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Last updated on February 2nd, 2016 at 11:07 am

Looking for Web 2 site list that really works ? Well we have a huge database of high quality Web 2 sites for link builders like you to use and harness the power of web 2 authority votes. And the best part it is always free here at

Web 2 Site list

Many of our readers often email me asking if Web 2 Authority Site Link Building is worth the effort. Quite a lot of users still want to know if Web 2 Link Building  strategy is going to help them  improve their Search Engine ranking specifically on google. And the answer to all the above question is YES.  If you are going to blast these Authority site with your link and hoping that some magic would happen and your sites are gonna rank higher is Google then you are highly mistaken.

There are several so called “seo-gurus” who will tell you that post panda/penguin this isn’t working. Rather I would say that it still works pretty well if you know how to be wise and smart enough to harness the power of the high authority web 2 sites. I am going to share some “pointers” that will help you have considerable success with our WEB 2 Site List

  •  While creating account use a real domain email instead of the free emails available.
  • If you have a dynamic IP then its really cool, otherwise we recommend using High Quality diversified proxy to avoid any footprints
  • Use Random and different username/blogname while registering at the WEB 2 Site List provided by us here at
  • Always prefer to write original content instead of duplicate. I even discourage my readers from using spun content when it comes to Web 2 Link building
  • Design aspect should not be ignored and choose different template and aesthetic for each Web 2 property
  • Social Bookmark all the web-blogs you create using our WEB 2 Site List
  • Create Tier 2 backlinks for your WEB 2 Properties

Download Full Web2 Site List

Bonus Tip : You must maintain all your Web 2 Blogs.  “Maintain is a very vague word” so I am to elaborate more on this now. You should maintain your web 2 properties just like you would do to you own money site. So you must create new blog post and/or articles on your on regular interval. Wherever possible try to comment on other’s web 2 blogs .

Yet Another Super Tip : Use GSA SER to automatically build Tier 2 backlinks for your Web 2 Sites and supercharge them with the much needed search engine love.





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