What is PBN and why you should avoid it ?

Last updated on February 2nd, 2016 at 11:30 am

So you must be wondering what the heck is PBN. Well PBN is no rocket science , int is the acronym of Private blog Network. Webmasters and Geeks prefer using PBN instead of Private blog Network. Typically PBN is a set of domains that is owned by you or any other individual. When we say Private blog network, it means these are real domains and not public ones like tumblr, blogspot or similar. Public blog network as the name suggest is open to anyone and everyone who intends to create a blog . A public blog network can be created by anyone using the free blog sites blogspot, wordpress, tmblr, journals and so on. However A PBN( Private Blog network) is a not open to everyone. Such PBN’s usually take some investment as well as time to set it up. Private blog network or PBN are set by individuals or a group of people to either help their own site rank or even for the purpose of providing blog network services for a fixed monthly price.

What is PBN

In nutshell, PBN is a set of websites where you or a certain set of users/webmasters/linkbuilders are allowed to publish blog posts, thus able to create backlinks for their / their client’s website.  Most PBN are built on expired, to give that extra credibility and link juice and maybe a bit of authority. The value of expired domain is indeed a debatable subject,we can do that some other time .

In the past, it was easy to get rankings for your keywords using such PBN ( Private blog Network ). Over the years things have changed a lot, google think-tank and other major search Engines are working in the right direction to combat such artificial way of ranking.  My opinion on PBN and why they are unsafe is vindicated by the fact that google had hit PBN sites severely starting first week of September 2014.  Several hundred of sites relying on PBN have lost serious traffic as well as ranking. Many of the large PBN network have even been de-indexed completely from  google search. Spencer Haws posted an disclosure article on he badly he was affected by this recent google algorithm.


Honestly there is nothing good about Private blog network, except for the fact that it can help you rank temporarily. The worst thing about such sites is that all articles and blog posts are purely of commercial nature and has little or absolutely no informational value to the readers. PBN sites are primarily build to create backlinks which are often published with duplicate or spun articles. Google lately had realized that sites with the only intention of “made for profit”  needs to be clamped down . This is a good start in the right direction I believe.


If you still want to use some kind of blog network for your sites, you can at best use the public blogs like wordpress(dot).com, blogspot and so on. You  must be wondering why I am advising free blogs instead of private blogs. We many free blogs have very high authority. Most of them are made to last for years and years. Private blogs have little or no site authority and they come and go and hardly last for a year. Information on such sites have mixed value , some are commercial intended articles, while there are many which are  purely informational and personal too. Now that is good, ain’t it.












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  1. Hi Pritesh,

    Firstly great guide, you always sound like you know what you’re talking about and its great you’re educating others in the dark arts 😉

    PBN’s are a great way to rank fast. I know SEO is shifting towards content marketing but meh, you can reach out to hundreds of people and get nothing even with amazing content. During that time you could of put a small PBN up! But as a long term strategy there’s so many risks….

    I think you/readers will be interested in something I’ve created. I’ve written a tool (like 100% totally free) to find hidden PBN links. You know how people block them with htaccess and robots.txt well this gets around that.

    It works on the basis that if your competitors have a PBN ranking their money website for “cheap ipads in france” then it stands to reason their PBN page linking to their money website will contain the term “cheap ipads in france” somewhere on it. It might be anchor text, meta tags or content body. So it will rank for the search term “cheap ipads in france”. It might be the 100th page, it might be the 1000th page, but it should be there somewhere. Especially with the search engines set to show all results. PBN Hunter takes all the terms they’re ranking for and crawls every page Bing, Google and Yahoo bring back for that search term, checking for any links to the money website.

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