Top 10 WordPress Plugin to Empower your CMS

Last updated on January 30th, 2018 at 04:47 pm

Top 10 WordPress PluginWordPress itself is one the most versatile and powerful CMS that can be used according to your requirements. From a basic journal to high-end complex eCommerce website, WordPress can handle it all. WordPress is a neatly coded CMS that is light weight yet highly secure and easy to use. WordPress is used by 38.1 of all the websites that run on a Content Management Script. These are huge numbers and with this kind massive usage comes a wide range of unique requirements and customized  needs.

WordPress Plugins allows website owners to adds specific functionality and features to their WordPress based CMS. It could be anything from simple header image rotation to a bare contact us form and just about anything you can think of. WordPress is an Open source Project and this has helped millions of talented programmers to use their talent to make WordPress CMS even more powerful by creating plugins to add extra features and functionality. In this article we will share with you the top 10 plugins that has helped several thousand business owners give their website a new dimension.


Contact 7 Form

Although they claim that it is “just another”contact form plugin for WordPress. It certainly has all the essential ingredients to carry out much of your form needs. Contact Form 7 can easily handle multiple contact forms, and you can even customize the form as well the email contents flexibly with easy-to-use markup. The WP Plugin supports Ajax-powered submitting with built-in anti spam security feature. The developers does recommend using Captcha which  can be activated with just a click . By default Contact 7 does not store submitted data on the web server.


Jetpack is a very popular plugin developed by none other than the team over at Automattic. These are the same folks who have developed the WordPress Script. The developers have done an amazing job at improving the plugin over the past couple of years. Jetpack is a single plugin with various built in modules, that gives you the ability to hook your self hosted WP site with and take advantage of features like in-depth statistics , quick social sharing, robust content delivery and more….

WordPress SEO by YOAST

Yoast SEO plugin is one of the must-have plugins on any website running on WordPress unless you have a private website which is not accessible to general viewers. Yoast SEO plugin allows admin to manage SEO aspects of a website at a micro level , helping  you rank your website better in search engine.


WooCommerce Pluigin is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to build an e-commerce website and  to sell anything easily and beautifully. Several thousands of online store owners rely upon WooCommerce . With several Woocommerce Add-On  and some amazing WP themes exclusively made for WooCommerce  to work flawlessly, this plugin surely deserves a place in this list.

WP Super Cache

One of the most proven and efficient way to make a website load faster is to use caching for dynamic as well as static pages. WordPress website owners can make use of WP Super Cache plugin to implement this technology on their website. WP Super Cache has been proven to work flawlessly on majority of web server and is not a resource hogger. Wp Super Cache plugin has been tested to be compatible with all major plugins out there.

WordPress Webinar Plugin

WordPress Webinars are very popular lately. A webinar plugin like webinarignition allows multiple users to join in a video stream. The Webinar organizer as well participants can all interact with each other , share content, live chat and conference simultaneously real-time.
Webinar Ignition easily helps you Increase your quality Traffic & profits With Webinars that runs on Autopilot.


Yet another amazing product from the house of Automattic. Spammers are getting smarter these days , but thanks to Akismet for protecting our website from these spammers. This WP plugin secures your comment form and in some cases it also protects the contact-us form as well. Akismet  Anti-spam filtering Worpdress plugin is an important aspect of the prevention strategy for any website.


MailChimp WordPress plugin is easy to install and can be integrated with any form on your website inluding the default comment form. Mailchimp robust email marketing automation ensures  all your emails get to the desired destination , at the right time. Target customers based on behavior, preferences, and previous sales


Adrotate is a great tool to generate revenue from your website. Adrotate wordpress plugin is a complete advertisement solution for any WP site. With this plugin you can place banners almost anywhere around the website. Adrotate lets you micro manage your advertisement visibility and location with ease. You dont need to mess around with your theme, it just works out of the box.

Wordfence Security

WordPress security plugin provides the best overall protection for your website. WordFence Security firewall prevents you from getting hacked. Wordfence will instantly you if your website ever gets compromised. WP Security has this unique Live Traffic view gives that enables you to view real-time visibility into all those traffic as well as hack attempts on your website.

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