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Last updated on March 26th, 2018 at 12:42 pm

Are you facing this frustrating problem of “there was a problem parsing the package”  when trying to install an app on your android mobile ? Do you get this error  “there was a problem parsing the package” anytime you want update an app on your android phone ? Are you trying to install an app from unknown sources other than google play store but unable to do so, because you keep encountering this strange error which pop up a message on your screen stating “there was a problem parsing the package” ?

If you are someone who could relate yourself to any of the similar situation and is looking for an easy solution , then we are delighted to say that, by the time you finish reading this article, you probably would get rid of this error on you phone. In this article, we will share a simple and easy to understand step-step tutorial to fix “there was a problem parsing the package”.

There was a problem parsing the package

What is the reason for “There was a problem parsing the package” ?

While there could be several factors why someone could face such an error, the most common cause is corrupted apk file. Another issue that most people face is the compatibility of android version with the app. With simple checks one can easily find out the real cause for your device throwing up “there was a problem parsing the package” error on the screen and halting the installation process.

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Learn how to fix “there was a problem parsing the package” Error

In this section we will discuss methods and tricks to fix your parsing error. We suggest that you try these methods in the same order as shown here in the article to save time, effort and data as well.

Corrupted APK file

This could happen to anyone. File do get corrupted during the download process so try re-downloading the apk file one again. If you are downloading through a wi-fi connection, make sure that there is no intermittent drop in connection while you download the apk installer file.

Android Settings

If you are trying to install an apk file from sources other than official Google Play store,make sure you have enabled “Unknown Sources”. To do so simply go to Settings on your Android device, then tap on Lock Screen and Security. On this screen you will see and option for “Unknown Sources and you have to enable it.

Google Play Store Settings

Caching is great technology which really enhances the user experience and is also proven to improve device performance. However it has been found on many cases to the reason behind many parsing issues, specially when installing android applications from Google Play store. The workaround for this to reset your Google Play Store’s cache. Go to Settings > Applications > All Applications > Google Play Store > Storage > Tap on Clear Cache

Enable USB Debugging

While I do not have a technical fact to back this , but I have seen many times that this workaround has worked for several of our readers, so there is no harm trying this to see if we can fix this.To enable to USB debugging one need to first go to Settings > About Phone > Tap 7 times to Build Number. This will enable the developer mode on your device. Now go back to Settings > Developer Options > Usb Debugging . Tap and enable Usb Debugging and you are good.

Antivirus Conflict

Many users rely on Antivirus to protect their device from malware and likewise which I believe is cool. While I do not recommend to permanently remove anti-virus, you could possibly try to temporary uninstall the antivirus app and try to install the app that is causing “there was a problem parsing the package”. Once you are done, I would advise to reinstall whatever Anti-Virus you were using.

Compatibility Issue

Well it is no more a secret that version conflicts between aap and android OS can cause such parsing error. To avoid this, we would recommenced updating your android version to the latest version that is available over-the-air (OTA). Also ensure that the app in question is compatible with your android version. At times app developers delay update or even worsen abandon app after a while and if that is the cause , you could possibly use android emulators to install such outdated app.

Reset Android Device

Well if nothing works and you really want to install that particular app which is throwing up “There was a problem parsing the package” then one last thing you could try is use Device Factory reset option. You must always make a backup of your messages, whatsapp datas, contacts etc before you do factory reset . There are several apps that could help with you the back-up process.

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Final words on fixing – “There was a problem parsing the package”

Well with the number solutions we have provided in this article to our readers, we are very confident that you would be able to fix your android device issue. Avoid experimenting too much with your device unless you are knowledgeable enough to do so. Finally if you know of any other android trick that we have missed mentioning in this article, which could possibly help fix “there was a problem parsing the package” error , please do not hesitate to share with us.

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