WordPress Landing Page – Who tops the Chart?

Last updated on February 24th, 2016 at 03:24 am

wordpress landing page

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WordPress is definitely the best blogging platform since its inception in early 2003. That’s correct WordPress has been around for almost 12 years and still the favorite among millions of users. Back in May 2003 it launched itself as a basic journal platform, where one could write and maintain an online dairy. But kudos to the developers and the WordPress which now makes WordPress a complete website builder.

Now in 2016 , with WordPress you could literally create any kind of website , be it be a complex eCommerce platform, a discussion forum, a portfolio website or just a  magazine style news portal , the possibilities are simply endless. Thanks to thousands of free and premium  WordPress plugin that takes this open source platform to a whole new level.

WordPress landing page is any webpage designed with an clear and distinct objective in mind. It usually serves as a entry point for a website and prompts for a certain user action.

Every website needs a wordpress landing page theme to increase quality lead generation and also visitor conversion opportunities. There are several wordpress landing page builder in the market and sometimes it gets very difficult to you pick the best one for your business. When selecting the best wordpress landing page creator one should keep in mind that it should be very easy to use without going through the hassle of reading several wordpress landing page tutorial pages. We website owners do not have that much time to be honest. I am a great fan of plug-n-play system.

What makes a wordpress landing page themes the very best?

Finding best wordpress landing page examples is an easy task, your best friend Google will help you with that, however what works for others may not work for you.

If you are serious about your business avoid wordpress landing page free themes because you don’t want to be stuck in a crisis situation when WordPress releases updates and suddenly your site is broken.

If you are good with wordpress framework and acquainted with php -mysql coding you may even make your own custom wordpress landing page but be prepared to invest countless hours to create something that could be termed as professional.

What features should the best wordpress landing page templates have ?

  • The templates that has been around for a while and not some fly by nite new entrant
  • The developer should  has good rating and should have a decent reputation
  • The company/team should not be a one-man company. Often is is seen that product developed by one-man dies after a while . You would want to avoid that for sure
  • Overall user feedback and reviews are positive. Every product has some unsatisfied customers so you can just ignore those negative comment unless and until they do not overshadow the positive ones.
  • Frequent and detailed update logs. Most professional products do maintain they update logs which are available to the public. A frequently updated products means new stuffs and features are added regularly and also they are on top of all the bugs that come to their notice.
  • Easy and trouble-free refund policy. Check out relevant IM forums for users complaining about refund issues
  • Standard Pricing. If you find that the said Wordpress Landing Page Theme is being sold at different price at different place then it is better not to buy it all. Different pricing means the product owner himself is not sure about how much his product is worth.
  • And finally .. A Rock Solid After sales support.


You can find all of the above and much more in WPLandingPro and you would be amazed how easy yet powerful it is and why we actually picked this above everything else. Almost every website needs to have stunning landing pages not only to increase lead generation but also harness on customer conversion

Be Wise : Always remember that a  smartly created wordpress landing page design can make the much needed difference between a visitor buying into your product or perhaps losing interest.



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  1. Indeed a great list of some essential plugins. My clients every ask me to suggest some of the essential plugins for their website. So now it will be easy for me to suggest best plugins for their website.

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