Seo Myths 2016 Busted – Know the facts of Modern Seo

Last updated on February 24th, 2016 at 03:39 am

Lets dig deep into some of the most popular Seo Myths 2016.  We have shortlisted the top 8 Seo Myths 2016 of all the Seo Myths 2016 floating around on the internet as well as offline conference, meetings, or local seo event.

I love and live SEO. Seo is surprisingly awesome and interesting. When something becomes popular, there will always be people who are going  to spread rumors and half baked stories. It is really tough to tell what is myth and what is real in today’s Search Engine Optimization best practices. So I dug  deep into this controversial topic to unearth the Top Seo Myths. It was quite interesting to say the least.

SEO myths are getting wilder with each passing year. Some of these are born because of partial information , while many others are rumors spread but many so-called  seo experts. In SEO it is easy to spread rumors because at times it is impossible to find out what exactly triggered a specific affect to your website ranking.

New to Seo often mix action and causes to define Good Seo. A classic example could be something like this : You make some changes to your page content and after a few days you see an improvement in your ranking. In such a scenario a typical Amateur Seo quickly comes to the conclusion that his recent on-page changes are done the trick for him and that is what he needs to do more often.  But that may not be the case. There are more than enough different reasons why your ranking could have changed  and in many cases it has absolutely nothing to do what whatever you did to your website. ( Example : Your competitor did something stupid that resulted in his drop in ranking and eventually you gaining higher spot in SERP )

This is one of the main reason why there are so many Seo Myths 2016 floating  around the web. Even the experts talk loosely without verifying the fact.

Here’s what I have to say about  few of the worst offenders  as far as Seo Myths 2016 is concerned:

Seo Myths 2016

seo myths 2016

  • GOOGLE will find out! – I have heard this millions times and so must have you that using google products like google analytic will allow google to gather all information about website and will spy and on you and may even penalize you based on all the information they collect.  Well the fact is that google has better things to do than playing around with your data. Google has made it clear many times that they do not use bounce rate data to lower your ranking. In-fact Google Analytics is one of the best free thing to happen to webmasters.
  • Meta Keyword Tags matters  – Several years ago Google announced that meta keyword tags will have no value as an ranking factor. However Meta desciption tag still have some good value in SERP as well can yield better CTR.
  • XML sitemap helps SEO – Submitting your XML sitemap is pretty much useless.  If Google Bots cannot find your webpage on their own , how do you expect regular readers to find your webpage.
  • .COM extension ranks better – Absolutely not. Google has a lot of experience in returning relevant web pages, regardless of the top-level domain (TLD). Site quality will still remain the deciding factor in our ranking rather than the tld.  .Com is widely acceptable and gives an impression of quality site rather than those with .net or .info or .biz .
  • Link Building is dead – Certainly not. Link building has just become more natural. Artificial and unnatural link building could lead to devaluation of your ranking however link-building will definitely improve your ranking if you know what exactly you are doing without being greedy. Your link building profile has to be diversified.
  • Pagerank matters – This is the one I hate most. Pagerank has not been updated since last year. everyone seems to be so obsessed about Pagerank that they believe that higher Pagerank means better ranking. The truth is Pagerank is a discontinued google project and has absolutely no affect on your search engine raking position.
  • social signals have no SEO value
  • Automated Seo Software will kill your ranking –  While most SEO agency wont tell you this, but the fact is they all use some or other kind of automated software to save time doing repetitive task.  There are several good automated software which will not only help you save enough of your valuable time , but also provide you with deep insights and statistics about your site as well as your competitors site. GSA SER is one smart and intelligent Automated Seo software
  • SSL websites does great in SERP – Does it help ? Well a bit but nothing worth mentioning or even putting your money in getting an SSL certificate. Google described HTTPS as very very lightweight signal that actually affects less than 1% of global search. So that sums it up.




Here is the article we have busted several popular Seo Myths 2016. Well SEO is an ever changing process. As a serious webmaster you will have to be on top of everything. Don’t always fall for what seo experts say ( Including me ) what works for someone may not work for your website, so keep testing and experimenting. There is No Secret SEO Formula

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  1. I appreciate your honest and straightforward statement on Seo Myths,
    you don’t hesitate to speak about what is wrong
    and especially your conclusion part prove me right.

    keep knocking…..

  2. I love SEO but still learn how it works well , i’ve know that Very Nice Automate SEO software like GSA but the Myth make me afraid :3 …. still waiting for another yet .

    Love your article thanks

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