Top 3 amazon affiliate wordpress theme 2016

Last updated on April 6th, 2016 at 08:07 am

Looking for the perfect Amazon affiliate WordPress theme that makes you more money ?

amazon affiliate wordpress theme
Well we as affiliates certainly dream for that kind of  amazon affiliate wordpress theme that could skyrocket our earnings without lifting a finger 🙂
Fortunately we have some super talented wordpress theme developers who have created some fresh theme that works out of the box. I love amazon affiliate wordpress theme because it helps me create niche sites that brings in regular passive income . Amazon has been one of the major earning source me since last couple of years. Before I tell you which of the amazon affiliate wordpress theme has the best conversion rate, let me first tell you why I love  amazon and always suggest newcomers to try amazon affiliate if they want a nice passive income without much of effort. Here are some of the factors which make amazon affiliate marketing stand out  :

  • Site wide cookies makes amazon  a hot favorite among affiliates.
  • 90 days shopping cart time-span
  • Reputable brand with huge Brand Value
  • Massive Inventory
  • Good Commission ratio
  • Excellent user friendly  customer support

I think I have stressed enough on why you should choose amazon if you are looking for some decent passive income as an affiliate. Now lets see which amazon affiliate wordpress theme  stands out most in this league.


top amazon affiliate wordpress themeUltimateAzon – This theme by dave was created with lots of love . Its a robust theme with plenty of options to suit your specific needs. You will be surprised how easy it is to set this up and in time your fully working website would be ready. It is absolutely user friendly. even though it has so many features, the configuration and settings are user friendly because UltimateAzon comes with a very comprehensive how-to guide. Some of the features of UltimateAzon which I personally like about this amazon affiliate wordpress theme are extensive options of over 70 different themes. You also control the font size, font family and even change the logo very easily. UltimateAzon wordpress theme values your time  and has presets features which allows you to quickly go through various themes and change only certain sections depending on your needs. I like to give a unique personal touch to my sites and this theme helps me to do that in a breeze. Want to tinker more with a different style , no problem UltimateAzon allows you to even save your modified style.  UltimateAzon theme allows your to create custom pages and fine tune your products page. If you are a fan of easyAzon like me , UltimateAzon allows you seamless integration. If you are happy- hungry about statistics and want detailed information about your CTR and other visitor behaviour,  you are going to love UltimateAzon. Worried about international customers getting wasted , well UltimateAzon takes care of this issue as well. UltimateAzon wordpress theme is smart enough to identity redirect international traffic to respective amazon stores . Now make even more money with UltimateAzon.  UltimateAzon is a responsive theme so you don’t have to sleepless night worrying about the kind of device your visitor would be using to access your website.


best amazon affiliate wordpress themeAuthority Azon – I have been using this on a couple of my niche sites and let me say I am pretty much impressed with my experience with Authority Azon Amazon WordPress theme. it works straight out of the box and you can literally build a professional eCommerce store in less than an hour. Get real time statistics right within your dashboard , know which products are performing well for you and which aren’t. Azon Authority is really an amazing piece of software that has helped thousands of affiliate marketers to tap on Amazon affiliate marketing commission. With automated Geo-targeting Authority Azon users can now make even more money. This Amazon affiliate WordPress theme has a unique built in feature to spin your products details to make it unique using top 3 spinners  available in the market. This definitely gives you an edge over others. Authority Azon is backed with solid support system.The average response time for support query was less than 3 hours on weekdays , which i believe is much above the industry standards in this niche. All in all it is a great package so I would recommend that you give this a try and see if it really suits your specific needs.


amazon affiliate wordpress theme reviewEasyAzon – OK you might be wondering how EasyAzon could get into this list even though this is not an Amazon affiliate WordPress theme. Well the beauty of EasyAzon is that this is a WordPress Plugin that could work with any of your favourite WordPress theme. Isn’t that cool. EasyAzon is very powerful and stable WordPress plugin that will save you a lot of time if you are Amazon affiliate and want to incorporate it into our WordPress site. Easy Azon is known for its unmatched after sales support . They are blessed with some highly qualified tech support guys who solve your issues in no time. EasyAzon has been on the market since several years and is currently available as version 4. That speaks a lot about how popular product this is. Do not hesitate to try this if you are looking for Amazon affiliate wordpress theme.

Well as you see I have compiled  the very best list when it comes to  Amazon affiliate WordPress theme. I personally use all three of them , so my reviews are first had experience. All of them comes with a 30 days  no questions asked 100% money back guarantee, so anyone who is serious about Amazon affiliate and want to have a nice and decent passive income should try all three of them and keep the one that suits you the best.


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    1. That is really alarming to hear that such a great product has not so great after sales support. Did you try to email them directly carl ?

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