Transfer Whatsapp Messages from Android to IPhone

Worried about how to Transfer Whatsapp Messages from Android to IPhone ?

Transfer Whatsapp Messages from Android to IPhoneWell to be honest, you do not have to worry at all, because if you follow the methods I am going to share in this article , you will be able to transfer all your whatsapp messages within minutes. All your messages are safe and  I will do my best to provide you with the most easiest as well as reliable method to transfer whatsapp messages from your android to Iphone device. With growing popularity, whatapp has become a part of our life. It’s hard to  imagine a life without whatsapp these days. Be it be random chatting , important work collaboration or to identify latecomers at government office, whatsapp is very much in our life if you are a smartphone user. Phones are getting cheaper and cheaper (Thanks to some Chinese manufacturer ), people tend to change their smartphone quite quickly than ever before. while this is great to experience latest technology and powerful feature packed devices. at times you might get into trouble trying to find a easy way to transfer  data from you old phone to the new one, even more so if the new one runs on a different operating system.
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My good friend Rahul recently purchased an IPhone 6 plus special edition cellphone and asked me how can safely transfer whatsapp messages to his new Iphone. I am usually  the go-to guy whenever my friends need help with anything tech and the result is this very article which help my friend as well as several other thousand readers of this blog or just about anyone who wants to learn the trick to transfer whatsapp messages from their android device to iOs devices.

After hours of testing several methods available online only to find out it didn’t work , finally I think  I was fortunate  to successfully transfer whatsapp messages from Android to Iphone with this help of this amazing Data Transfer Software.  You can download and test it yourself :

Download WhatsApp Transfer Software ( Windows )

Download WhatsApp Transfer Software ( Mac )

If all you want to do is to keep the whatsapp message for future reference only , then you can do so without any software, just use the whatsapp built in feature “Email Chat” option. To use this option navigate to any of the whatsapp contact or WhatsApp Group  and click on the 3 dots located at the top right of y0ur screen. Then click on “More” which should give you an option to email chat. Yes you have to repeat the same for every contact or group you want use the email conversation. This can be very time consuming and tiring and it wont save any media shared through whatsapp.

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