Top 3 Free Android App to Lose weight Safely

Last updated on February 24th, 2016 at 02:00 am

Are you looking for a free Android App to Lose Weight safely and Quickly ?

With our recommended Free Android App to Lose weight you can easily and effectively lose those extra stubborn fat to feel and look fit and healthy.

Everybody wants to look their best, everybody wants to reverse the signs of aging, everybody wants to feel healthy from within. When you are obese or overweight you are most likely to feel giddy and tired,you do not like doing anything exciting that requires physical effort. Life suddenly becomes boring and somewhat limited. Thanks to the recent boom in IT industry jobs which makes things even worse  as far as sedentary lifestyle is concerned.  Most of us want to reset our lifestyle and work-it-out to live an active and healthy lifestyle BUT unfortunately most of us fail  to do so and the biggest reason is lack of motivation.  This is where Android fitness Apps comes to our rescue.  If you have the right kind of motivation, you can easily surpass the goals and transform yourself into a very different person.

Now you easily convert your phone into your workout ally !

Your Personal trainer is now available for you 24 X 7 around the year. Your New trainer will help setting your goals, keeping a record of your progress, ,guiding you with the appropriate exercises and providing you audio and visual aids. Did I mention all of that and a lot more is coming to you absolutely free.  While traditional methods are proven ones, one must not shy way to incorporate new technology into their lifestyle to improve productivity and quality of their life.Workout and fitness apps are great addition to the Android Eco System which in short will help you how and where you should workout and also help you track your progress to ultimately  reach your goals.

There are literally hundreds of apps fighting it out to find a little place on your Android Phone. It is impossible to accommodate all of them on your all important ( Our phone is now a very integral part of our life ) phone.

Here we have compiled a list of Top 3 Free Android App to Lose weight safely and effectively. You might have already tried some of these fitness apps or it could be that you may not have heard of it before. OK, without further ado, here’s our top picks :

7 Min Workout

Free Android App to lose weight 1This popular Android fitness app is built around the famous 7 min exercise concept that is believed to be one of the favorites among american fitness freaks. The approach of this App is very simple and straight forward, you just need a char , a wall and your body. That is it , you can get started ans start sweating it out if you can spare just about 7 minutes from your life everyday. You can do it at home , at your office of just about anywhere as long as you have your Android phone with you. This weight loss app consist of only 12 highly effective yet easy exercise which you can do for a period of 30 seconds each along with a 10 seconds break between each exercise. Sounds easy ? Well yes it is indeed easy and everyone can do it . 7 min Workout supports google fit for easy synchronization and data aggregation. They also have this nice voice support to guide you through the exercises. You can also watch the included videos and training material to help you get started with this 7 mins workout regime. It give the user the ability to pause or even skip certain exercises if you want to for whatever reason . For more intense workout, just repeat the circuits and you are good to go.  Lastly  I should let you know that this app is very stable and comes with a nice UI design.

Download Seven Minutes Workout

Nike+ Running

Free Android App to lose weight 2As you might have rightly guessed, this app comes from none other than the big brand Nike itself. Nike+Running App will accurately track and record each of your runs and help you reach your fitness goals. Whether you are new to running or a pro athlete, you will get all the vital and detailed measurement of your running activity which should keep you motivated to beat your own previous record. And subsequently run faster and rather like never before. Nike+Running is equipped with MotionX technology that combines the best of your phone’s GPS and accelerometer to provide you with the most accurate statistics for all your running activities. Whether you are running at the comfort of home gym or sweating it out at the beach , Nike+Running will never disappoint you.

The Extra Mile – Now you can share your statistics , progress reports with your friends and peers and challenge them to beat you or work hard to reach the top spot of the leader board.  Little competitions between good old friends can be really fun and super exciting.

 Download Nike Plus Running

Google Fit

Free Android App to lose weight 3This app is an in-house production of google, which in other words mean that his fitness app is highly reliable and is developed by the best brains in the Android Fraternity. Google Fit automatically tracks your fitness activity. Whether you are walking, running or even cycling, google fit will measure all the stats accordingly. This is app is definitely smart enough. Google fit provides you with instant and real time stats of your biking, running and walking activity. With just swipe you can now you can know how many steps you walked, distance, the exact route you took and even the calories yoi have burnt to be able get those flat abs.  Track and reach your goal to feel more confidant about yourself. It is an wonderful feeling whenever you reach a certain goal. You can set custom goals based on steps, distance, calories and time, this really helps you keep motivated and work harder to shed those few extra pounds. Google Fit also supports data from third part apps like Runkeeper, MyfitnessPal etc. This amazing fitness app by google is also capable to work seamlessly with latest android wear.

Download Google Fit

So what are you waiting for ? Start sweating for a healthier life. 

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    1. I agree with you Ms Tammi, these apps actually work as a driving force as well as a gentle reminder to keep you going.

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