is certainly not what is was a couple of year back.

Get Indepth Analysis On TextDeliver

Now let us have a look at a different scenario, how do you react when you hear a SMS notification sound on your phone? Under usual circumstances you are going to quickly check the content of that SMS. How often do you leave an SMS unread ? Well I think I do read them all  of them whenever I get time and hardly leave any SMS unread. I have a strong feeling that there are several millions like me. Are you one of them ? Chances are that you are also one of them .  Lets not get into a questionnaire and straight away get to the point that I am trying to make you guys understand and it is  simple fact that SMS medium of interaction has much more scope and is proven to be successful than the conventional email newsletters.

World Famous Internet marketer Mark Thompson has bridged this gap between Email and SMS marketing and has recently launched a product named TextDeliver.  Text Deliver is one of its kind, and is developed with lots of  love and keeping bloggers, website owners, internet marketers and agencies in mind.

While you find many TextDeliver review , our’s is based purely on first hand experience. Our in-house experts pick products to review based on popularity and then put them under rigorous test under various practical scenario. We also emphasis on ROI ( return of investment ) aspect as well because it is all about being successful and making money online.

Let us see why we believe that TextDeliver is a must armoury in your arsenal if you are serious about online marketing and business. TextDeliver’s unique approach towards capturing leads and converting them into sales is what really impressed us and which is why we have this TextDeliver Review for your wise readers.

Introducing TextDeliver – Cutting Edge Marketing Weapon 

textdeliver review

Some of the interesting features which almost forced us to create this TextDeliver Review

  • No more caps or different pricing  slab on number of subscribers.
  • Unlimited Automated SMS Campaigns
  • Unlimited List . You can have as many client list as you want
  • White Label option. So of you are Agency , you can create reports for your clients
  • 100% TCPA and CTIA Compliance to ensure your Marketing Campaigns cover all the rules.
  • Intelligent Sequence Autoresponder, to setup drip campaigns
  • Schedule your Message  to ensure that your SMS reaches the recipient at a favourable time.
  • Organise the responses like conventional email for better customer handling
  • Integration with major third party solutions are a breeze. You can get started within minutes
  • Integrated Dashboard for Tracking your Campaigns . Know what exactly is working for you .
  • Easy User Management for greater control over your list.
  • Much more…



With as high as 96% open rates and record breaking click through rates, your online earning takes a huge plunge, while getting real human reading your offers. Always remember one simple thing that in Internet marketing Getting your message out to people is one of the KEY factors to success in any marketing for ANY niche. Text Deliver just makes it super easy.

TextDeliver is an outstanding software with some very powerful features but anyone can start using it pretty quickly. The training videos  and extensive knowledge-base makes it so much easier for anyone to start broadcasting your message to your list within minutes. And in rare cases , if all fails , we have the award winning after sales support team of Mark Thompson that always delivered outstanding customer support over the years.  I do not think anyone would want a refund a for such am amazing product , but just wild cases , they provide 30 days 100% refund policy so that makes it a must buy for EVERYONE who is reading this TextDeliver review right now.

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