Top 3 WordPress Adsense Plugin

Are you planning to install WordPress Adsense Plugin but not sure which one to use ? Adsense is the leading moneymaker for several webmaster. Adsense changed the way website owners, bloggers and publisher made money on internet. When it comes to blogging, nothing comes close to WordPress CMS. Google AdSense is a advertisement program owned and run by Google Inc that allows publishers on the Google Network of online content websites to serve automatic contextual text, images, video, and other responsive advertisement.
WordPress and Adsense get along very well. Millions of WordPress Sites use adsense without much hassle, thanks to WordPress adsense plugin that makes it a lot easier even for newcomers.

Wordpress Adsense PluginWhile there are several free and paid WordPress Adsense Plugin out there, in this article we will talk about the best WordPress adsense plugin you can have on your website. A quick search for WordPress Adsense Plugin will give you over thousand results but one needs to be careful as one bad plugin can break your website. I always advise my readers to do a thorough research before installing any plugin. WordPress Adsense Plugin empowers WordPress site owners to quickly add adsense code to their blog post, pages as well as widgets without having any technical knowledge. Displaying advertisement on your blog is a awesome way to earn some decent money online. And among all the various ad networks, Google AdSense is the first popular choice for all.

We tested a total of 10 WordPress Adsense Plugin and after rigorous testing we picked the top 3 WordPress Adsense Plugin that would not only make you more money but also comply with adsense program policy so that your adsense account is safe.

Official Google Adsense –  This plugin by Google lets you place AdSense ads using a simple point-and-click UI rather than manually inserting snippets yourself.

Best Wordpress Adsense Plugin

Adsense Lite – This WordPress Adsense Plugin is rightly called as Easy Plugin for AdSense. The is a simple and straight forward plugin that provides a super easy way to generate revenue from your wordpress blog using Google AdSense program. With over 40,000+ active install, you can surely rely on this plugin for all your adsense needs. This WordPress Adsense plugin gives you the ability to display ad block on header, footer, widgets , posts etc. It allows gives you the option to disable ad on specific posts and homepage. This WP Plugin for AdSense gives you every control over the exact positioning and display of AdSense units in each and every  post or page.

Adrotate–  This is my personal favourite WordPress Adsense Plugin which easily manages your adsense campaigns easily and quickly, right from inside your WordPress dashboard. Adrotate lets you check how many impressions adverts have got. Create and monitor ad groups and see which are performing well.This WP adsense plugin gives you endless possibilities to ensure you make the most of your revenue stream Easily set expire date, this is useful if you are selling banner space. One of its unique feature is to display new ad automatically on the page without reloading the entire webpage.

Adsense By Google – This wordpress plugin for adsense lets you quickly place AdSense ad locks and link units using a very simple point-and-click user interface instead of manually inserting ad code snippets into your wordpress blog posts and pages.We all know that displaying adsense ads on WordPress blog without plugin can be a cumbersome task. This WordPress adsense plugin is developed and maintained by Google team, so you can be rest assured that you are installing a top quality add-on on your WordPress blog. This WP plugin intelligently determines potential placement for AdSense ad blocks and suggest better ad layout.


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