Webinar Email Invitation Best Practices – 12 Killer Tips

Last updated on January 30th, 2018 at 04:52 pm

Webinars are everywhere. Be it be a corporate house or a small business entity. Learn about Webinar Email Invitation best practices.

Since this tool (webinar) is giving great ROI and positive results, there is a sudden influx of business house trying to advertise their upcoming webinar very aggressively. This means your webinar invitation needs to stand out and impress your prospective attendees.

Have you received a real handwritten post card invitation anytime soon? I did, and was overwhelmed with joy. It was just a regular invitation to the birthday party of Mrs Johnson but what really impressed me was a touch of personalization, the effort that have put into this. All of that made me feel that I was actually wanted in that event. I will be missed if I do not make it to Mr’s Johnson’s birthday party.

webinar email invitationYour Webinar Email Invitation should make the customer/reader feel the same way. Their business is essential for our company’s growth and no such event will be fun without their participation.

If we go by the numbers, email invitations is responsible more than 60% webinar registration globally. Webinar registration through social media routes turns out to be somewhere around 23%. The statistics available on public domain clearly indicates that Webinar Email Invitation marketing is still the most effective and successful way to get tons of webinar registrations which eventually turns into webinar attendees.

It is a well-known fact that email inbox of most professionals are busy and cluttered these days with businesses/banks/schools sending updates notifications. You do not want your invitation lost in between those mails. So, how exactly should we create and campaign our email invitation to get those extra registrations for your upcoming webinar? Is this article we will share with your our exact methods which we use to get thousands of webinar attendees.


Tips for Best Practices for Webinar Email Invitation Marketing

  1. Build your subscriber list – Without a good verified subscriber list, you simply cannot start your email marketing campaign. Try to avoid buying/borrowing subscriber list, it usually has a very poor success rate and is often a waste of time.
  2. Just awesome Subject – A great subject line compels the reader to open your email. A boring or a rather regular subject line will probably make your email get ignored or even deleted.
  3. Back your Headline – Many people make a mistake of creating controversial and alarming email subject, however the main content is usually so irrelevant to the subject. I suggest not to make such a mistake. You do not want to piss off your loyal subscribers and force them to unsubscribe.
  4. Make it personal – Most email marketing tools allow you to use short codes to add names and other info like location and email to the email content. It definitely adds a touch of personalization, so make sure you use it wisely.
  5. Hit the Inbox – Anti-Spam technology and algorithms are getting stricter these days, and you definitely do not want your Webinar Email Invitation to get drowned in the junk folder of your recipient. Use double-opt in list, avoid spam-triggering words and make sure your html tags are not broken.
  6. Well defined Call to action – Do not try to trick your readers with call to action button. Make it clear and crisp. A good way to request your readers to use something like “Book your Slot Now” or “Click to Register”. Use your own creativity and common sense.
  7. Use bullet points – Bullet points are very popular and works in your favor because it gives a clear glance on what is covered in your webinar and what to expect if they register for your webinar.
  8. Make it mobile-friendly – This is self-explanatory. Nowadays people use several devices to access their emails. Once you created your email, make sure it looks nice and is compatible with major devices like android phones, iPad, iPhone etc.
  9. Keep Testing – This should never be ignored as once you hit the “Send” button, thousands of emails are sent within minutes. Test your invitation on various email clients, Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird etc… And make sure it looks exactly the way you want it to be. If not adjust alignment, placement content length accordingly.
  10. Give attendees something special – we all love something special, don’t we ? It’s not a bad idea to give away something for first few webinar registration. Your branded T-shirt, caps, etc just about anything depending on your niche to get that extra buzz and push it needs to kickstart the webinar registration flow. Also be aware that around 25-30% registrants actually attend the webinar so this giveaway could possibly give them another reason to attend it in a timely manner.
  11. Right timing – The time at which your email hits your recipients inbox is extremely important. You do not want your email to be sent at midnight while they are probably sleeping or even in the morning while they are busy to finish their errand and reach work on time. The best timing that has worked for us is the afternoon time between 3-4PM.
  12. Send two final reminder emails – Yes this works for us. Many webinar webhost either don’t send any reminder or send a bunch of them. If you send too many reminder, you will probably piss off your prospective webinar attendee. Sending no reminder email to your webinar registrant means you will miss out on many users who actually wanted to join the webinar. So send one a week before the actual event and request them to lock their calendar for the event and then another one just a day before the event date. This will make a huge difference and increase the number of attendees dramatically.

Not getting expected results with your webinar ? Maybe it’s time to switch to another webinar software. If you are wordpress user, we do recommend to read our article on best wordpress webinar plugin.


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