Top 3 Free Android App to Learn Spanish in 13 days

Last updated on February 24th, 2016 at 03:12 am

Looking for the best free android app to learn Spanish ? Well learning Spanish is really easy if you have the right tools available with you. Use any of our recommended Free Android App to Learn Spanish to learn Spanish in just 13 days.

Learning languages like Spanish is absolutely fun. Whether you want to learn as a hobby or for professional reason, we have it covered for for you.  It is  not that you want to learn a new language every day, so choosing the right method to learn you new language is definitely a very crucial element in your success to learn Spanish.

Learn Spanish with the helps of audios, videos , games , puzzles, lessons and various courses. Learning Spanish is and art it requires active user participation. Fortunately we have smartphones, Tablets and Smart Interactive Television that gives several options to learn Spanish. If you are an Android fan then there is plethora of options available for you if you really ant to learn Spanish really fast.

In this article you will find the Top 3 Free Android App to Learn Spanish that can surprisingly help you learn Spanish in just 13 days , just like me. With an android phone you can learn Spanish while on the go or just about anytime you feel like.

And the Top 3 Free Android App to Learn Spanish are … 

Learn Spanish with SpeakTribe

Best AnDroid APp to Learn Spanish

Speakribe’s is developed by EduShire an Indian based company which specializes in developing software that help people learn various languages. This Speaktribe App basically makes learning Spanish into a virtual game, where you get points for everything you do correctly in the app.  Speaktribe gives you the opportunity to learn Spanish with the guidance, tips and suggestions to improve your Spanish Language vocabulary. You can learn at your own pace at your own convenience. Look at what some of the  other users of  SpeakTribe have to say abotu their experience in learning Spanish language with the help of this android app :

"Amazing app, comfortable and amazing descriptions! Very helpful"
 "This App provides a totally immersive and fun approach to learning a second language. "
 "Excellent combination of grammar, information, sentences, games etc"
 "This makes learning Spanish easier for me"
 " Its definitely a lot better and way more interactive than the previous app I had"

Speaktribe’s developer are very friendly and helpful, I contacted them with a query and as expected they responded back with an answer to my query the very same day later in the evening. You can also reach them at feedback(at)speaktribe(dot)com

Download and Install – SpeakTribe

Duolingo: Learn Spanish Language Free

top android app for learning spanishDuolingo is a free language learning platform for spanish as well as several other languages. Duolingo can be used from PC,  IOS, Windows Phone and ofcourse Androind running phones 🙂

Duolingo is completely free all through its various courses. Duolingo  also offers a unique crowdsourced translation which empowers you to improve your Spanish language vocabulary. You can invite your friends and even compete with your friends to see who scores more in your friends group while learning spanish the fun way. Duolingo emphasizes more on vocabulary rather than  grammar or sentence formation. This method can be surely debated, but with over 50 million users relying on Duolingo Android to learn Spanish, i bet this method is working really well. Duolingo has bagged the “Top Developer” badge in Google’s Play which speaks a lot about the quality of this Android App. Duolingo provides a very comprehensive prgress report as you complete skills in this APP. This a great way for someone to see how well they are doing in learning a new language like Spanish. Look at what others are saying about Duolingo :

"Many people feel discouraged about learning a new language because they would have to take a course but this is a great alternative"
"Great way to learn another language. Have only been using it for 4 days and I'm definitely picking it up"
" I love duolingo and recommend it to all my friends who want to learn a new language"
"It's free, no adds, intuitive and it guides you to learn the most efficient way!"
"This app is wonderful. It is so fun to use and it teaches me at the same time."

Duolingo keeps you motivated and establish a sense of progress. Chances are that you may get annoyed and frustrated  with siome of those lessons and let me tell you, you will always be eager to keep going and finish these lessons as soon as possible. Yes it is that addictive!

Download Free Android App to Learn Spanish -DuoLingo

Simply Learn Spanish Free

learn spanish free

Simply Learn Spanish Language is a free android application that makes you learn Spanish fast and simple.Simply Learn Spanish is a great example of straight forward app. It does exactly what it is supposed to do without any unwanted and annoying bells and whistles.


It claims that all words and even the phrases have been recorded by native Mexican girl to ensure that you get the right pronunciations for Spanish Language.

Some of the features that make this app as one of the best android app if you want to learn Spanish easily are as follow :

Wide inventory of over 400 common Spanish words

  • Ability to save your favorite word and phrases and review them as and when you want
  • Easily control audio speed . You can slow it down and listen to the Spanish phrase without much of hassle.
  • Words is categorized in 10 sections for better learning process.
  • Inbuilt quick search function to easy access to Spanish words
  • The audio quality is in High definition. This allows you clearly listen to Spanish words
  • Fun and exciting quiz option to make Spanish learn easy and interesting
  • Built in tracker to help you keep an eye on your progress.
  • Unique flashcard function to improve productivity

Lets see what kind of feedback other valued users are giving about this app :

” I love this app. I also love how you can go back and review and study for the quizzes”
“Really simple and helpful Just started and i enjoy it already. Great introduction to sSpanish
“Im so surprised at myself. …wow”
“Very useful phrases, easy to hear, very clear pronunciation”
” I like this phrasebook app very much. Quiz function makes a lot of fun. And a nice flashcard function! “

Download Free Android App to Learn Spanish – Simply Learn Spanish

As a wise android user, I would suggest you to download all 3 of recommended top Free Android App to Learn Spanish and see what suits your taste ,needs and preference. If you fell we have missed out on any Android app that you believe should be included in the Top 3 Free Android App to Learn Spanish,  please feel free to let us know using the comment our system.

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