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Last updated on July 27th, 2016 at 06:13 pm

Whether you are involved in a small task or massive project, utilising a Project Management software could be very fruitful and help you work in a much more organised way and eventually improve your efficiency.

Using a WordPress Project Management Plugin will help you  all communicate better with your team members and also keep your clients updated and well informed. Having all your project related task, big or small strategically laid out and assigned to the most appropriate person will not only allow you to stay on top of the things but also ensure that your projects are completed on time. Using WordPress Project Management Plugin is essential for keeping a project on schedule, track changes and development, collaborate ideas also keep the project within budget. WordPress Project Management Plugin helps you keep everything scheduled and also prepare you for upcoming deadlines.

Why use WordPress Project Management Plugin ?

While there are some amazing standalone software like trello and basecamp which are great for project management but one always wants greater control of things as serious as project management. On top of that you would always prefer your members and client to be tied to YOUR website , rather than asking them to manage the project on the third party website. WordPress is a familiar platform for most of us and using a WordPress Project Management Plugin gives you the functionality of a full blown project management software and the ease of wordpress.

Best WordPress Project Management Plugin  ?

I keep telling this to my students and also when I give guest lectures and I am going to repeat it here as well. “There is no such recipe that suits all”  WordPress Plugin is a classic case for “The problem of plenty”, where you get so much confused with a wide range of options available for your business or website. If you haven’t done all of the research for a particular plugin and one bad plugin selection can have adverse effect on your website , brand or business. Do not worry, we have done all the hard work for you and tested several WordPress Project Management Plugin ( both free and paid ones ) and were finally able to pick the one that could easily fit  all your needs for managing projects efficiently.   Let’s take a quick look at the top wordpress project management plugin available in the market today .

WP Project Manager

Wordpress Project Management Plugin

This WordPress Project Management Plugin is developed by the famous webdev team who are known to produce some of the best software in the industry. WordPress Project Manager is a powerful web based project management tool specially built for WordPress which also comes with a frontend feature.  The beauty of WordPress Project Manager is that it is completely open source,so you can easily customise  or modify it exactly the way you want to suit your needs. This WordPress Project Management plugin is very easy to use and you can get started within minutes without the need to go through several pages of documentation or help files. This WP Project Manager is comes with some great features including but not limited to file sharing, task list, calendar, alerts, milestone, payment processing  and even private messaging.  The feature list is endless and keeps growing  at a rapid pace.  What makes the the hot favourite for the best WordPress Project Management Plugin is the fact that this plugin is constantly improved and updated. The team behind  this product will surprise you with some high quality and knowledgeable support who are quick to respond and resolve your issues .

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  1. Interesting post. Since I use wordpress extensively , I might just try one of these and see if it could actually help my business grow.

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