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Last updated on October 14th, 2016 at 11:45 am

Best WordPress Live Chat Plugin
Are you looking to find the best WordPress Live Chat Plugin for your business ?  Do you want to replace your existing live chat plugin because you are not satisfied with it ? Have you always wanted to know how your competitors are converting leads into sales much better than you ? As a website owner did you ever wished if you could directly communicate with your website visitors almost instantly with a click of a button ?

We humans are designed to impatient  by default. We need answers to our queries as soon as possible.   These days customer want convincing answer to each and every query if their before they trust you enough to buy your products and services. Website owners have always used email and contact us form as the most common method of allowing their visitors and customers to contact with them . Some of the more advanced website are using support ticket system to handle customer queries and issues. However none of them provides instant access to customers to talk to  you or your business representative.
This is where WordPress Live Chat Plugin gives you that unfair advantage over others which could help you convert cold visitors into buying customers.

Which is the best WordPress Live Chat Plugin ?

Ok it is one of those proud moment for us to introduce the global winner for wordpress live chat with our readers, it is none other than WordPress BoxCar Live Chat

best wordpress live chat plugin

WordPress BoxCar Chat will not keep your WordPress site visitors confused or uninformed anymore. BoxCar will give you ways to talk to them help them make the right choice.

With Boxcar WordPress Live chat plugin you will never miss any opportunity to  give them a pleasant surprise and try to understand their queries or maybe just influence them to be your loyal customer. Boxcar Plugin will make you uncover your visitors needs, provide customer support that is realistically timely, super focused with a touch of personalisation.

Boxcar Live Chat Plugin is super easy to install on your WordPress website. All it takes is a click or two. Get your live chat widget live and running in less than 20 seconds.

Find out exciting facts about WP BoxCar

This WordPress Live Chat provide super fast, on-demand visitor and customer support right on your wordpress blog, giving you a great opportunity to instantly address visitor concerns, answer queries and even manage to close sales before customers click away. In addition to streamlining your customer support back-end, this wp live chat plugin  let you monitor visitor behaviour to provide personalised service, convert browsers into paying customers and improve your website to increase sales

BoxCar is by far the World’s Most Complete Live Chat Solution ever developed and is continuously enhanced with powerful features. BoxCar has backed by solid after sales support and our queries.
In a nutshell we picked boxcar as the best wordpress live chat solution because it empowers you with better Engagement , better customer experience and finally better conversions.

It is no more a secret that online customers love instant live chat. Ease of use and ability to contact representatives or agents within seconds makes a great customer service aspect. Moreover being able to ask questions regarding your products or services anytime at their will, will improve your connection with your web visitors. This is a quick dirty way with WordPress Live Chat Plugin to build your own mailing list .

Install WordPress BoxCar Plugin Now

Offering real-time support and assistance to your  website audience and  will bring enough happiness among the website visitors and pretty soon those bunch of happy visitors might just become your loyal customers.  Remember a well informed and happy customers always buy and come back for more.

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  1. WordPress Live Chat Plugin can be useful to capture leads and also convert lost visitors into sales. ( Speaking from my personal experience )

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