Top 3 Free Calendar App for Android Fans

Last updated on February 24th, 2016 at 02:38 am

Are you looking for a Free Calendar App for Android Phone ?

Let’s be honest here, the stock calendar app that is shipped with your phone is not the prettiest one to manage your schedules and events efficiently.  But since Android users have the power of choice, lets first find our why we aren’t happy with the stock calendar app that most users have to deal with.

Well for most of us the default calendar App that we get with our Android phone sucks.  

Samsung Phone comes with calendar app which is named as S Planner and I cant believe they do not have a widget for home screen. Isn’t that ridiculous. I mean what the hell were they thinking when they decided to remove the widget altogether huh! Asus android phones are equipped their own asus calendar which is prone to intermittent sync issues with Google Calendar.  Now that can be really very awful. LG has their own Calendar app with a nice widget  but its biggest drawback is that it cannot be used with any other theme and LG’s theme is pretty much awful. Lenevo’s own calendar app has some serious issue with sync and notification after OTA update to lollipop. Sony Android phones are shipped with their own little calendar app but unfortunately it fails to impress us and also has strange issues with syncing birthdays of your loved ones. .

A beautiful friend of mine relied on the stock Android app to remind her of the doctor’s appointment but the reminder notification never went off and she missed the all important doctor’s appointment. Do want to avoid such situations ? If yes then you can surely continue reading this article further.

As you must be aware that the beauty of Android ecosystem is that it gives the power of variety and choice to the user. Lets get our hands on the best Free Calendar App that works as per your requirement at micro level.

Sunrise Calendar App for Android

Best Calendar App for AndroidSunrise Free Calendar App for Android is brought to us by none other than Microsoft. Microsoft the leading software company acquired this innovative calendar app called Sunrise in Feb 2015. Since then they have been vigorously adding new features and rolling out timely updates. to make this the best choice for Calendar App

Sunrise Free Android Calendar app offers a lot of amazing features and some nice viewing options like week view, agenda view, location map tagging and monthly view. The UI of Sunrise Calendar app is just so perfect. Clean and Crisp . We have tested this on Kitkat, Lollipop and marshmallow and it works flawless . Not once did you ever crashed.

Sunrise is cross-platform compatible, so no matter what device you use at any point, be rest assured all your important events and schedules are perfectly synced across Sunrise. Sunrise works on iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox , Mac and Windows PC.

We tested this Sunrise Free Calendar App for Android religiously and let me tell you , it worked fairly well. The widget gave us pretty nice view of upcoming events.  The syncing with other accounts including Google calendar also worked fine. We were also notified of upcoming birthdays of our dear ones. It also supports various personalized calendars like National holidays. Christian holidays , Sport schedules etc.

Business Calendar App for Android

business-calendar-androidBusiness Calendar App is developed by Appgenix ,a Berlin company, . I would like to congratulate their team who have worked  for countless hours to develop something of this great standard. Highly Professional Stuff. And the best part is you are getting it absolutely free.

With the recent all new interface, Business Calendar app has become even more popular among the people who are serious about their schedules. Some of the features that really makes  this Business Calendar a wise choice for you are flexible custom widget, quickly scan for free slots from your busy schedule to allocate new meetings and appointments etc. Easily switch between graphical and textual view.

Adding event and task can be added pretty quickly with much of ease. Lots of options for reminders. attendee and more when you need them.

You can easily Swipe and Slide to get different calendar views right from Precise Daily schedules to a monthly overview. It looks like that some users are having issues with repeating tasks, however we could not replicate the said issues during our tests.

Business Calendar also has Pro version, with some added features, but the free is powerfully equipped to handle the needs of most of the users. If you want to request for some new features , make sure to join as a Beta Tester.


Google Calendar App for Android

Google Android Calendar AppI believe you already know or have heard Google’s Own Calendar App, While the desktop version of Google Calendar was available for us since many years, Google decided to finally built an Android version of the same and release it on August 2014. This move was highly welcomed by the Android community, because most of us have already been using the desktop version which is tied to our gmail.

In 2015 they redesigned the whole Calendar App and also used material design which was introduced with Android Lollipop. The Google Calendar App now looks stunning  and different color shades to each event makes it vibrant.

What amazes me is power to automatically add an event based on your email. If you get an email about your fligth reservation or hotel booking receipt, an event is created for the same in your calendar. How cool it that ?

With Google Calendar, all your important events and schedules are stored and backed up online , so if you lose or brick your phone, your calendar day is still same and can be recovered with ease.

With the recent update some users have reported issues with Google Sync and sometimes manual resync does help to fix this issue. On our test we had issues with google’s birthday sync. I am sure Google will be able to resolve these minor glitches in their next updates. All in all this is a Great Calendar app you can rely on. Ofcourse there are absolutely no advertisement to annoy you or leech your Internet Data.

We have done our best to provide you with the list of top 3 Free Calendar App for Android Phone however we would suggest you to try all of these three apps and see for yourself which one suits you best based on your own preference. If you feel that our list of top 3 Free Calendar App is not perfect and would want to see your favorite Calendar App is this Popular list , you can easily let us know using our comment system to do so.


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