Why use wordpress for your business website

Last updated on February 29th, 2016 at 05:31 pm

With more and more business enterprises moving to WordPress as their preferred choice for their website. Many wonder why WordPress even though there are many other option available.

best cms for businessWe looked at the job market on popular job listing site and found an alarming  number of job opening for WordPress experts. The number of employer looking for WordPress developer, WordPress designer, WordPress maintainer is much more  than any other popular cms , be it be joomla, drupal, magento or just about any other cms. This very fact makes it pretty clear that WordPress is the leader and first choice even among top business firms. WordPress is used by 25% of the total sites  and so you can be rest assured that WordPress is here to stay. WordPress being an open source makes it easy for further development and scalability for busy sites.

Top 5 reasons why wordpress is so popular among the business entity

  1. Easy to use –  Wordpress is super easy to use.. With several resources and guides available online you can kick start building your website in no time. to make it even lot easier , there are webhosts that  allow one-click quick install for wordpress.  Even your grandma can start working with wordpress in no time. Its that easy
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  2. Wide choice of premium themes  –  If you are serious about your business website, you don’t want to have a website that looks similar to your competitor. WordPress makes it easy to change the design aspect of your website with just a few clicks. There are more than a handful website that deliver ready-made professional premium template which can be bought at a very reasonable price to make your business website look unique and give an impression to your visitor that you are serious about your business .
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  3. Add functionality with ease – Want to add extra  features and functionality to your business website which does more than just a cms ? well with wordpress its pretty easy, well not just easy but also free in most cases. And oh boy did I say you have multiple options too. With WordPress plugin system, you can add several features to your website within seconds. Currently there are more than 38,000 wordpress plugins available for you , now that number speaks a lot about the popularity as well the variety of feature you add to extend the capability of your business website.
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  4. Support next to none – WordPress community is larger than any open source project around the world. So what does that mean ? Well in a layman’s word it means that if you have query regarding wordpress, its more likely that is has been already asked in the wordpress community forum and and even more likely to have been answered. Even the unofficial wordpress guides and tips available freely on the internet is quite helpful.
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  5. WordPress is Seo Friendly – The big boys of search engines actually love websites running on  wordpress platform. WordPress framework is very easy to crawl by search engine bots. With wordpress you have complete control over every aspect of on-page seo. Be it be title, description, page layout, alt text, image location, header. rss, canonical url. WordPress has it all. Even Matt Cutts personal blog is running on the famous wordpress platform.
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When you wisely choose wordpress as your website platform you have complete control over your business website. As a business owner the flexibility and ownership should be the ultimate reason to use wordpress. WordPress is trusted by 74 million websites and it speaks a volume about how powerful and secure wordpress cms is. You can literally do everything with wordpress. If you already have an existing website that doesn’t run on wordpress,  I highly recommend that you make the switch today.

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