WhatsApp for Mac Book Tutorial – Instant Access

In recent days WhatApp for Mac is getting even more popular than ever before. WhatsApp for Mac lets you easily access WhatApp on your Mac Desktop or your favourite Macbook laptop.

Are you wondering something like “is there a what whatsapp for mac” ? Have you wanted to run whatsapp on your Mac Laptop ? Do you want to install whatsapp for mac without phone ?

The short answer to all the above questions is YES. In this article we will discuss in details about all the options and possibilities about whatsapp  for Mac.  The good news is that we have several working solution  for Whatsapp for mac os. In this blog post we will try to review all the  best  and free whatsapp for mac solutions.

WhatsApp for Mac – Quick & Easy Solution

whatsapp for mac#1 – If you have Whatsapp Installed on your PC , you can use WhatsAPP on your favourite browser like Chrome. To do this you need a go to Official WhatsApp feature and login using the QR code. If you not installed and activated whatsapp on your phone , or your phone does not have a camera then this trick may not work for you. This is a whatsapp for mac online option for you , which means you go for this option if you are travelling or at office where software installation in restricted.

#2 –  If you want to use Whatsapp without any integration with phone,  the most suitable  and reliable option to install an android emulator for mac os. During our internet test for WhatsApp on Mac OS, we personally used Bluestack android emulator so would definitely recommend bluestack as safe and secure for installing whatsapp on your Mac Book or Mac Os Desktop . The entire process is pretty easy and straightforward. Simply download  bluestack from official website or from this mirror link. Once you have successfuly installed bluestack android emulator for mac, start Bluestack and using the built-in search function , look for whatsapp app and install it. If you use the built in search you will have to connect to google play store. You can also directly download and install the raw apk file from external sources into bluestack. To do so simply drag the downloaded whatsapp apk file into the bluestack window and it will automatically install the app. Now that you have installed WhatsApp on your mac OS, activate whatsapp and enjoy whatsapp on your Macbook or Desktop, anytime you wish.

The biggest advantage of using Whatsapp on Macbook or Mac Os dekstop is the convenience of  typing and communicating real fast and easy. We all know no matter how advanced our phone gets, typing is still a cumbersome task for many. Bluestacks AppPlayer is probably the Best Android Emulator available  for whatsapp for mac or any other android application for the fact that it uses this very unique LayerCake technology that is lighweight and allows android based applciations to be emulated and run without the need of an third party Virtual Desktop App. Mac users what are you waiting for ? Start using whatapp right away.

Finally if you guys know of a better solution in regards WhatsApp for Mac, do not hesitate to let us know by commenting on this article.

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