Top 3 WordPress coming soon landing Page

Last updated on October 14th, 2016 at 11:37 am

Wordpress coming soon landing Page

Are you planning to use a wordpress coming soon landing Page to let the world be prepared for your website official launch ? Are you confused whether wordpress coming soon landing Page can affect your SEO Ranking later on ?  Do you want to revamp your website completely but do not want to go offline completely?  Are you in dilemma as to which Wordpress coming soon landing Page will suit your website best ?

If any of these scenarios are similar to the one you are currently facing, then it is best to continue reading this article further. Here we will discuss about the best Wordpress coming soon landing Page and its benefits in details.

What is Wordpress Coming Soon Landing Page ?

In the web marketing world, you know just how essential it is to create a brand value for your product/service or website as a whole.  Wordpress coming soon landing Page is basically a webpage where your visitors arrive and  get a specific information about your website launch . These kind of Wordpress coming soon landing Page is also referred as wordpress under construction theme. WordPress coming soon landing Page gives a clear signal to the online world that something new and awesome will be launched soon. Such WP Landing page  theme consists of a single webpage which also provides a teaser about your product. Some of the best Wordpress coming soon landing Page intelligently collect user email and build their own mailing list even before the website launch.

Benefits of Wordpress coming soon landing Page ?

  1. Better Brand Value
  2. Capture Leads
  3. Gives a professional look and feel to your website
  4. Easy to Manage and Setup
  5. Creates a sense of excitement over the Website Launch
  6. Allows you to give special discount and early bird promos for those who subscribe before the launch.
  7. Get a clear picture of  website or product demand even before the real launch.
  8. Built relationship with your visitors.
  9. Great for pre-selling campaigns
  10. Leave great impression to your prospects

Without much ado, lets introduce you to the world’s very best Wordpress coming soon landing Page list.

#Verso WP Coming Soon Theme  – Verko is a WordPress coming soon theme that focused on Marketing your website even before it is launched  with its state of the art landing pages template that encourage visitors to build relationship


#Verde WordPress Coming Soon Plugin –  One of the most popular choice of fast and easy to set up theme if you want a nice looking coming soon webpage. Verde comes with an extremely powerful yet user friendly control panel that lets you change the look of your website with just a few clicks. This WP coming soon theme is fully responsive , this makes sure that your website works fine on all major device.


#LaunchKit WordPress Theme – This WP theme is aptly named as Launchkit. It is a complete landing page package with unmatched potential and marketing appeal. This theme can help you launch your next service or product in a very professional manner with clear and balanced information  which ic strategically placed on the website to give you the best results.



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