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Last updated on October 14th, 2016 at 11:44 am

Are you looking for the best wordpress real estate theme for your business ? Are you wondering which WordPress Real Estate Theme would be perfect to promote your online business  ? Are you a website designer looking for an amazing Wordpress Real Estate Theme for your client to use as a template ?

Well let me tell you guys that you are at the right place for all your Wordpress Real Estate Theme related stuffs. Int his article we will discuss in length about the best real estate themes for your wordpress blog.

Lets face it , as in any business a visually appealing and highly informative yet accurate website is a must for being able to be successful in the real estate business. The idea of building a real estate website is to showcase property that is available for rent or is up for sale.

Fortunately WordPress platform is perfect to build an real estate website because nowadays many wordpress themes have built in functions that is essential to run a real estate online website.

Real estate website is a special niche in the area of web development. The thing is that these real estate websites  requires some special functions like  displaying pricing, property type, Google map integration and so on , therefore  a generic or standard wordpress theme will not give you the functionality and power of a  real estate website. If you want to use a generic theme, then you will have to go through several custom code modification to make it work and feel like a real estate website which i personally feel is not a wise thing to do. Remember custom modification would mean  a lot of time and money involved which is why we always recommended our readers and followers to  use a wordpress theme that is specifically built for real estate website to save all the hassle .

WordPress Real Estate Theme helps you build an optimised real estate website that runs on wordpress platform . This combination allows your visitors to find  the properties they are looking for with just a few clicks , without you  going through any complex set-up and configuration procedure.

Without much ado, lets meet our top picks for world’s Best Wordpress Real Estate Theme .

wordpress real estate theme

Create the real estate website of your dreams using this Wp theme named as Oikia , its a a fantastic real estate WordPress theme that works flawlessly and setting this up is a breeze. You can literally start within minutes. No complex configuration at all.  Oikia’s advanced filtering engine will impress you to your heart which is further integrated with google map system . This WP theme is specially crafted to be 100% pixel crisp on all retina screens and is fully responsive so you can be assured that your website will look awesome no matter what device your visitor is using.  Click to download Oikia

wp real estate theme

Real Homes is a ultra premium WordPress theme exclusively  for real estate websites. It has a purpose oriented design which makes is very powerful and it also comes pre-loaded with tons of useful features which will help agents and brokers to expand their business with ease.  Download Real Homes WP Theme


WP Estate  V3 was originally developed for Real Estate agencies as well as independent agents , but following the addition of several amazing feature updates added since theme launch in 2013, this wordpress theme has come a long way and you can now even use it to build your very own real estate portal and furthermore allow verified users to submit properties listing for free or for a certain amount using safe and popular payment methods.  Click here to Download WP Estate 3


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