Top Seo tools of 2016

Last updated on October 17th, 2016 at 10:37 am

top seo toolsHello Guys, today I will discuss about all the big player of Seo software.  Seo software that will help you rank better in search Engines. Software that will build link for you automatically. Software that will help you find profitable niches and keywords. Software that will automatically solve captchas and save you tons of our valuable time and money. Software that will spy on your competitors and help you stay one step ahead of them . Software that will help your  track your rankings for all major search Engines automatically , even for multiple keywords and urls. Software that will your help find new targets where you can place links and so on. Are you someone who believes that it would be cool to have a tool that could do any or all of the above task for you?  If yes then continue reading.  These are not just any random list, I have used almost all seo tools out there right from 2008. So I am listing the best of the best based on my expertise and experience for you all. Here are some of my favorite Seo tools I use almost every day to help me rank my websites on top of search engine listing.

GSA Search Engine Ranker : Gsa Search Engine Ranker is a seo suite which will not only build backlinks for you automatically, it will also find new target sites for you based on your keywords.  Over 120 platforms support by GSA Search Engine Ranker. Supports all major content creators and rewriters.  Gsa Search Engine Ranker also has easy integration for captcha solvers like Captha Sniper and Gsa capthca breaker. GSA SER also supports third party captcha solvers.  Just set it once and you never have to get worried about building links, GSA Search Engine Ranker will work for you 365 days a year.  Get free trial –  gsa search engine ranker download and see how amazing this software is.

HidemYAss Pro VPN : HMA VPN lets you easily use the web like a secured private network.  Now all your data transfer is fully encrypted and safe. You are now fully safe from all the prying eyes trying to spy on you. Ham Pro is lot cheaper than the usual private or shared proxies. Get access to over 6000 High Speed Proxies. Learn More about Hidemyass here.

GSA Captcha Breaker : A state-of-art software that intelligently  analyzes  captcha and automatically solves them for you . Easily intregrated into all popular softwares and can solves captcha’s at a lighning speed. GSA Captcha Breaker  is capable of multi threading and can solve over 600 types of captcha. With a one time-fee it’s a stealer. If you have used automated link building, you must be aware, how much money we have churned out with all those third party captcha solver. Now you can solve unlimited  captcha without worrying about  bill or any  kind of invoice. Gsa captcha breaker download

WP Management Plugin : Ever wanted to simplify all your wordpress task to just a few clicks? Are you tired of keeping records of all your login credentials for wordpress admin?  Control all your wordpress sites from one powerful administration panel, including updates, backups, security and more. Reliable backup and even monitor your uptime. No more hassle of updating themes and plugins for each and every site of yours, All this is done with just one click. Solid security and superfast updates and support make this WP management plugin a must have for most of us.

Content Professor : If you understand the importance of article marketing, you would know how significant it is to create unique content not only for your website but also for the article baclinking. Your backlink should be contextual, that is what Google and other search engine loves.  The best part of content professor is that it is not not dependent on what is your OS. Content Professor works with any operating system. Use it on the go anywhere, anytime and on any pc .

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