WhatsApp Web – Latest Tips and Tricks

whatsapp webWell it is a known fact that WhatsApp is the most popular instant messenger for smartphones that runs on Android, iOS, blackberry and even Java Based phones. WhatApp Web just made it even simpler to keep in touch with your friends and family. WhatsAPP Web is a feature that allows Whatsapp users to use whatsapp on their Laptop, Desktop PC ( mac and windows) . This was one of the most requested feature asked by whatsapp user and finally the whatsapp developers listened to the popular voice and created whatsapp web.
Since the introduction of whatsapp web, its user base has grown exponentially within a short period. Facebook noticed a decline in their own proprietary Facebook messenger usage recently and it was quite evident that whatsapp was the biggest threat to their very popular Facebook instant chat messenger. Since then Facebook has been very aggressive both in terms of marketing and adding new features and applying security updates.

Just Like Whatsapp , whatsapp web uses internet to send text messages including document, audio, video and geo location to other user. As of March 2016, whatsapp active user base has crossed 1.1 billion, while Facebook is still topping the chart with more than 1.48 billion active users.

Later in 2015 , whatsapp introduced voice calling feature which created a wave in telecom industry. This new feature also attracted new segment of users . Whatsapp user interface is based on the famous stock Android one.

WhatsApp Frequently Asked Questions  (WhatsApp Web F.A.Q)

Here in this section we will try to answer some of the most common question about web version of whatsapp and as well as whatsapp in general. The frequently asked questions are picked based on its popularity. We have tried our best to keep the answer short,crisp and easy to understand.

Do I need to install any software on PC to be able to use Whatsapp Web ?

No. WhatsApp does not require any kind of software installation. It can work directly on web browser.

How can I Use WhatsApp Web on my PC ?

Simply log on to https://web.whatsapp.com on your favourite browser.

Which browsers are supported by Whatsapp Web ?

The web version of whatsapp  is supported on all popular web browsers except Microsoft Internet explorer.

What are those grey check or tick mark on whatsapp messages ?

On whatsapp message screen the check mark is used for status notification. A  grey color  single tick means the message is yet to be delivered to the recipient. Where as the double gey color check mark at the end of the message means that your message has been delivered to the recipient.

What does a blue double check mark mean on whatsapp web ?

A blue color double check or tick mark simply means that the message has been read by the recipient.

Does whatsapp web work in Ipad or Iphone ?

Whatsapp will only work on PC or Mac. If you try to access whatsapp web on your Iphone it will redirect you to download the app.

What is current  whatsapp web version ?

The web client is simply an extension of your phone( Android, Iphone, Blackberry etc ). In other word , the web browser just mirrors conversations and messages from your mobile device so your your whatsapp version is same as the one on your phone. And this is why all messages you write on the web browser is also immediately mirrored top your phone as well, however only 1 message is sent the recipient.

Do I need to have access to my phone to use WhatsApp Web?

Yes you must have your phone with you to be able login using the whatsapp web qr code. You cannot use whatsapp web if you phone does not have a camera.

Does whatsapp web work on Mac  OS ?

Yes web version of whatsapp does work on Mac OS on Firefox or Chrome.

How does  whatsapp web login work ?

Whatsapp web is very secure. It uses QR code which is extremely safe to use.  It is not possible to  use whatsapp web without qr code.

To sum up a lot of users prefer whatsapp on PC because you don’t have to download any external software and use it on any pc that has a web browser ( Except Internet explorer ). The convenience of  fast and easy  typing is one of the  major benefit of using whatsapp on web.  The downside is that auto correct does not work on the web version of  whatsapp. It is recommended to use WIFI instead mobile network for save mobile bandwidth faster connectivity.

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