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WhatsApp DP stands for Display Picture on your WhatsApp Account. Having a WhatsApp DP image is not andatory but it is surely a nice way to give a personal touch to your whatsapp account. WhatsApp DP Image is usually the first thing that someone looks at after adding or contacting you in WhatsApp. It’s often said that First impression is a very lasting impression, and who doesn’t want to leave a good impression on others?

WhatsApp DP is actually  an internet slang for Whatsapp Profile Picture and we do not have exact information to ascertain how and when this internet slang DP started. Some web historian says it all started with MSN messenger back in early days when MSN messenger was the only instant messenger available, while a lot of web experts believe that the word DP started with Facebook display profile. It doesn’t really matter where it  originated from, but the fact is that WhatsApp DP images are very popular way to show off your personality. WhatsApp is used by almost all smartphone user these days and since it is free in India, more and more mobile users are relying on this instant messenger to communicate with their friends and family.

Installing a new WhatsApp DP is very easy, just go to your WhatsApp settings, Click on Profile , then click on the currently WhatsApp Profile pic which the allows you to edit/change it by clicking on the little pencil icon located on the top right of your mobile screen. Clicking the Pencil ( Edit) icon further gives you three different option which is “Gallery” , “Camera” and Remove photo. To Add a new  WhatsApp DP just click on the Gallery Option and choose any image which you downloaded from this  article about WhatsApp DP Images.

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We have categorised the WhatsApp DP Images based on mood, hd resolution, language and theme. You can download all the WhatsApp DP Images or just the one you like. The choice is all yours.


WhatsApp Dp Images

#  WhatsApp DP Images ( Sad ) – There are times and there are days or moment when we are sad and while being sad is part of every human’s life.Sometimes we want to show and express our sadness through various means. Sad WhatsApp DP Images is one such way to express and let the world or just your loved one know that you are really sad.

# WhatsApp DP Images ( Funny ) – Have you ever smiled or laughed looking at a funny whatsapp DP Image of your friend. A funny or sarcastic WhatsApp DP image gives your whatsapp contact an impression that you are a cool and fun loving person. It also lets your friends know that you are in a good mood today. When you add a new WhatsApp Dp funny images, whoever looks at your WhatsApp Profile Picture will have a good laugh. Laughing is good for all.

# WhatsApp DP Images ( Hindi ) – WhatApp is very popular in India. Indians prefers to chat rather than use voice calls these days due to various reason including low cost and busy life. Adding a WhatsApp DP Image that is in Hindi adds a local touch to your profile. There are various awesome WhatsApp DP images in Hindi which are various theme . You can choose from a wide range of funny, religious,  Indian gods, desi girls,  Indian actress etc.

# WhatsApp DP Images ( Love ) – Nothing is more beautiful than love. When you are in love everything around you looks so pleasant and nice> life suddenly has a new meaning. You think about your lover all the time and dream about beautiful things you could do with your lover. Everyone should fall in love atleast once. This is a very unique and amazing feeling. You have to fall in love to rise in life. Use Love WhatsApp Profile picture which replicates your feeling. Let your Boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife  know how much you love him/her with a new WhatsAPP DP Image that portrays how you feel about him/her.

# WhatsApp DP Images ( Attitude ) –  Lets face it, we all have attitude, but we show it only when needed. Too much of anything is bad, and the same applies to Attitude. A bit of Attitude is good for your confidence. according to research attitude is a human tendency to disapprove or disagree to things /person / common believes or events. It’s only human not to agree to everything. Want to show some good and healthy attitude without sound or looking cheap or spoilt ? Show of your attitude to your friends and family with the help of Attitude WhatsApp DP Image.
whatsapp dp images with quotes

# WhatsApp DP Images ( Quotes ) – Words are Powerful . Use them carefully. A thoughtless word can hurt someone and wrong choice of word can create misunderstanding.  Word communicate , deliver information, inspire others, deliver information , guide others and so on. Many users take advantage of  WhatsApp DP Images with Quotes that are usually very inspiring, motivational and romantic too. What are you waiting for, get your favourite WhatsApp profile picture now.

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