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Last updated on July 27th, 2016 at 05:55 pm

Are you satisfied with all the information you are able to get from web analytics software like Google Analytics, Clicky Pro, or adobe analytics.  If your answer is YES to the above question, then you are either not serious about knowing your visitors behaviour while they are on your website, or is unaware of the latest heatmap technology.

Wordpress HeatMap PluginAs a website owner, seo specialist, or just an internet marketer or even a web market analyst , have you ever  wished if you could have a better visual insight of how your web visitors  interact and respond to your website visually ? WordPress HeatMap Plugin helps you instantly know where users click on your website, which part of your webpage gets the maximum attention, how far does web visitors scroll down your page and overall how they actually use your website.

Usability tests are great to check how your website is performing under various scenario. If you want to test your content and see what is more acceptable and appealing to your audience, then A/B testing is great but if you want to get indepth data about user engagement and action while they are on your website then go get a Wordpress HeatMap Plugin for your website now. Heat Map tracking allows you to visualize data that Google Analytics can’t give you. Within a week you’ll get super actionable information that you can use to generate more leads and sales from your site.

While there are many wordpress heatmap plugin available in the market, it is almost impossible to find the best solution for your website unless you spend countless hours installing and testing each of these.  We have done all the hard-work and even tested all the major heatmap players for weeks. After rigorous testing  we are proud to present the top 3 Wordpress HeatMap Plugin to our readers.


Best WordPress HeatMap Plugin

#HeatMapTrackerPro – This is our personal favourite which is why it is right on top of our list of best wordpress heatamap tracker.This amazing Heatmap software is fully compatible with WordPress CMS. Installation and setup takes a few click and you would up and running in no time. With the help of this WordPress heatmap plugin you can now ethically spy on Your website visitors with Real-Time Recordings visitor recording and conversion optimization that is sure to improve your conversion rate dramatically . No matter how your visitors are viewing your pages, HeatMapTrackerPro will help you intelligently convert those visitors into subscribers, buyers, ad revenue generators. HeatmapPro  works for all visitors including android and apple devices and lets you understand how your website visitors act on your website based on different devices. HeatMarkPro is developed by mark Thomspon a famous name who has won several recognition and awards for his outstanding work in the field of  internet marketing tools. HeatMapTrackerPro is back by solid and knowledgeably support staff who respond to queries at a lighting speed.  Go download and enjoy WordPress HeatMap Plugin without any issue as you get a 30 days easy refund policy . Which means there is nothing to lose.

#mouseflow – Word press Mouseflow HeaptMap Plugin gives you the ability to see visitor’s behaviour and accordingly fix leak points with MoueseFlow Heatmap tool works all major cms including WordPress. MouseFlow helps you eliminate guesswork so you can take appropriate action to see almost instant results. Mouseflow HeatMap Software has been around from quite a long time and has a decent user base which means the software has been tested several times to churn out any possible bug. This WordPress HeatMap Plugin is stable and do not let the simple look of mouseflow interface fool you. It is an extremely powerful web analytics suite that gives you enough to play around and . It’s a powerful web analytics suite that gives you plenty of data and features to play around and improve user interaction with your website.

#Orange HeatMap – Lucky Orange WordPress Heatmap Plugin will automatically create a high quality recording of every web visitor to your website. This WP HeatMap Plugin will also let you quickly and easily filter and segment recordings so you can see exactly why website visitors are not converting or rather not converting. Lucky Orange WordPress HeatMap Plugin also has a Chat  Module which integrates with your existing website and works seamlessly across multiple devices.  Starting at as low as $10/month this is a great option for anyone who want to test the waters and scale up as per website need.  The interface is neat  and the dashboard is easy to navigate and you will find all the essentials reports all under one umbrella. Download and Install Orange HeatMap now.

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    1. Yes Heatmap plugin does not conflict with your regular stats script. You can use adsense along with heatmap without any worry. Infact that is a very popular combination

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