Top 3 Url Shortener to make money from Home

Last updated on October 14th, 2016 at 12:08 pm

It is hard to believe for many of you , but I make enough money from these secret  Url Shortener to keep my high maintenance girlfriend happy. It is one of those passive income stream that hardly requires any effort. Many people ( You might be one of them ) often ignore the fact that you can easily make few hundreds of dollar every month just by using URL Shortener every-time you create a hyperlink in your blog post.

If you are a wise webmaster you would never miss these opportunities to make extra money legally without much of hassle to set it up or even maintain. Now that you have become little smarter than before and want to make extra money exactly like I do, lets try to build a small and nice list that features that top 3 URL Shortener that could possible help you make decent money from home . You don’t have to be geek or a software developer to use this method to make money. Even a stay at home mom can use this technique to make money easily .

There are many Url Shortener available on the internet btu not every one of the pays for using their short url services. For example google’s own url shortner is a very reliance link shortening service but it does not provide any money making benefits. So the key is tpo find the best Url Shortener that actually allows you to make money and obviously pays you on time. After using literally every Url Shortener currently available on the internet and thoroughly testing each of them , I am in a better place now to list the Top 3 Url Shortener to make money from Home.
And the list is as follows:

SHORT+ ( My Secret Money Maker)

This is a very popular Url Shortener among webmaster whether an expert or an newbie. I love te design of their website. Looks very neat and professional .

Pros :

  • Multiple Payment Option ( Paypal, Payoneer and WebMoney )
  • Highest Payout rates ( Upto $10 for 1000 views, please see payout rates for different countries here)
  • Timely  and Regular Payment  ( Proof 1, Proof 2, Proof 3, Proof 4 and Proof 5 )
  • Responsive Customer Support ( They even have a busy forum here )
  • Minimum Payout : $10
  • Inbuilt Referral programs – Yes 10% bonus
  • WordPress Plugin – Yes Free

Cons :  So far no we have encountered

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Pros :

  • Payment Option ( Paypal and Payoneer)
  • Average Payout Rates ( Upto $5 for 1000 views)
  • Timely  and Regular Payment  ( Proof 1, Proof 2 and Proof 3)
  • Responsive Customer Support ( Contact there here for any of your query )
  • Minimum Payout : $5
  • Inbuilt Referral programs – Yes 20% bonus

Cons : Payoneer requires $20 as minimum payout amount

Registration is free , you can start here.


An old in this niche. have survived since 2005. They haven’t introduced many news features even after being in this business model since long time though. Their official sites look pale and old fashioned.

Pros :

  • Payment Option ( Paypal )
  • Average Payout Rates ( Upto $5 for 1000 views )
  • Timely  and Regular Payment  ( Proof 1, Proof 2, Proof 3 and Proof 4 )
  • Responsive Customer Support ( You can also use there support forum here )
  • Minimum Payout : $10
  • Inbuilt Referral programs – Yes 10% bonus

Cons : Website looks old. Forum not maintained well  by moderators.

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As you can see we have not mentioned in out top 3 list because it has come to our notice that many ISP’s around the world has blocked this domain at together. If you think that you know of a URL shortening service that should be included in this URL shortening list, please do not hesitiate to use our comment system to make us aware of the same.





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