Top 3 WordPress Webinar Plugin – 2018 Edition Reviews

Last updated on October 6th, 2018 at 04:44 pm

Looking for the best WordPress Webinar Plugin ? Yes, it can be very confusing to find the best automated webinar software for your business.  Find out which one suits your business best.

Wordpress Webinar Plugin

This is not just another easy webinar review or a sales pitch for ever webinar. In this automated webinars review we have handpicked the best of the best webinar software . You will be surprised that  this list has no place for gotomeetings or any other overpriced product. is Web business software like video conferencing tools and webinar applications enable companies like  yours to create a brand value, work in collaboration with your team, exchange ideas online, work together remotely, save valuable time and work in a more efficient manner.

These amazing webinar  business tools are also environmentally-friendly as they save you a hell lot of your valuable time and therefore reduce the need to travel. A well executed webinar will help you generate marketing leads , leave a lasting impression on your clients, help your business move forward. One of the important feature of a WordPress Webinar is actually its interactive elements — its about the ability to exchange and discuss valuable information. Infact it is quite contrast with Webcast, in which the data transmission is one way and consequently does not allow intercommunication between the presenter and the viewers.

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We have extensively tested around 8 popular wordpress webinar plugin before we could manage to compile this list. Our benchmarks are set very high to be able to give our readers only the very best.

#3 – WordPress Webinar  Plugin – This by far the most stable and bug free plugin and pretty close to what WP Webinar Plugin  can deliver. Casey Zeman, the founder and lead developer of WordPress Webinar Plugin is a great guy . After sales supports managed by his team is doing a spendid job and honestly a bit surprised with their response time in replying to our query emails. It was impressive to say the least.

This wordpress Easy Webinar has everything you would want in a WordPress Webinar Plugin. We can’t think of any drawback so far. Well you can easily track your viewers interests, attendance, questions and more. Switch from automated to real time, quick send grid integration and detailed email notification. There are thousands of positive easy webinar reviews which gives enough confidence to go ahead and install this WP webinar plugin. Wordpess Webinar Plugin is backed by world’s most reliable streaming service available. This WP webinar plugin lets you harness the power of  Youtube Live and Google Hangouts.  This WordPress Webinar has no limitation on the number of  attendees so you have to worry about the numbers. The list is simply endless. Its pretty comprehensive I would say. So perhaps you must give this a try.

#2 – Wp Webinar – When you think of WordPress Webinar Plugin, the first thing that comes to my mind is Wp Webinar. Armand Morin has created a gateway of success for many business owners and entrepreneurs by creating this  WordPress Webinar Plugin.  This amazing Plugin is created by some of the best brains in internet marketing industry. One thing we like about this is the fact that it works with almost all auto-responders. All your favorite Email responders  works out of the box by default.

Their after sales support has been average and not as fast as the other ones we have listed above. We tested this around 9 popular wordpress theme and did not find any kind of code conflict. It has a useful little feature that allows you to follow-up with the attendees that reminds the participants to attend the webinar. WP Webinar also has some pre-built themes for you to get started as well.

With Wp Webinar you can easily customize the video player. the thank you page and many other aspects of Webinar. Whether you want to create a one time webinar or recurring ones, you have complete control over the this. Wp Webinarhas automatic follow-up system that lets you send reminders to the list of attendees. That is another way to ensure maximum exposure to your online webinar event.  Give this solid and highly reliable WordPress Webinar Plugin a try , it will certainly live up to your expectations.

#1  – Webinar Ignition It will be injustice to all the wordpress fans, if we do not rank this as number one. Webinar Ignition and WordPress Webinar Plugin can be term as synonymous. It is definitely very promising and robust WP Plugin.  It has the ability use both live as well as automated webinar. Webinar Ignition comes with some highly customizable templates. Based on out test it really converts quite well.

Wordpress Webinar PluginWebinar Ignition comes  social integration and replay features, email reminders, quick and easy monetization. We  love the question-answer management system. Just like wordpress easy webinar plugin, this also comes with unlimited attendees. You also have the ability to add the registered attendees to your favorite newsletter. If you are an experienced webmaster, you surely know how to use that kind of list.

Webinar Ignition uses the google hangout technology to stream the live webinars. Its a nice way to engage with your audience and sell your products at a higher price point than usual. The built-in webinar themes are super cool and makes life easier. Blending your Webinar Page with your site aesthetic becomes very easy. If you look at Webinar Ignition reviews, majority of them are positive and gives you a sense of solidity. Webinar Ignition is developed the leading wordpress developer Mark Thomspson. Mark is a world famous for producing the best software to enhance  and empower your business. Another great thing that Webinar Ignition is a  one-time payment, so go ahead choose the package that fits your need. 

Which is the Best WordPress Webinar Plugin ?

We enjoyed testing and reviewing all the  wordpress webinar plugin available in the market. Our team believes they love WebinarIgniton for some or other reason mentioned above so we would definitely recommenced that you all readers as well.

Having said that if you happen to know any such wordpress webinar plugin, that you believe should be included in this list of best wordpress webinar plugin, do let us know.

39 Replies to “Top 3 WordPress Webinar Plugin – 2018 Edition Reviews”

  1. I use WordPress Webinar Plugin and I personally feel your review pretty much sums it up. Thanks for the amazing write up.

        1. Well to me this is better than Ever webinar and standalone google hangout. But again this is clearly case of personal choice . WebinarIgnition is very easy to use.Check out my new web directory here 🙂

        2. Yes webinarignition is 10 times better than ever webinar and easy webinar. I have tried them all and happy to stick with webinar ignition

    1. I can vouch for this product called Webinar Igntion. I have used Mark Thompson’s TextDeliver and this is how I came to know about webinarigntion. Guys if you want peace of mind and top quality post-sale support, then simply opt for Webinar Ignition.

    2. I am fed up with gotomeeting. thanks for the list , i am going to review them all and pick the one that fits my pocket. cheers

    3. I am zeroing in on WebinarIgnition to expand my reach. Does it allow installation on multiple websites ? I do hope it does 🙂

  2. I built this WordPress Webinar Plugin, simple to use and is mobile ready as well as works with most any theme. Create Series Categories add events such as live and replays. handles most video iframe code and next version is to include google hangouts… very soon 🙂

  3. Hey Pritesh,

    First, thank you for sharing the list of WordPress webinar plugins. My favorite is WP webinar. Currently I have switching my Joomla website to wordpress. This is great information.

    You should also check it out WPForms Lite plugin. It is simple to use and much easiert than any contact forms.

  4. Hi Pritesh, thank you for this good blog. I cannot find any other reviews about WPWebinar. Do you know if it has also a live chat function built-in?

    1. Well Jerome with WpWebinar you can have live sessions with your attendees or you can record it and play at a scheduled time. If your question was query was something else, please rephrase it again.

        1. Thanks for the changelog. They have kept the development very happy and I am satisfied with the regular and timely updates.I know because I bought the developer version. It is a very intuitive platform.

  5. The articles shared here are awesome in a word .
    The concept on the best use of Webinar Plugin is not clear for many and in this case the plugins shared here to work for Webinar will be easy to know details .

    1. I agree with you Mr Samdani. This article clearly helped me understand why i should use webinar on my WordPress blog and also provided us with some great options that specialize in handling webinars..

  6. Hey Pritesh,

    Great article. Have you tried Crowdcast? It’s an amazing tool. It’s not a WordPress plugin—but it’s definitely the easiest software I’ve found. It’s all in the browser, no downloads/installs necessary, easy to set up, fast registration, and has all the interactive features (chat, Q&A, polls) that are standard as well as automatic recording & replay, integration with 500+ other tools like autoresponders, and analytics to show you event performance & where people are coming from. Not to mention great support. In short, I highly recommend it.

  7. Great article, Pritesh!
    Thank you for sharing these tools. I have a WordPress business blog in Brazil, and I surely will try your suggestions to record webinars and Q&A sessions with marketing professions from my country.

  8. I switched from everwebinar to webinarignition based on your recommendation and so far I am very happy with the transition.

  9. Fantastic article on wordpress webinar plugin. I personally feel that Mark thompson’s webinar ignition is still the very best for small and medium scale website owners.

  10. Seems like you know what you are talking about. I also recommended people to use webinarignition if they ask me about the best wp plugin webinar.

  11. WordPress and Mark’s webinar ignition does the job for me. tried Ever-webinar but I just dont like its UI.

    1. Patel, I agree with you on that. Everwebinar interface can be a little confusing for users who are new to webinar.

  12. My license for Ever webinar expired recently and someone suggested me to try webinarigntion . webinar ignition wordpress plugin is really an awesome piece of software. I hope to capitalize on this and reach more potential customers

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