Top 3 Free WordPress Backup Plugin for Peace

Last updated on February 24th, 2016 at 10:43 am

WordPress Backup Plugin for Peace of Mind ?

Making Regular Backup of your WordPress Blog is the wisest thing you could ever do to your blog. As a WordPress blog owner you want to sleep at night in peace , knowing that you have backup of your valuable WordPress blog ready in case something something bad happens to your website. If you have regular backup of your website, it also gives you the liberty to play around and experiment with your website , because you quickly revert back to the original state if you mess it up. If your current webhost does not provide automatic protection against hack, or database crash, then is it even more important to make time backup of your WordPress blog.

Worpdress Backup Plugin

When you run a government in any country, the first thing it should do is strengthen their crisis management solution, because crisis does not come with an alarm and can happen anytime to anyone.

Fortunately there are several Free WordPress Plugin to handle this for your site, however many of them do work as expected. You cant rely on Broken plugins to backup your website, that would be very foolish to say the least. There are more than 70 wordpress plugin that claims to help you with your backup requirement. It wasn’t an easy task to tell them all but we did test around 40 top active wordpress backup plugin so that we could find out the top 3 free wordpress plugin that is best and reliable for your wordpress blog. After almost 2 weeks up testing we are proud to present you with the Top 3 Free WordPress Plugin that can safely backup and restore your website easily.

Download UpDraftPlus Top WordPresss BackUp Plugin

Wordpress Backup Plugin-UpDraftPlus

When you use WordPress as your Website CMS, you are vulnerable to attacks so it is a must to have a backup solution that safely keep a backup of your website, with over 4,097,000+ download , becomes the top favourite. Only a handful wordpress have reached that landmark of figure. UpdraftPLus has a user rating of 4.9 and that speaks a lot about the quality of this wordpress backup plugin. The lead developer David Anderson is a nice helpful guy and is quick at after-install-support. If you look at the update notes, you will see that UpdraftPlus has been updated regularly to work flawlessly with the latest WordPress code standards. UpDraftPluss simplifies that backup and restoration process with support for AmazonS3, Dropbox, RackSpace, Google Drive, FTP, Openstack Swift , email etc. The Restoration is just a one-click affair.  UpdraftPlus allows you to seperately backup your files and database with different schedules. There support is next to none and if you encounter any issues, you can expect prompt and adequate response from them. Some feel the interface of UpdraftPlus has a cluttered interface, hoever we found the interface to be very user friendly and easy to navigate. You can try this WordPressBackup Plugin on your blog from here. They also have a premium version which has some extra addon features along with dedicated support.

Install BackupWordPress Best WordPress Backup Plugin

Wordpress Backup Plugin-BackUpWordPress

BackupWordpress is a free backup plugin for your wordpress site, developed by Tom Willmot and his team. This plugin came to limelight nearly  3 years ago and since then is it one of the popular choice among wordpress website owners. This plugin is an classic example of simple and straight forward plugin which is what makes it our list. Without any bells and whistle, it does what it is supposed to do that is create a backup of your website database and files. The backup files are stored on your webserver and it can also be emailed to you , should you need them for whatever reason. The plugin requires no setup or confguration , so just install and start backing up your website. If you are on shared web hosting, we would suggest you to use this plugin because this wordpress backup plugin consumes very less memory and works on both Linux and windows server.

This plugin by default backups your entire site starting from root, so your backup files may get bigger on file size. However this plugin allows you to exclude folders and directories you do not want to backup. This plugin uses gzip and mysqldump for faster backup and doesn’t strain your server.  BackupWordpress has a very good support and even supports foreign language like French, German, Spanish and more. With over 200,000+ active install this WordPress plugin is here to stay and get appreciated.

Get BackupGaurd Free WordPress Backup Plugin

Wordpress Backup Plugin-BackUpGuard

BackUp Guard is a new Entrant in the town and has taken WordPress community by storm because of it flawless ability to backup and restore your WordPress blog with ease. BackUp Guard is one of the most comprehensive backup solution for your WordPress blog. You can easily backup your files or database or even both. BackupGuard allows you to automatically create backup of your website at your scheduled time and date. With unlimited backup and restores, you do not have to worry about hitting the limit or forced to buy a premium version. BackUp Guard also cleverly uses SGBP Archive format which they claim is better than ZIP or tar. During our test we found that this BackUp Guard plugin uses minimum RAM and the CPU usage is also very optimum. With BackUpgaurd you can download your backup as many times as you want be it be for migration or for extra back up storage.  Importing and BackupUp Management is very easy from within the Plugin Dashboard. You can see live progress of your Backup and and can even cancel it for whatever reason.  Make sure your server has PHP 5.3 or higher installed for this WordPress Plugin to work.  Backup Guard also supports multi-site so if you are using Multi-Site WordPress installation, then this should be an ideal choice for your Backup needs.  This Free WordPress Backup plugin also allows you to exclude folders from getting backup, so as to save time and space on your server.  In case of trouble, you can contact them for any kind of support, which seems to be very prompt and helpful.

The Wrap-up

The fact is that No single plugin is best and it depends on various factor I would suggest that you Install these top 3 free wordpress back plugin and test it rigorously and see what fits your need. I am pretty confident that you wont have to look outside our top 3 picks for  your wordpress backup solution.If you are plugin developer and feel that your plugin deserves  slot in our Top 3 Free WordPress Plugin, do not hesitate to shoot us an email or even use to comment system. We would be happy to review it and update the list accordingly.

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  1. Hi, thank you for mentioning our UpdraftPlus WordPress backup in your post here and for pointing out we have recently hit the 4 millions download milestone which we are very happy about. We also recently hit the 700K act installs which is very exciting.
    We are also the backup plugin with the most compatible remote storage locations, in addition to those you have mentioned we also support OneDrive, Microsoft Azure, Copy.Com, WebDAV, DreamObjects, along with our premium plugin supporting multiples of these for extra security. For more info visit:

    1. Hi Abbie, congratulation on reaching 700K active install. I hope our readers are benefited by your amazing backup plugin. May you reach new milestone

  2. If you arent using a backup plugin , you are taking a serious risk. This is a great article for all WordPress users

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