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WordPress Newsletter plugin that JUST Works ?

Wordpress Newsletter PluginI wonder what stopped you so long to have one of most powerful element to any website , that is a newsletter. Majority of people who use internet have a personal email address, but have you ever tried to reach out to them on their email to either send them a promotional email or just a miss-you email telling them what they have missed all this while since their last visit ?

Every internet user does access his/her email at least once a week if not daily and it much powerful than social media. This very fact may sound like not so important at first to our readers, but let me tell you why this means a lot. Social Media websites will lose their shine over a period, one may switch their preferred social media platform as well, I remember my mom used to spend a lot of time on Facebook back in 2010 but now she loves tweeting and using Whatsapp, but one thing hasn’t changed for her and that is her email address. I hope this little example is enough to help you understand the importance of email marketing.
Having said that, like with most marketing strategy, email marketing has its own pitfalls like non-primary email, delivery rate, avoiding landing up as spam email, campaign cost , creating unique newsletter content that could drive the reader to open your mail and so on. While there are many proven ways to overcome these pitfalls, lets keep this article on topic and that is about Top 3 Free WordPress Newsletter Plugin.
WordPress empowers the user with plethora of options and this is why almost 25% of websites all over the world prefer WordPress as the Content Management System for their website.

WordPress has to many options to pick from when it comes to WordPress Newsletter Plugin. The thing is sometimes too many options can lead to confusion and about 40% of WordPress users make a bad choice. We want to make sure our reader does not make into that 40% club. This is why we did a thorough test for all the free WordPress newsletter plugin  that has been updated at least once this year. This one pre-requirement effectively helped us weed out many wp newsletter plugins that are outdated and could affect website security or may even break . We want  to ensure that our recommendation will only help you bring in more leads and eventually grow your business. Lets meet the 3 plugins we absolutely loved during out in-house test.

# NewsLetter – Yes  your read it right,  name of this plugin is just Newsletter and it does what it is supposed to do and does it pretty well. Allow users to subscribe to your newsletter and let you send emails. Straightforward and very easy to use plugin with minimum configuration to get you started in no time. This plugin has loads of features and is developed by Stefano Lissa who has developed more than 25+ WordPress plugin and has lots of experience with WordPress coding standards. This newsletter plugin has no limit over the number of subscribers or the frequency or number of email you can send out to your subscribers.  With this Plugin you can configure it for single or double opt-in. We always recommend  our readers to prefer double-opt in for various reason, one of them is to keep your SpamAssassin score under control. Newsletter has an easy and seamless integration with WordPress users.It has also has he ability to send both text as well ans HTML format emails. Love to see how easy it is to customise the subscription form to collect user email address. Easy access to all statistics of your subscribers an newsletter emails tpo give you an insight to figure out which email campaigns are working for you. Download and and get started with this plugin right away. All in all this wp plugin is great for list building, create, send and track emails hassle free.

# MailPoet – This is another masterpiece wp plugin and is one of our must have plugin for all blog starters. Mail Poet ( formerly known as wysija newsletter ) is very reputed and stable WordPress plugin and loved by thousands. With over 3 Lakhs active installs , this newsletter plugin is gaining popularity at a very rapid pace. With mail poet you can send newsletter, post notification and auto-responders easily. Mailpoet allows you to send emails using WordPress SMTP as well third party email sending services like amazon ses, sendgrid etc. With this WordPress newsletter plugin you can easily customize subscriber widget to blend with your website to be visually appealing. Comprehensive built-in statistic dashboard gives you insights to various data including email opens, send, unread, clicked. This plugin wil let you import subscribers in a couple of clicks and even let you send emails to your WordPress users.  This free WordPress newsletter plugin has a limit of 2000 subscribers, which I believe is enough for starters . You can always upgrade to premium any-time you want to enjoy more features including unlimited subscribers. MailPoet was built with a vision to provide an easy newsletter solution for WordPress and I feel they have done justice to their vision.

# SendPress – This WP plugin has been around since 2012 and has already received several positive reviews from industry experts.  Sendress is a all-in-one solution to collect email address, build your list, send, track and manage newsletter. With over 10,000+ active installs and highly prompt and helpful customer support, we were more than happy to include this in our recommended list of wordpress newsletter plugin list. SendPress allows to either use your host SMTP or Gmail SMTP to send your newsletter. With SendPress you can easily merge your existing wordpress users in subscriber list.  SendPress subscriber widgets  and newsletter are responsive which means they  looks like on all popular devices and not just PC browser. Easily tracks stats for send, open and clicked for your all your newsletter. With SendPress you can easily Schedule Newsletters with the help of Auto Cron feature  which is finer tuned to work even on a shared hosting environment. SendPress just like MailPort also provide a premium version of this Wp plugin with some added features. However the free plugin is powerful and feature loaded to help you get started with email marketing .

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