Top 3 USB Encryption Software – Protect your Data

Last updated on October 14th, 2016 at 12:03 pm

Ultimate List of USB Encryption Software. Find the most sophisticated and reliable usb encryption software that protects and safeguards all your data on Flash Drive ( USB Pen Drive )

usb encryption softwareData theft is an ongoing problem and it is only wise to protect your data including the ones you have on your USB Flash Drive . USB Flash drives is on of the most common  and convenient way to travel with your data on the go. Every other house has one or two USB Flash drive which they use few times a week to transfer data. Surpsingly USB Flash drive is sold by many names like USB Stick, Flash Drive, Pen drive is a portable data storage device with an integrated Universal Bus Interface. Almost all major IT production house manufactures these USB Flash drives including HP, Sandisk, Samsung, Kingston, Transcend , Sony etc. . Another reason for widespread popularity is the cost of owing a USB Flash drive. One can own a USB Pen drive for as low as 1$. It’s small size makes is even more convenient to drop it inside your pocket or even your wallet.

Keeping your data on USB Flash drive safe and secure does not have to be tedious and difficult task, thanks to some wonderful desktop software available for us. If you google about usb encryption software, your search result will show you few hundred results and each of these listing seems to claim to to be the best usb encrypting software out there. While it gives the internet user a power of choice, it can be really confusing and a daunting task to find out which of al those really does the job. USB Encryption software easily lets you protect  your data from unauthorised access. Due to the small size of these USB Flash drives, it is prone to get lost or misplaced. We have heard  so many stories of lost pen drive so it is even more important that your data is protected just in case your pen drive lands onto the hands of some stranger.  Don’t worry we have done all the interesting task of testing several such USB encryption software  to be able to compile the very best application that could help our readers safeguard their data on USB Flash drives.

Without much ado, let me to introduce you our top picks :


GSoft USB Encryption – This is our Personal favourite. GSoft USB Encryption software is a very comprehensive, super easy solution for USB Flash drive security that supports encrypting portable storage device (external drive) . It also has the ability to divide USB Flash drive into two parts after encryption: the secure area which is protected from unauthorised access and the other part as public folder. GSoft USB Encryption software converts a regular USB Memory Stick  into a secured drive ne iwith just a few clicks in a matter of seconds. GSoft USB Encryption software uses 256-bit AES on-the-fly encryption so you can be sure that your important data is safe and cannot be cracked easily.

VeraCrypt – This is a great free disk encryption software that is developed by IDRIX and is based on TrueCrypt. With over 1 lakh download this is a great option for you , if you are looking for a free alternative to professional usb encryption software. VeraCrypt USB encryption software is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS computers. Being an Open source Project , this encryption software is being actively contributed and updated by some amazing software coders. The Customer support is not as prompt and efficient as for a paid software, but if you dig their forum , you will probably find answers to your queries related to VeraCrypt.

# Bit Locker on The Go – Microsoft has been shipping windows  ultimate and Enterprise OS edition with their propriety drive encryption software called Bit Locker starting from Windows 7 and upwards. Not many of Windows users actually know about it or use it. BitLocker is a decent drive encryption software  to protect your data. It can encrypt your entire hard drive as well as external drives like USB Flash drive. Bitlocker gives you multiple options to protect your Data using password, PIN, hardware TPM and even pass phrase. With TPM technology you can lock down USB drive to used only on a certain PC or Laptop.

We hope that this compilation of best USB encryption software will help you protect your sensitive and private sata secure and safe.

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